For Great Justice, Part 2: Justice Under Siege Presentation and Sign-Up

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Welcome to the continuation of ‘For Great Justice,’ a campaign of linked forum battles set in the Chronicles of Doom Story Cluster. Previously, four great gang leaders were chosen from among the many clamoring factions of the hellish Prison Systems of Dis to participate in one of the Far-Ums’ highest rated gameshows, the Tower of Justice, a grueling modern day gladiatorial arena where the contestants fight to the death (and struggle to survive the devious traps within) for the entertainment of the masses. In addition to facing off against one another and the arena itself, Orange Spy, Snake Yellow, Blue Android, and Green’s Master Splinter had to cope with the intervention of several Guests of the Show and Tower Personalities like the devilishly clever and mercilessly brutal Greys and Headhunters, respectively. In the end, it was Little Jack (a reserve Hero for Green Team) that won the game, after absorbing his Master’s soul and rampaging berserk through the arena like an unstoppable act of the gods.

While the other surviving Heroes were very publicly shipped back to prison as a show of the Tower’s endlessly charitable interest in Rehabilitation, Little Jack was remanded into the custody of the Space Marshals at the Tower of Justice Prison Platform Number Thirty-Three. Together, they boarded Big Blue, an old but reliable passenger and cargo train that travels the Long Rail (a circuitous train line that travels through each major location on the Doom Moon of Dis). From there, Little Jack (along with his winnings, guarded by a Dissonance Industries and Entertainment Security Team), would travel to his final reward: Freedom by way of a SpaceShip off that rock and away from the Prison Systems forever.

For the audiences at home, clicking off their Far-Ums sets, this happy tale of Rehabilitation comes to a satisfying conclusion. They’ll go to bed at night secure in the knowledge that Little Jack will be out there…somewhere among the stars…leading civilization into a greater and even more heroic age. But for the players involved in this story, the real struggle is just beginning…

Justice Under Siege Factions

Players, as in Tower of Justice, you will take on the role of a distinct group, or faction. Unlike in the first installment, however, the factions presented here are not possessed of the same stats and abilities from the start of the game, though each group is still led by a Hero of some kind. Each faction is presented below for your consideration. Please take a look at their writeups before signing up. The stories there will help give a frame of reference for the relationships between the factions. Some initial alliances are obvious but players should feel free to either stick with those alliances or break them. Players may also feel free, of course, to create their own alliances and vendettas, as usual. Finally, please feel free to name your characters and give them whatever backstories you like (if any). There is no obligation for you to do so, if you aren’t so inclined. In that case, I’ll name them for you as they come up.

FBForGreatJusticeJUS001LittleJack.png FBForGreatJusticeJUS002Foresters.png

The Foresters

Player: (Reserved for Zupponn)

The Foresters are the merry men and women of the Green Team from Part One. These fine fellows are just the ones who haven’t been caught and imprisoned yet. Foresters are renowned for their insane bushcraft and their remarkable speed and this has made the group of outlaws notoriously difficult to capture. They are utterly loyal to their leader, Little Jack, and are perhaps doubly so because he carries their previous leader’s soul around inside him.

The Foresters have learned of a plot from a source high up in the Prison System’s ranks to have Jack executed at the SpacePort, away from prying eyes. Apparently, the award ceremony, the Pardon, the reward, and the train ride to freedom were all just a ruse to satisfy the public and the Sovereign High Government. They don’t know why this is happening, only that they need to rescue their leader from such a terrible fate.

The Foresters’ Roster reads left to right with the exception of Jack.


  • Primary Objective: Rescue Little Jack. You can’t trust anyone involved in this, so you need to eliminate anyone who will chase after him before escaping the field.
  • Objective: Escape with the Reward Chest. The boss rightfully earned that.
  • Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) the Elf Clan. Those bastards have it coming anyway.


