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| [[File:Space Flag-clean.png|60px]]
| [[File:Space Flag-clean.png|60px]]
| United Systems Alliance
| United Systems Alliance
| Supports the Rebels
| After the Maripol Treaty, the USA became a supporter and ally of Zagoria, sending marines into Zagorian systems to combat Cherhovna Bryhada
| [[File:Imperial Magikstrate Flag.png|60px]]
| [[File:Imperial Magikstrate Flag.png|60px]]

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The Galacian Civil War is a massive clusterfuck of warring factions in the Gold Sector. It started pretty much immediately after the Great Elkossian Peach War ended, as cut-off Colonies in the system declared their own independence. By the time the Capital had regained the strength to restore its dominion, these new states were unwilling to fall in line and violently resisted, although these factions did not come into conflict until BR 2,013 - BR 2,014 as most were focused on rebuilding up until that period. Elkoss especially was tasked with wrestling back control of its own homeworld from Peach remnants and hordes of raiders in the lawless zones after the great war.

The initial combatants of the civil war were the Galacian capital Elkoss and its surrounding systems, the Volhinyan Kynazdom in the north who claimed to be the true Empire due to a vague ancestral tie to the now dead royal families of the 1st Empire, and the Mozorovan Social Union, a communist puppet state that was propped up in the west during the power vacuum.

During its war with the Communists, the Galacians heavily taxed the resource rich southern systems to fund the war effort. Businessmen and citizens alike compared this to the actions of the Brittanians against their colonies in present day USA, cried foul, and began withholding taxes. When the government cracked down and started killing and imprisoning minifigs, they fought back.

Originally in the Zaphor system and then as the government was spread thin, these southern rebels would take control of several systems. As the communists faltered, these roughnecks would become the primary adversary of the Loyalists until BR 2,015 - BR 2,016. Originally fighting to make a state separate from the Galacians, during the 1st Republik the southern rebels would become shocked at President Tesarik and his government's treatment of peaches. The south had no real qualms against peaches as they did not fall victim to the genocidal war that the north had. For a time the rebel's cause was that of "fighting against evil" and fighting to end slavery.

After the Tesarik government was defeated in the ballot room a more moderate president, Lahey took power. He ended the slavery and death camps and the rebels were left with a dilemma in not really knowing what they fought for, they then continued to fight against the Elkoss government on grounds that they had just become too different. By now the USA had become a major influence on the Zaphor centered proto-state.

After the 2nd Republik was brought to a swift end at the hands of Marshal Shulga, the Confederacy as it was now known, received a wave of both foreign support from the USA and volunteers in the form of refugees from the 2nd Empire. Democracy as a way of life was over in Galacia. While the populace was still very much cared for and things were not at all as severe at first thought, many roughnecks and rednecks felt insulted at the very principle, and the Confederacy continued its fight against the capital, this time to restore "Freedom." See also Operation White Hart


Gold Sector Natives

Galacian Civil War

Location: Zoloty Cluster
AKA Gold Sector

Free Galacian Confederacy
Kynazdom of Volhinya
Triangulist Cult
Peach Brotherhood
Cherhovna Bryhada
Conclict Ongoing
Faction Notes
EKDFlag.png Galacian Imperiya The principal power of the conflict, The empire fights to defend it's territory and reclaim the rest of the sector which it views as it's own territory. It has recentley switched governments after a Military Coup by Now Emperor Shulga
VK2.jpg Kynazdom of Volhinya An independent Kingdom that claims to be descendants of the leaders of the First Empire that predated Galacia, and doing so fights to claim the entire sector as it's inheritance.
EKDFlag2.png Republik of Zagoria Originally a group of Seperatists who wished to secede due to cultural differences in the south, the FGA's cause has bloomed into a rebellion to restore democracy in Galacia after the Shulga Coup. In Q4 R.2017 the Imperiya granted Zagoria it's independence in exchange for a ceasefire and some territory. Since then Zagoria has been considered to be officially out of the conflict, although conflict still brews in West Zagoria, which was given to the Imperiya as part of the deal...
MOTAFlag.png Zakhidna Cherhovna Bryhada An Ultranationalist paramilitary group of soldiers and thugs who originally split off from Galacia during the Republik days, The ZCB mainly exists to fight with Peaches and protect the sector from the "Peach Threat". Although this brings them into conflict with other factions due to contrasting values.
GTSFlag.jpeg Triangulist Cult A militant cult based on the world of Outer Haven, Largely defeated by the Galacian Republik and then finished off by the Volhinyan Kingdom. now reduced to little more than an insurgency.
Pbh.png Peach Brotherhood A massive network of Peach Supremacist Terror cells with state backing from several outside Peach nations like the 45th Union and Space Austria, They exist to topple the governments of non-peach Minifigs.
Chedaki.png Mozorov Socialist Union A puppet state of the USSSR that was fighting with the Republik in the first period of the civil war, All but defeated by R.2016-2017, Reduced to nothing more than underground partisan groups in a few systems.
Syndikat.png Syndikat A major criminal organization of Pirates, Mobsters and other shitlords. originally from Western Galacia, but with influence all over the Western arms like the 45th Union and Poland. Their purpose is to dominate the criminal underworld, topple the Space Mafia and get rich or die tryin'.
Strategical overview of the internal conflicts in the Zolotoy Cluster.(Click to zoom)

