Fleyor, the Pink Pansies

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The Fleyor Civilization colonized a planet consisting only of sea and beaches. Shortly after their arrival, the planet was trapped in a time anomaly, dooming the world to perpetual summer afternoon.

The Fleyors dress mostly in pink and white, usually with flower patterns. They spend most of their time bathing, sunbathing, eating ice cream and fighting off other factions looking for a nice vacation. They have never been known to attack other planets and so are at peace most of the time, however all multi-color flowers in the BrikWars Universe, were originally grown in the Fleyor homeworld, then sold and shipped to other planets. Because of this they have a lot of money to spend on large beach houses with lots of furniture, rather than the Bunkers in which the majority of minifigs reside.

Fleyor society is based on the values of extreme prejudice, especially for female superiority and intolerance for non-pastel colors. Except for a tiny percentage needed for breeding and other menial services, male infants are drowned at birth or used as horse food. "Women's Liberation" events are a common form of entertainment, in which armed Fleyor raiding parties invade neighboring civilizations to abduct as many female minifigs as possible; this is a main cause of the shockingly small female population enjoyed by most other empires.

Although the Fleyors have always encouraged the use of violence for color segregation, Fleyor was not known to have organized military forces until the Gray Shift. At this time, the advance of "undesirable" colors inspired independent militias of lifeguards and coast guard units to unite into the Bleywatch military force, widely acclaimed as the most prejudicial and hate-filled military organization in the universe.

While the power of Fleyor declined drastically after their peak in GRs 1,992 - 1,997, scattered pockets of Fleyor beach communities remain, and have been known to enter into unholy pacts with the demon fairies of Baalville in order to advance their purist goals.

Scientific Explanation for the time anomany

The position of the fleyor home planet in the twin star system

The Planet stands just in the center of two nearly identical stars. (This probability of such a position occurring naturally is 1/10^10^10 which is considred as inpossible.) Since the gravitational forces of the stars are equal the planet can not move away from its positition. The twin stars orbit eachother so there is always daylight. The light emitting from the stars has a color close to red therefore it gives the impression of the light at afternoon in a normal Class-M planet.

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