  • Little Jack (Hero)
    • Move 11, Armor 2d6 + 1d10
    • Heroic Artifakt: Master Splinter’s Soul, Championship Belt
    • Cyborg Arm (UR3, CC, 2d6, also counts as Bare Hand)
  • Forester (Thin Stache)
    • Skill d8, Ker-Triage!, Tracking
    • Hand Axe, Crossbow
    • Inventory: MedTool
  • Forester (Red Lipstick)
    • Skill d8, Tracking, Piloting
    • Hand Axe, Crossbow
  • Forester (Wax Stache)
    • Skill d8, Ker-Triage!, Tracking
    • Hand Axe, Crossbow
    • Inventory: MedTool
  • Forester (Angry Eyes)
    • Skill d8, Tracking, Piloting
    • Hand Axe, Crossbow
  • Forester (Big Grin)
    • Skill d8, Ker-Triage!, Tracking
    • Hand Axe, Crossbow
    • Inventory: MedTool
  • Forester (Pink Lipstick)
    • Skill d8, Tracking, SN d6 (Ranger Tricks)
    • Hand Axe, Crossbow
  • Forester (Redhead)
    • Skill d8, Tracking, SN d6 (Ranger Tricks)
    • Hand Axe, Crossbow

Team Special Abilities:

  • Fleet: Foresters can either, during a Move, gain +2 Movement or ignore Difficult Terrain.

FBForGreatJusticeJUS003Space Marshals.png

Space Marshals


The Space Marshals are the highest authority, outside of the Sovereigns themselves, in the Distopian Government. Their jurisdiction extends everywhere and they serve as a sort of general law enforcement agency. Though their primary function as warkeepers is to stir up trouble everywhere they go, they operate in highly specialized units that perform all kinds of odd functions that fall outside the normal operating scope of other enforcement agencies.

In this instance, the Marshals are serving as Prisoner Transport. Their only interest here is seeing Little Jack safely aboard that starship at the Port. Marshal Walker is sure that something fishy is going on and has his team on high alert. They’re the ones that spot the approaching Storm Racers through the Heat Haze first.


  • Primary Objective: Protect Little Jack. Unconscious, if need be, but make sure he makes it to that SpacePort alive. You have a job to do.
  • Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) The Foresters, with the sole exception of Little Jack. The Law don’t back down fer nobody.
  • Objective: Protect the Big Blue Civilians. Alternatively, provide at least one kill assist per Civilian. The Law serves the Public.


  • Marshal Obadiah Walker (Hero, White Hat, Brown Suit)
    • Skill d12
    • Personalized Shotgun
  • Marshal 2 (Brown Hat, Rose Jacket)
    • Skill d8, Move 7, Multitasking
    • Personalized Power Fists (Also count as Bare Hands and Shields)
  • Marshal 3 (Black Hat, Black Duds)
    • Skill d8, Move 7, Multidexterity
    • Personalized Knives
  • Marshal 4 (Sombrero, Poncho)
    • Skill d8, Move 7, Multidexterity
    • Personalized Rayguns

Team Special Abilities:

  • Kit and Caboodle: The Space Marshals begin the game with all of their weapons Personalized (see Gameplay, below). One or more of Marshals 2, 3 and 4 may forgo the usual rules for Personalized Equipment and instead gain alternate abilities. Marshal 2 may gain the ability to parry any attack with her fists (as Shields). Marshal 3 may gain the ability to treat his knives as ammo (which functionally means he has an infinite supply of them and that they now count as both hand and short ranged weapons). Marshal 4 may gain Specialized Ammo for his rayguns that he can swap out freely. He would gain a Freeze Ray (which does half its damage to the targets Move), a Stun Ray (which increases the UR of the Skill Roll a character needs to wake up from unconsciousness from 4 to 6), and a Fire Ray (which reduces the damage of the pistol to a d4 but gains the ability to set the target on fire). Once these choices are made, they are irreversible.




Dissonance Industries Security Troopers make up a highly trained private law enforcement agency and an army rolled into one. They have the backing of one of the sectors largest mega-corporations and are outfitted with the finest weapons, armor, and tools. DISSECT Teams patrol Dis and its notorious Doom Moon, keeping the populace in line under a virtual martial law. This makes it possible for the company to guinea pig that populace and advance its research and development in virtually every economic market with unprecedented growth. They are technically still subservient, as citizens, to the enforcement and military agencies of the actual Distopian government and, for the moment at least, they try to play that role. Still, there are…tensions and they are only rising. DISSECTs aren’t exactly the good guys. But they aren’t exactly the bad guys either.

