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When battles reach epic level, super and hyper weapons become more common.

Super Weapons

Super weapons are the second largest creations to show themselves on the battlefield. There is no direct classification for super weapons, but usually they're just big vehicles with bigger guns. Examples of super weapons include the Assyrian Armoured Core, the Immortal Blood-Wrath, the Thermion PA, and Scythian Behemoth. Only factions with an incredible amount of teknologie can construct super-weapons of any kind, they are not all large but all require amazing feats of engineering.

Hyper Weapons

Hyper weapons are the ultimate in stuff-breaking technology. Not only do they break physical aspects of a battle field, but the use of a hyper weapon can even break the mighty and all powerful rules. It does this by utilizing pure awesome, a subsidery of manliness. Some very advanced civilisations have begun testing teknologies which might be capable of producing the desired effect but none have actually completed one yet. A famous example of this is the dark star, capable a destroying entire planets with its luminous beam of all-encompassing power. It almost harnessed enough pure awesome to be considered a hyper weapon, but it was only a testing ground for the real weapon. No-one knows what that will be.

Possible explinations of what hyper weapons could encompass include...

  • Angry Drunken Human Device (ADHD) - a powerfull weapon which shoots the sky to rip a hole in reality, allowing the gods to smite down the puny minifig units with their gargantuan fists. Often times maniacal laughter can be heard afterwards.
  • The combined nine artifax of pre-creation - Nobody knows what would happen, but it's probally going to be pretty cool huh?
  • TL-7 technology - For some reason many people do not believe there is such a thing as TL-7. That's because nobody has invented hyper weapons yet! I'm sure they would be commonplace in the invisible and undetectable tek-level 7.
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