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Fantoria is a planet similar to the Medivo, with the difference of it being flat. On its surface Fantoria's main landmass is a island surrounded by sea. There is Edge of the World, from from were the water becomes vapour and is forced upwards forming a ring of cloud. This cloud has a negative effect on passing ships, and similar to the Medivo's core it prevents orbiting, causing ships to just stop, and float off. And of course leaves its inhabitants stuck in the past.

In other words like the Medivo, but flat.

The Races of Fantoria

Fantoria has many different races, along the minifigs, this is a brief list...


Man (the minifigs): The chief race of Fantoria, they are much like Minifigs everywhere, only they've taken the title 'Man' or Humans. There are many different sub-races of them. These are some of the chief ones...

Royal line: One of the older groups. They formed the Kingdom of Hopen, under the Draco family (or Green Dragons), they ruled for a massive period, battling, and defeating, the first 5 'Dark Lords' before falling to the power of Lucian the 6th and most recent Dark Lord. Their line also included the Leo family (or Red Lions), the Oxor family (or Black Bulls) and the Falcor family (or Blue Falcons).

Coast Dwellers: The people of Pembridge excellent ship-rights and sailors. They are now mixing with other inland dwellers after being re-formed into a Kingdom, after the fall of Hopen. They were once part of the 'Kingdom of the 1000 Tribes' a kingdom organised by the Majistiks consisting of every race, it prospered until the Majistiks left and the people returned to warring. They still hold their coat of arms of a Crown on Blue.

Old line: They first appeared after the Majistiks left, supposedly to rule over the Tribes in their absence, however this proved impossible, without the Majistks guidance the '1000 Tribes' fell to pieces, they wandered the world for many years, and eventually their descendants reclaimed their right-full throne in Pembridge.

Desert Dwellers: The Desert Wanderers, a nomadic people living in the deserts of Fantoria. They hold know true alliances but they will occasionally join a cause for one reason or another.


Dwarves: The mountain miners, they're like dwarves everywhere, Scottish accents, love of ale, love of gold, short, short tempers, good warriors, beards and fond of axes. They're well known for the Goblin-Dwarf war, it lasted for many years before ending in a Dwarf victory driving the Goblins into mountain caves, and taking many of their cities for their own. They next took major action to aid Pembridge after the fall of Hopen, during the vast assault of Lucians army. Afterwards they became allies.

Elves: (The Eldar) A race shrouded in mystery. They dwell deep in the forests of Fantoria, keeping themselves to themselves. They once aided Hopen in times of war, but with Lucians attack they lost many of their number and retreated to their refuges. They will only come forth if there is a great need.

Gnomes: (The Halflings) They are slow and ponderous, never doing anything without long debate, they are short and some have long pointed beards. They make up for their slowness by the powerful weapons and teknology they can produce, their weapons can punch armour to dust and turn men to bloody chunks. They are thus a feared race.

The Old Ones: These are the oldest of all the races they first appeared even before man and the Eldar. They include the Titans, Orges and many others. Some hold no sides others, like the Titans will fight for a certain side. This group also includes the Demons (or Daemons) a race from the Abyss, they are different from all others as they are completely evil.

The Trollz (the Orkz) (Always with a 'z'): The greenskins, they live in the high mountain caves, high above the lesser Goblins. They are ruled by a Warboss and are one of the most warlike of all Fantoria races, seeking blood and glory in battle above all else. They occasionally clash with the Dwarves but never on the same scale as the Dwarf-Goblin war, they have however often troubled various Human forces.

The Goblins: A varied race from the mountain foothills and lower caves. There are more sub-races here than anywhere else, they became more secluded after the Dwarf-Goblin war, but will still take any opportunity to fight Dwarves, or Trollz (not liking their taller kin), or um... just about everyone actually.

The Dark Elves: Elves who were poisoned by the second Dark Lord, and turned to evil. They settled in the Dark lands on the western shores of Fantoria and became a separate race in servants of the Dark Lords, whom they owed their lives. They will elect lords, but hold their true ruler the current dark Lord.