This particular DISSECT Team, however, are definitely the Bad Guys. They are one of many splinter cells working within the Dissonance military branch under the direct control of the nefarious and devious OverWarden, who has the public believing him to be some kind of Hero of the People and his executive bosses at D.I.E. eating out of the palm of his hand. They’re along for the ride to make sure Little Jack gets blown into bite sized bits and return safely home with the Tower Winnings in tow.


  • Primary Objective: Protect the Reward Chest. That’s your ass if someone makes off with the cash.
  • Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) the Vamp Bandits. They need to be shown who’s boss.
  • Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) The Foresters. They could cause a lot of trouble if they talk. Keep that from ever happening.


  • Lieutenant (Hero)
    • 3d6 Armor
    • GunBase (Scoped Concussion Rifle), Body Armor
  • Master Sergeant (Brown Hair, Soul Patch)
    • 2d6 Armor
    • GunBase (Scoped Concussion Rifle), Body Armor
  • Trooper (Righty)
    • 2d6 Armor
    • GunBase (Beam Pistol), Body Armor
  • Trooper (Lefty)
    • 2d6 Armor
    • GunBase (Beam Pistol), Body Armor

Team Special Abilities:

  • Nano Base: DISSECTs carry Nanobot Colonies in their bodies that are programmed with a specific set of instructions. By default, they are weaponized. Weapon Colonies allow a Trooper to transform his weapon into any other weapon of the same size or smaller. Transformed weapons are not new items and do not count toward the Loot Score. Colonies can only be reprogrammed at headquarters and not in the field. However, the Nano Base creates several inert reserve colonies for later expansion (later team abilities, CP expenditures during the fight, etc.).


Big Blue Civilians


There are, really, only two social castes of Civilians on and around Dis: the very rich and the very poor. Most civilians are working class. They lead fairly strict, regimented lives. They are typically housed in hives called Quarters, which are giant box-like structures filled with tiny, symmetrical rooms. These Quarters, and the streets around them, are patrolled with regularity by Distopian soldiers, Distopian law enforcement agencies, and DISSECT teams. Tension, and the resulting fighting, can get thick in civilized areas but, unfortunately, it seems to be mostly restricted to the better armed, armored, and trained soldiers and officers. The civilians, it seems, are there to be cogs for the meat grinding machine of life, or the meat itself. There is some debate between the privatized corporations (which really just means D.I.E. since most of the smaller companies are either publicly or secretly owned by the giant) and the Royal Government about the nature of this arrangement. The corps want even more restriction and control while the weaker, essentially figurehead government wants to grant more freedoms and social programs to its populace. Corporate Greed versus Noblesse Oblige and the people mostly always get the short end of the stick.

Which is why, when a civvy is offered a job that takes her away from the bustling city, she generally jumps at the opportunity (so long as she hasn’t already been indoctrinated into the System). Farmers are the most common of these but there are the rare few jobs that are held by the most capable and elite of the citizenry (outside of the aristocracy). Serving on the rails is one example, a cush job if ever there was one and more than enough opportunity to see action and adventure. The crew of Big Blue is known far and wide as some of the best of these and they are fiercely protective of their train and their positions.


  • Primary Objective: Protect Big Blue. She’s your lifeblood. As long as it isn’t too badly damaged, it can be repaired. Keep at least four sections from total destruction, with preference on the Engine.
  • Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) the Vamp Bandits. Who the fuck do they think they are?
  • Objective: Survive. You’re in this for a better life. As long as one of you gets to keep living, at least they can go on fighting and riding the rails. Death is so boring.


  • Hero of the Rails (Hero)
    • Skill d12, Move 9, Gunnery
    • Steel Driving Hammer (Heavy Weapon)
  • Server (Brown Hair)
    • Skill d8, Move 9, Stealth, Gunnery
    • Server Tray (Minifig Tool)
  • Server (Pink Hair)
    • Skill d8, Move 9, Stealth, Gunnery, Ker-Triage!
    • Bottle of Wine (Minifig Tool/Consumable)
    • Inventory: MedTool
  • Mechanik (Blue Hat, Overalls)
    • Skill d8, Move 9, Mechanikal Aptitude, Gunnery
    • Wrench (Minifig Tool)

Team Special Abilities:

  • Capable Hands: These Civilians always have access to the Minifig Tools they need for any given job. Medtools, Mechanikal Tools, Improvised Weapons, Food and Drink, and anything short of actual weapons, armor, and large vehicles can be instantly summoned by each Civilian. In addition, the current Hero can instantly summon the last weapon held by a Hero on his or her team (including his/herself). This does not cost the Civilian an Action or any Movement.


