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Forum Battles are a type of BrikWars battle in which one player acts as the host and moderator for other players online, resolving and narrating all in-game action through photos and posts to the forum and taking orders from players by private message or forum posts.

Forum Battles are different than Battle Reports, which are battles played in person and then reported to the forum after the fact.

Index of Forum Battles

Host Battle Started Finished Winner Thread
Stubby Rainbow War II: Jellybean Apocalypse: Gaiden 07/31/09 9/10/09 (various) Forum Thread
Assault on Goatse Bunker 11/25/10 12/29/10 Necromancers (Warhead) Forum Thread
Rainbow War II: Jellybean Apocalypse Pt. 2 07/02/12 (in progress) Forum Thread
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