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Many factions and civilizations exist in the BrikVerse. Here, they are organized by relative size and function. There is often overlap...some corporations are larger than entire nations, for example...so where a faction does not fit by size, it is placed by closest concept.


Dominions & Empires

Dominions and Empires represent the largest factions. Their governing bodies rule over everything from nations to continents, from a single planet to several in a system, or from a region of space to a galaxy or more. They represent the biggest ideas or capabilities BrikWarriors have, either in concept or in literal bricks.


The Great Scythian Empire

Military of United Nations

Vergilius Raskolnikov

The Kingdom of Avalon

The Nations of Brikrigton

The Avokhan Empire

The Empire of Luchardsko


Civilizations are very large groups, often singularly governed, which are smaller than empires or have less power or influence. These may be cities, states, territories, very small nations, or particularly large cultures. These represent middle sized BrikWarrior armies and ideas and are often more focused on massed forces than individual characters.

Aennri, the Green Autocracy

Fleyor, the Pink Pansies

Johar, the Yellow Raiders

Kirsiti, the White Knights

Kraan, the Black Empire

Meikon, the Blue Federation

Pantus, the Grey Threat

Rios, the Orange Conspiracy

Setvia, the Red Robot Socialist Republik


Organizations are the smallest of BrikWars factions. They range from parties to squads, from packs and gangs to bands and companies, or from small businesses to multi-national corporations.



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