Elf Clan


The Elf Clan are the natural archenemies of the Foresters. No one knows how it began, really. Probably a territory dispute. That, and the Foresters natural predilection for cutting down trees and building new things with the bricks. The Elves believe in building natural things, drawing strength from the complexity of organic builds. The primal magiks thrumming through their veins is a testament to the power of their convictions. They express this conviction on the outside, as well, wearing prison orange jumpsuits to signify their protest against the oppression of their culture and the imprisonment of their brothers and sisters. The Foresters are like Trolls to them, however, chopping at the roots of their sacred connection to the universe and dancing away laughing and taunting.

A small surveillance Caern in the deep wilderness recently observed that a large force of Foresters were on the move. Far from help, the group nevertheless decided that whatever was afoot could not be good if that many Foresters were involved. Hell, even one Forester was bad enough on his own. Mounting up, they resolved to stop whatever plan their enemies had in mind.


  • Primary Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) The Foresters. Not one survives to perpetuate their despicable evil.
  • Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) the Space Marshals. Anyone who aids the Enemy shall know your wrath.
  • Objective: Destroy (or help destroy) Big Blue. It is an abomination.


  • Lord Shaman (Hero)
    • SN d8 (Nature Magik)
    • Scepter (Minifig Tool)
  • Elf (Green Hair)
    • SN d8 (Nature Magik), Ker-Triage!
    • Tiger Claw, MedTool
  • Elf (Blue Tatoo)
    • SN d8 (Nature Magik)
    • Tiger Claw
  • Elf (Sleeveless, Pink Lipstick)
    • SN d8 (Nature Magik)
    • Tiger Claw

Team Special Abilities:

  • Primal Magiks: Elves do not suffer the cumulative -1 Skill Penalty for the first spent and unreturned SuperNatural Die used in a round. Beyond that, they suffer the penalty normally for all other spent, unreturned SN Dice.


Vamp Bandits


Living on the fringes of society, the Vamp Bandits are one of the last bastions of freedom on Dis. The irony is that they are slave to their own passions and their deep, abiding Thirst. The Thirst is a SuperNatural affliction that drives them to seek and murder victims so that they may lap up their lifeblood. Only the final drop, which contains the essence of life before death, can slake their Thirst for any real length of time. Though they are prone to an incredible variety of ridiculous affectations, which can make it hard to take them seriously, they make up for it with incredible savagery. The thing most of these vampires want most in all the world is stability, the absolute assurance that those Final Drops will keep flowing and the Thirst will be forever kept at bay, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that future.

These bandits have just finished watching the Tower of Justice Season 12 finale on the Far-Ums set in their common room. They’ve spent the time between then and now planning the raid on the train. Nothing matters more than getting that Reward Chest. The money within will secure a much better hideout. Maybe even score a place in the Orbital Ring. Real live aristocrats, living aboard paradise, and theirs for the taking? Yes, please.


  • Primary Objective: Escape with the Reward Chest. Think of it…Royal Blood…yummm.
  • Objective: Eliminate (or help eliminate) the DISSECT Team. Don’t need anyone knowing where the money went, do we?
  • Objective: Destroy (or help destroy) Big Blue. With the train a wreck, the authorities will be sorting through that mess for weeks. More than enough time to slip the guard and move into the big house.


  • Master Vampire (Hero)
    • Undead, Vampiric Fortitude (counts as Body Armor), Move 8, SN d12 (Vampire Magik)
    • Pistol
  • Vamp (Green Hair, Sleeveless Suit)
    • Undead, Vampiric Fortitude (counts as Body Armor), Move 8
    • Pistol
  • Vamp (Blue Hair, Skull Hoodie)
    • Undead, Vampiric Fortitude (counts as Body Armor), Move 8
    • Pistol
  • Yuppie Vamp (Blonde Hair)
    • Undead, Vampiric Fortitude (counts as Body Armor), Move 8
    • Pistol

Team Special Abilities:

  • Vampire Bite: All Vamps have a Bite Attack (UR3, CC, d6+1). If this attack kills a minifig, the Vamp gains +1 Armor for the rest of the battle. If multiple Vamps Gang Up on a particular victim and kill them with their combined bites (all Vamps in this Ganging Up must use Vampire Bite to gain the reward), only one of them gains the +1 Armor.