The Undead: Not really a race but more a army, they're often used by the Dark Lords or other forces of evil as basic troops.


A brief history of Fantoria, all dates in F.Y. (Fantoria Years), FA (First age), SA (Second age), TA (Third Age)

First Age: (The coming of the Majistiks and the founding years)

F.Y.FA 1: The first of the Eldar start to appear. The others follow over the next 200 years.

F.Y.FA 200: All races on Fantoria.

F.Y.FA 220: War of Supremacy begins.

F.Y.FA 230: Old Ones first appear to the races. Some take sides, others remain neutral.

F.Y.FA 299: The Majistik appear, and begin uniting the tribes.

F.Y.FA 350: The "Kingdom of the 1000 Tribes established" age of peace begins.

F.Y.FA 950: The Majistiks create the old line.

F.Y.FA 1015: The Majistiks depart. The first high King is proclaimed.

F.Y.FA 1020: The Trollz and Dwarves leave the kingdom.

F.Y.FA 1021: The Goblins follow suit. Old ones try to restore order, the daemons appear and destroy the capital.

F.Y.FA 1023: The Kingdom is broken. The races form their own cities.

F.Y.FA 1050: Races cities established, Old Line disappears. End of First Age.

Second Age: (The days of Royals and Elves, coming of the Dark Lords)

F.Y.SA 30: The Draco family founds Hopen, they begin seeking allies.

F.Y.SA 56: Leo, Falcor and Oxor families join Hopen.

F.Y.SA 100: The Eldar proclaim alliance to Hopen.

F.Y.SA 124: The glory days begin.

F.Y.SA 235: The glory days end. Coming of Nardos the first Dark Lord.

F.Y.SA 260: Nardos establishes the dark Citadel and begins raising the dead.

F.Y.SA 261: Nardos begins troubling Hopen, the Eldar repel him. Several years of war begin.

F.Y.SA 262-504: The 5 dark Lords trouble Hopen, for many years but are defeated. Dark Elves created, Trollz form an alliance with Dark Lords, The daemon Warhead summoned twice, but each time a member of the Old Line defeats him.

F.Y.SA 505: Mordred, the 5th Dark Lord is slain, he claims he will return. His body left in a guarded Tomb. Age of peace arrives.

F.Y.SA 506: The Dwarf-Goblin War begins in the mountains.

F.Y.SA 567: A great Dwarven hero, Alax the Goblin-slayer, makes his name, wining many victories.

F.Y.SA 600: Lucian enters Mordred’s Tomb claims the sword and title of the Dark Lords and defeats Mordred’s sprit. He departs to raise an army.

F.Y.SA 601: Lucian returns at the head of a massive army. The Red Lions and Blue Falcons Flee, the Black Bulls are defeated and scattered.

F.Y.SA 602: Lucian defeats the Green Dragons and kills the king’s son. He lays siege to the White Fortress.

F.Y.SA 603: The Dwarf-Goblin war ends.

F.Y.SA 604: The siege ends, Army of the Elves repulsed, and the king slain, Draco line almost lost.

Lucian turns his attention to Pembridge, second Age ends.

Third Age: (The Old line returns and the founding of Pembridge)

F.Y.TA 1: Lucian’s army reaches Pembridge, and gives battle on the borders. All seams lost.

F.Y.TA 2: Battle continued for a year, Dwarves arrive and drive back Lucian’s army. The host marches on his Black tower.

F.Y.TA 3: Battle of the Tower ends Lucian defeated by the descendants of the old line Brian and Jonathan F!sher, Lucian returned to the Black lands.

F.Y.TA 4: King Brian (of the Old line) crowned in Pembridge, he reorganises the army. Jonathan made Duke of the coastal towns, but he returns to his wanderings.

F.Y.TA 5-20: Some battles with Lucian.

F.Y.TA 21: Sir Pablo (of the Red Lions) attacked on a Hunt. Battle of the Red Keep follows, Pablo slain. Francais (his son) made duke of the Lions. Karl Von Bragstein (of Oxor decent) arrives to aid him. Warhead appears again and Clash of the tides begins...

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