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The G20 is a circlejerking community of the twenty largest economies in the BrikVerse ranked by nominal Gross Domestic Product. These statistics are compiled by the Allied Nations, which may or may not be biased or trying to push an agenda for the Intergalactic Monetary Fund. The list changes only rarely. When it does, it's usually to reflect the entry of fresh new powers into the BrikVerse.

As Colette is one of the few members to give a shit about BrikVerse economics, he is responsible for maintenance of the G20 list. Please contact or consult him before making ranking or GDP modifications. Feel free to correct industries, currency, or government information however.

Rank Country GDP (in USA $) Major Industries Currency Government Notes
1. United Systems Alliance $18.56 quadrillion Highly diversified. Resources, trade, industry, military, and teknology. Also Hollywood, cowboys, bacon burgers, and FREEDOM. USA dollar ($) Representative democracy Largest economy in the BrikVerse; Veto Power
2. Assyrian Star Empire $11.39 quadrillion Materials tech, robotics, artificial intelligence, teknology, lasers, military Sigra (Σ) Empire Superpower, Veto Power
3. Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria $4.73 quadrillion Hi-teknology, pharmaceuticals/biotek, AI/robotics/computing, financial services, and luxury goods. Also anime. Trattorian dollar (₮) Meritocracy/Puppet Democracy Superpower
4. Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska $3.49 quadrillion Mining, beer, agriculture, labor, teknology Stex (ST) Federated Republic Superpower
5. Britannian League $2.65 quadrillion Trade, colonies, industry, tea Pound sterling (£) Monarchy Veto Power
6. Great Scythian Empire $2.49 quadrillion Antimatter, solid state lasers, robotics, trade, arms, energy Credit (Æ) Empire Superpower
7. M-Throne Empire $2.25 quadrillion Arms, resource extraction, mining, teknology Imperial Lira (IML) Empire Counting only the vanguard force in Nehellium Galaxy; Superpower
8. The Police State of Venice $1.85 quadrillion Trade, racketeering, client state Ducat (Ð) Merchant Republic Superpower
9. Immortal Empire $1.77 quadrillion Weaponry, conquest CP Empire Counting only the vanguard force in Nehellium Galaxy; Veto Power, Superpower
10. The Imperial Magikstrate $1.53 quadrillion Magik & magik-based tek, mining (blue trans, light blue trans, and the rare medium blue trans), energy, technology, hospitality Imperial Note (Φ) Representative Monarchy Superpower
11. The Synthetic-Organic Coalition (TSOC) $1.40 quadrillion Robotics, artificial intelligence, arms, teknology CP Human/Robot society Superpower
12. Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republiks $1.27 quadrillion Industry, robotics, military, vodka Ruble (₽) Space Communism Superpower, Veto Power
13. Praetorian Empire $1.26 quadrillion Shipbuilding, teknology, research & development, transportation, biotechnology, resource extraction CP Puppet Democracy Superpower
14. Der Reich von Bavaria $1.25 quadrillion Magic, mining, arms, steel, automobiles, labor Reichsmark (ℛℳ) Kaiserdom Superpower
15. Trion Empire $1.06 quadrillion RT mining/refining, weapons/vehicle manufacturing Reichsmark (ℛℳ) Kaiserdom Superpower
16. Stranians $941 trillion Shipbuilding, mining, weaponry CP Empire Superpower
17. Galacian Republic $770 trillion Food, electronics, military goods, personal automobiles, mining & resource extraction, energy Galacian Ruble (Я) Military Junta / Federated Republic Superpower
18. 45th Union $756 trillion Arms, military, shipbuilding, heavy industry CP Empire Superpower
19. Atherta Federation $662 trillion Forges, arms, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, shielding Lek (L) Empire Superpower
20. Briktopian Empire $638 trillion Arms, industry, virtual reality CP Epistocracy
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