Distopian Soldiers, Hidden Faction


On land, air, sea, and space, the Distopian Royal Military is the best of the best. Highly insular, the Military draws its ranks mostly from the native population of Dis and its soldiers are fanatically loyal. They are the fists of the Sovereigns, striking with strength and precision wherever ordered and without hesitation. They are few, however, and are easily outnumbered by the Dissonance Security Troopers. Their renowned fighting prowess is one of the major reasons Dissonance Industries hasn’t attempted a coup yet. It is no question who would win that fight but D.I.E.’s losses would be horrendous. The company wants to make sure it has truly overwhelming force on its side first but has to move carefully in building its own forces so as not to alarm the Royals overmuch and tip their hand. The bottom line is everything.

Garrisons, such as they are, are stationed everywhere on Dis, its moon, and the surrounding planets in the system. This has them spread absurdly thin but the Sovereigns want to assure the public of their constant presence. Make them feel safe. These soldiers are part of a group stationed at the SpacePort. The rest of their unit is out on patrol.

The Soldiers will either respond to a scout drone flying around in the area (unbeknownst to anyone else) reporting the situation aboard the incoming train or they will respond to a distress call sent from the train’s communication console in the Engine. The drone will not have immediate contact with the train so a distress call is more likely to get them there sooner. Once they receive notice that something is amiss, it will take them several turns to arrive. Please keep this in mind if you sign up for this faction. Exact numbers will be revealed in the narrative.


  • Primary Objective: To be announced.
  • Objective: To be announced.
  • Objective: To be announced.


  • First Eidolon (Hero)
    • Multidexterity
    • Nova Sword (UR4, CC, 3d6, grants Shielded), Disruptor Carbine
  • Soldier (Green, Lavender Eyes)
    • Multidexterity
    • Beamsaber (Heavy, can Parry ranged), Disruptor Carbine
  • Soldier (Red, Purple Eyes)
    • Multidexterity
    • Beamsaber (Heavy, can Parry ranged), Disruptor Carbine
  • Soldier (Tan, Orange Eyes)
    • Multidexterity
    • Beamsaber (Heavy, can Parry ranged), Disruptor Carbine

Team Special Abilities:

  • Adrenal Boost: Once per turn, a Soldier can attempt to perform one physical Stunt in addition to his regular actions. This Stunt may not be an attack but it may be combined with any of his regular actions or movement. The Soldier makes a Skill Roll and the result is the number of Inches he gains for use or to affect with the Stunt. Examples include mitigating Inches from a fall, adding Inches to a Move, or performing a feat of Strength on a large object.


Secret Faction


There are others who have an interest in these proceedings. Secret Factions could be revealed at any time. There may be more than one, depending on both the narrative and the interest among potential players. You can sign up for a secret faction if you like but I will only be including one if there is not sufficient interest to fill up all the other slots.


  • Primary Objective: To be announced.
  • Objective: To be announced.
  • Objective: To be announced.


  • To be announced (Hero)
    • Abilities
    • Equipment

Team Special Abilities:

  • To be Announced: To be announced.

Additional Notes


As in ToJ, Players will earn points in the following categories based on performance: Efficiency Score, Loot Score, Kill Score, and Badass Score. In addition, players will receive points in an Objective Score category this game. These scores will be tracked from Round to Round and included in an analysis overview at the end of each. These scores are totaled together to find a total score for the Round, which determines Ranking. At the end of the game, a player’s Total Score is added to a Nomination Score (determined by how well other players enjoyed your performance) and results in a Final Score, which determines the game’s winners.

Efficiency Scores track a player’s usage of Construction Points and is reflected as a negative value of the CP a player has remaining at the end of that round, weakening a player’s Total Score.

Loot Scores show how many weapons and other equipment the player’s characters have picked up throughout the game. Keep in mind that Loot Score only goes up when characters pick up something new.

Kill Scores are determined by the faction’s Kill Table, which subtracts the team’s Deaths from its Kills. A team that does more dying than killing may end up with a negative value. Keep in mind that Hero kills are worth two Kills instead of one (Hero Deaths still only count as one Death).

