Galacian Civil War

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Galacian Rebels in an unknown system, using a captured Bryusa IFV to move through a city.

The Galacian Civil War is a war apart of the much broader Gold Sector Conflict in the Gold Sector. It has it's roots in the Bakhacha Coup of R2016, The Pro-Shulga forces quickly seized power with little resistance from the Loyalist forces, the Loyalists who did try to fight back were overwhelmed and quickly defeated.

Remnants of the Galacian Republik government fled mostly into the Zagorian Systems Conglomerate, ironically a state that once sought to break away from the Republik... The Zagorian State would successfully rebel and win it's independence. And after a few years and plenty of time to prepare, the Zagorian government alongside with Republik remnants in exile would start supporting rebel armies across Galacia who sought to overthrow the Imperiya and return to the days of Demokracy.

While noble in spirit, this Resistance movement has only ever made minimal progress.


Faction Notes
Imperiya.png Galacian Imperiya The Galacian Imperiya is the end result of the Bakhacha Coup, a Socialist, Industrialist, militaristic star empire that took over most of the gold sector with an iron fist. When their Emperor dissapeared, things started to fall apart. Unfortunately the interim government was prepared to make the changes that would appease most groups within the empire, but it was too late, several internal and external wars broke out in the gold sector, Now while the Imperiya fights foreign enemies and breakaway states all over, it must now resume it's fight with the government it overthrew to come into existence.
Caspian Empire.jpg Galacian Republik The Remnants of the Galacian Republik still hold the power to wage a war of resistance against Shulga's Imperiya, With support from the Zagorians, the resistance forces have been given the nickname the "Rainbow Revolution" in reference to the mismatching gear these rebels wear
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