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The Followers of the Triangle God, also referred to as the Trianglists *Triangle Heretics by outsiders*, despite their name are in no way related to the Triangeli Code or Geometric Cult of Doom. The Trianglists are a Cult that revolves around worshiping an entity known only as The Triangle God.

Sometime in B.R 2011-2012, in the Deserts of West Oasis, Elkoss a strange Triangle shaped figure was witnessed moving about, and appeared to be "playing" with it's surroundings. levitating briks and peices as if psychicly, When local figs approached the strange entity, the Triangle Figure began to "play" with them as well, turning the minifigs into block heads. removing their arms, and other sickly deeds.

Whether the Entity was some kind of Alien, Mutant, or some kind of sick and disturbed deity or demon is still debated by the inhabitants of Elkoss today, but one thing is clear. It has the maturity and mentality of a 12 year old and is fully aware of the supernatural "god" powers that it wields.

In the deserts of West Oasis, the Local communities began to worship the entity, dubbing it the "Triangle God". The Triangle God has communicated with only one Minifig in history, A strange hermit whom few ever knew. The Triangle God had the hermit write down the commandments of it's "followers". Into a Triangle Bible. And as soon as the bible was finished, The hermit was erased from time and the Triangle God dissapeared. The Bible would be copied and spread throughout the land. The Commandments read as follows

  • 1 - The Triangle God sees all, hears all, knows all. He is watching.
  • 2 - There is no God but the Triangle God
  • 3 - 3 Is an Important number, However 11 is the answer to everything in life
  • 4 - Fish is holy, Fish is explosive, The Fish is the patron saint of the Triangle God
  • 5 - Green is the best color. No exceptions
  • 6 - Every Three days is a day of Worship, Every Nine days is a day of rest
  • 7 - Every Day of Worship, Everyone must wear "The Hat" And pray in a Triangle Temple for 3 Hours
  • 8 - Order is Bad, Rules are Bad, there is no way of life but following the Triangle God, all other ways of life are heresey, Heretics must be Converted or Exploded
  • 9 - Above all, Respect and Worship the Holy Trinity of Verticies.

The Reason so many follow the Triangle Bible and the Triangle God, is that they beileve that they will be granted special powers, in either life or death. If they serve him well. In reality, the Triangle God has not been seen since that day of the Bible's Writing, But it is without any argument that "it" is still around. in reference to the first commandment of the bible, Strange Unthinkable phenomenons have continued to appear in the West Oasis Deserts, Including a Triangle shaped hole several kilometers deep that appeared overnight. When minifigs adventured into the pit to investigate, They found a Fish the size of an Aircraft Carrier, The fish exploded and many report hearing manic laughter from all around them. It is clear that the Triangle God is very much "alive"

For all the entity's power, it seems content to only stay in certain areas of the West Oasis Desert. It seems to only want to toy with the world itself, and aside from the Writing of the Triangle bible, and the explosive fish incident, It has had very little interaction with Minifig Kind. Nonetheless, Many still follow the religion in hopes that they are either granted special powers, or that the Triangle God will return to be their rightful ruler.

The Temple of the Triangle God is led "The Reader", who is Elected every 11 Revolutions to be the Spiritual and de facto political leader of the lands now known as the Great Triangle Society.

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