Badass Scores are determined by the number of Badass things the Faction did during the game. You might think of these as my Nominations for you.

Objective Scores track points received for completing the objectives listed under each faction, above. Primary Objectives that are completed earn ten points, while completed regular Objectives each earn five points. All failed Objectives earn no points.


Characters may swap and loot equipment at no movement cost.

Characters each have one Inventory slot. They can store any item they could carry there. This won’t appear on the minifig, so please just assume the item is holstered, sheathed, or slung somewhere on the character’s person.

Personalized Equipment is optimized for its associated user. It grants the user a bonus die on a maximum or 1 less than maximum roll. If a non-associated user attempts to wield this equipment, they suffer a critfail on a roll of a 1 or 2. Equipment can be Personalized at a cost of 2 CP and an Action spent customizing it. Characters forgo the Action cost if they begin the game with the item or if they made the item themselves (such as during a construction action or heroic feat).

GunBases are a new kind of Ranged Weapon. They cost 6CP but, if external parts are available, they can be field modded to become any kind of Ranged Weapon of the same size. Note that the DISSECT units have the Team Special Ability to perform this action without the use of external parts. Furthermore, they may create any kind of weapon. Anyone else picking up a GunBase will have an extremely versatile weapon but will still be limited to the restrictions noted above.

Consumables like Food and Drink can be consumed to gain a temporary +1 to any roll the character makes in the same or very next Round. Consumption does not cost an Action or Movement.

Characters may activate any consoles (or similar equipment that does not have a Use Rating in the rulebook) at UR 0. This costs an Action, as usual, but characters may also give up their Movement to use a console. Consoles activated in these ways can be used any number of times per turn.

Teams act on Initiative Order, which is determined at the start of the game by a roll-off. After that, players may spend available CP to bid for a higher turn order, if they wish. Those who bid will be rearranged in turn order from highest to lowest bid. Those who do not bid will retain the same order among themselves and will take their turns after those who did. Bidding for Initiative is a good way to dump excess CP you can’t find a better way to spend and it will help keep your Efficiency Score from becoming too damaging.

Teams start with 0 earned CP. Teams will receive One CP at the end of each Round. Since there are no teleportation beams and neural chips this time around, players will need justification for purchasing anything with CP. For example, a Tech Hero might be able to use various bricks and parts to create a machine gun, paying for it with her CP. A wizard might be able to purchase another SN Die and explain it as his powers growing in strength with use.

Unlike in the first installment, new Heroes aren’t born when the Faction’s Hero dies. Instead, they are forged. In the Tower of Justice, those gang members had already been forged in the fires of Prison Systems Six through Nine. They were ready to take on the mantle of heroic leadership. Characters wishing to become the new Hero of their Faction (once the old one bites the dust) can only do so once they have been directly responsible for no less than three Badass Moments. While all of the factions involved in this scenario have seen previous action, all of them have also been following a leader for some time.

Characters can perform non-lethal takedowns instead of doing lethal damage to a target. The player should simply state that he is using his weapon in a non-lethal way. Damage is rolled like normal but if it exceeds the target’s armor, they are not killed but instead knocked unconscious. Unconscious characters can, on their turn, attempt to wake up by succeeding at a UR4 Skill Roll.


Overview A

This image shows the relative positions of the factions mounted on Storm Racers to the train, Big Blue.

Big Blue moves at a consistent 12” per turn with a 3” Sprint, for a total of 15”. This is about the length of a single baseplate. This is locked in. Standard procedure on the rails is to push the train as fast as you can get it to go and lock out the controls. The minifig thought process behind this is that it is both hilarious and generally makes bandit chase scenes way cooler. Those with the Piloting specialty can attempt to Stunt Drive the train to either make it go even faster or to bring it back to safer operating parameters (defeating the lock out means scoring the train’s movement speed on a Piloting roll). Each car on the train is SL2, the Caboose and Coal Cars are SL3, and the Engine is SL4. Moving along the outside or along the top of Big Blue counts as Difficult Terrain (Moving inside the train is not difficult terrain).

Storm Racers cost the factions no CP, as the primary battlefield is the actual moving train, and the Racers themselves have no weaponry (though they can still be used for ramming). The Racers move at 14” per turn and Sprint according to their Pilot rolls, as usual. Storm Racers are SL1.

