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Many factions exist in the BrikWars Universe. Some are listed here.

‍Species & Sub-Species Anoraks Bionix BlokBots Blood Warriors BURPman TROGDOR

•BURPmon Deadly SpaceMan Dinosaurs:

PegosaurusRaptorjesusSmoking T-Rex Dogs

Cool dog Dungan Jaw-Jaws

The Cult of Poo on a Stick Enormous-head no-limb minifigs Grateheads Hammerman Heroix Manly Fuckin' Santa Minifigs NecroTek Peach Mutations Proto-figs Squidheads The Dimmies Trolls Undead DUPLO

‍Dominions & Empires 45th Union Akkadian Empire of Ultra-Badassery The Armorian Alliance AN Anti-Immortal Alliance Assyrian Star Empire The AstroNuts Bavaria Brikia Brickville Union Caspian Empire Czecho-Slovenian Republik The Britannian League The Dracus Empire The Empire of Briktopia The FELC Galatik templars GCRAF The Great Scythian Empire Halkron imperium Iceworld Immortal Empire Inquistadores The Kingdom of Avalon MAOX Military of United Nations (Trattorian Empire) The Organization of Lost Dimensions Praetorian Empire The Republic of Independent Nations (RIN) Stranians Talon Empire The Brik End Space Empire(B.E.S.E.) The Scarlet Maskirovkas The Silvarian Empire Tanaris confederacy The Tyronian Empire The UMNMN T.O.R. United Systems Alliance Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republics (U.S.S.S.R.) Vergilius Raskolnikov The Wanderers WJEUT Z.Z.E.S.T.I. Grimfrost Empire Vamtopian Star Empire and United Colonies, Regions and States

‍Renegade Factions Brik Battalion The Gamma Corps Gludavian Raiders Iceworld Knights of Awesome Ninjas The Order of BoB Pirates

•Space Pirates Spacecops The Metal Warriors The Shady Mercenaries Vikings

•Space Vikings The Vol Crystalline Rebels Oknorian Alliance Mercenaries

‍SpacePussies The Allied Nations

‍Ancient Forces B. Itch the zombie fighter Fantoria Medivo

•Encyclopedia Medivo Rainbow Knights Royals Royal Bloodline Chart

‍Myriad Factions DarkTron

•Second DarkTron •VladTron Fenian Raiders Grade Federation Meibuju Gokan Space Knights The Conglomerate of Salt Miners The Lite Side The Order The Red Army Time-Traveling Super Jews

‍Starship Civilisations ‍Aennri, the Green Autocracy Fleyor, the Pink Pansie Johar, the Yellow Raiders Kirsiti, the White Knights Kraan, the Black Empire Meikon, the Blue Federation Pantus, the Grey Threat Rios, the Orange Conspiracy Setvia, the Red Robot Socialist Republik

‍Non-Lego Civilisations 1:32 (Airfix) Model Soldiers Assorted Action Figure Army CloanBland Alliance Giant Rogue Pets NegaBloks Psionic Chessmen

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