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Evz Oknor was in his early twenties when he boarded the colony ship. He was one of the only few to make it away from the crash site, but was also one of the ones to stay there after Ragnar Grimfrost and his men left, along with many others. He always put himself before his people, instructing them to clean up the crash site, and build a city within the massive ship. They then began to mine deep underground, building a city, giving them the name 'Miners'. It was not long until the mutants first attacked the settlement, and what little weapons they had were doing no good. Evz found a large war hammer in the ship's hold, one that was used by an ancient warlord on their homeworld. He used it against the mutants, killing a great deal of them until they retreated. He has been treated as the leader of the Miners ever since.

Soon, the Grimfrost Empire sprang up, and Velgar Grimfrost wanted to take the Miners in with them. Evz refused the offer, explaining that they were fine the way they were. Velgar was outraged, and after much argument, war was declared. Battles were fought, lost, and won over the next many years. The Grimfrost Empire spread over half the planet, building cities and forts everywhere, harvesting resources, churning out machines, weapons and armor.

During the battle of the Ship in BR 2,011, Evz was captured, and brought to the dungeons beneath GIC.

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