For reference, should it come up, anything on the ground that isn’t open stud space is difficult terrain for minifigs on foot. The vehicles have no such difficulties.

Note that this is a “running battle.” Mostly because this is about as many baseplates as LDD can handle at a time without going bananas. As the train moves forward, a new baseplate’s length will be laid down in the front and a baseplate’s length will be removed from the back. Anyone unfortunate enough to be on that back length when it goes goes with it and is removed from the game. They have lost their way in the Heat Haze. The Haze reduces visibility in this area to about 1-2 baseplates. Keep in mind that members of a faction that are lost this way don’t count as casualties to the Kill Table but WILL count as “eliminated” for the purpose of Objectives. Conversely, if some of Big Blue’s cars get detached (but not derailed and destroyed) and are eaten up by the Langolier Effect, they DO NOT count as destroyed for the purposes of Objectives.


Overview B

Here’s an interior view of the train showing the relative positions of the Factions within. The Space Marshals occupy all three passenger cars, along with Little Jack and the two Servers. The Mechanik is currently driving the train while the Hero of the Rails rests in his Caboose.

At the rear of the engine, there is a shovel for moving coal. The passenger cars are lined with leather seats and wooden tables. Some of the tables have an assortment of foodstuffs, cups, bottles, and drinks. I should note here that I had to expand the original design of the train an extra four studs width, I think, to accommodate Little Jack’s girth. He barely fits as I have him now and will only be able to squeeze through the passenger cars sideways. Unfortunately, even this concession forced me to shove the seating against he wall. As we get closer, you may notice that minifigs don’t sit all the way on their seats. I figure that’s ok because they probably won’t be doing much sitting anyway. Also, I’m not redesigning the whole thing again. Anyway, the box car has a couple of wooden chairs and a table on one side and bales of hay stacked on the other side. The Reward Chest is located at the top of the hay, all the way to the back end of the car. The Caboose has a bed and a stove in it. There are lanterns on both the Engine and the Caboose.


Overview C

This is the Engine Control Room. You can see the cord for the Horn hanging from the ceiling. There are gauges all over but the panels directly before the operator are mostly for Piloting the train and the controls on the other side are mostly a Communications Array.

The Comm system can be used to summon reinforcements. Or it can be destroyed to deny other teams that option. Reinforcements can only be summoned once by an team (multiple teams can each summon their own guys once). It takes four uses to finagle the damn thing, though, and get a signal through the Heat Haze. (This works out to a minifig standing there doing nothing else for two turns. The train is a runaway and doesn’t require any actions to pilot it, only to Stunt Drive it). These uses do not have to be consecutive or even made by the same minifig. However, if another faction uses the console before you get your four uses in, your use counter resets. For all the factions on the train, discounting Little Jack, use of the Comms summons the Distopian Soldiers Hidden Faction. Everyone else summons more of their own guys.


Overview D

The two flatcars hold some interesting goodies for enterprising factions. One has a shiny new Storm Racer chained to it. The other has a weapons platform mounted on a 360 degree swivel base bolted directly into the car. Chained next to it are two preassembled, hot swappable weapons system attachments. One is a gatling cannon and the other is a high powered harpoon gun. These two preassembled weapons can be attached at no cost (since swapping and looting weapons doesn’t spend any Actions or Movement). Boxes of parts are also chained here, along with a barrel of oil. Characters can access enough parts from single box to build half a weapon Gathering the parts only means moving over to the box they’re in. Assembling the two halves, however, costs a minifig his Action (not a Move, as with consoles). Those with Mechanikal Aptitude, though, have a large advantage here. They can just settle themselves in firing position, play a Construction Action, and have a weapon mounted and ready to fire by their next turn, assuming their radius roll isn’t a critfail or something.


Overview E

Closeup on Engine (Interior) and Coal Car.


Overview F

Closeup on First Passenger Car Interior.


Overview G

Closeup on Second Passenger Car Interior.


Overview H

Closeup on Third Passenger Car Interior.


Overview I

Closeup on Boxcar Interior.


Overview J

Closeup on Caboose Interior.


Overview K

Closeup on Boxcar and Caboose, showing sliding door.


Overview L

Closeup on Passenger Cars.


Overview M

Closeup on the front of the train.


Overview N

Perspective Shot.

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For Great Justice, Part II: Justice Under Siege
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