Foreign Interference

Faction Relation Notes
Planetary Levitican Empire Ally of Galacia
Emerian Flag (Official).png Emerian Empire Ally of Galacia
Trion Empire Flag 1.jpg Trion Empire Known to act against Galacia, partakes in unsanctioned "Peach Hunting", Supports Cherhovna Bryhada
Space Flag-clean.png United Systems Alliance After the Maripol Treaty, the USA became a supporter and ally of Zagoria, sending marines into Zagorian systems to combat Cherhovna Bryhada
Imperial Magikstrate Flag.png Imperial Magikstrate At War with Galacian Imperiya in the Arhus Crisis
Empirelogo.PNG M-Throne Empire At War with Galacian Imperiya in the Arhus Crisis
Flag2.JPG Space Austria Ally of M-Throne & Imperial Magikstrate, Also supports the Peach Brotherhood
SovietFlagImage.jpg USSSR Has repeatedly tried to conquer the sector since R.2012, Also propped up a puppet state that lasted until R.2016

Strategical Breakdown

While the Cluster as a whole is considered to be in a state of Civil war, the conflict is actually three seperate engagements that have little to nothing to do with one another.

Southern Front (Ceasefire in effect as result of the Maripol Treaty)

EKDFlag.png vs EKDFlag2.png

Considered to be the principal warzone of the conflict, The southern front is a slugfest between Imperiya forces battling against the South Galacian rebels who took up arms after the Shulga Coup, This front is largely a stalemate as loyalist forces are unwilling to commit the resources necessary to evict confederate positions along the frontline, The Rebel navy is smaller in number but have placed many defenses along their borders that would make any Imperial assault a costly one. However on the worlds where ground wars are in progess, the conflict here is characterized by hit and run guerrilla operations by the rebels in the countryside and badlands of the colonies.. and in the cities, Rebel and Imperiya forces absolutely shell the shit out of one another and flatten entire city blocks on a regular basis, neither side willing to back down in this gruesome meat grinder, and any success in one district for either side, often results in defeat in another, a real shit-show.

In Mid Q4, R.2017, the Imperiya and Rebels signed a peace treaty, the Rebels were given full independence and recognized as an sovereign republik in exchange for a buffer zone of 3 systems, and a unilateral ceasefire. However the peace is a fragile one as minifigs on both sides are furious over the deal, Loyalists are pissed that the rebels were legitimized, and Zagorians are pissed that they surrendered more than a quarter of their territory. West Zagoria has become a powder keg that may dismantle the fragile ceasefire.

Days after the treaty was signed, Cherhovna Bryhada units flooded into Zagoria to take advantage of the non-existent defenses and set up operations. Starting an armed insurgency against the infant republik

Northern Front

VK2.jpg vs EKDFlag.png vs GTSFlag.jpeg

The northern front is the smallest of the three conflicts, seen as a land grab by the upstart Volhinyan Kynazdom, fighting against both the religious extremists of the Trianglist cult, and the Loyalist foces based out of the Caspian and Kamchatkan systems. The fighting in the north is considerably tamer than in the south, Mainly a counter insurgency operation by the Volhinyans against the Trianglists after they seized Outer Haven, with occasional clashes with Loyalist troops.

Western Front AKA "The Wild West"

EKDFlag.png, EKDFlag2.pngvs MOTAFlag.png,Syndikat.png vs Pbh.png vs Chedaki.png

Less of a direct military conflict, and more along the lines of perpetual anarchy, the Western front consists of several groups fighting each other in the wake of the fall of the Mozorovan Socialist Union, Militant Peach extremists terrorize the region, Ultranationalist Galacian defectors rise to combat them, Syndikat thugs terrorize the civilian populace and Communist stragglers refuse to surrender, all while Imperiya forces struggle to stomp out a thousand fires in this devastated region.

Eversince the Maripol Treaty that ended the conflict in the South, some of the mayhem in the West has spilled over into the south, Imperiya and Republikan forces begrudgingly work together to contain the shit-spill

External Conflicts

EKDFlag.png,Emerian Flag (Official).png vs Space Flag-clean.png vs Empirelogo.PNG, Imperial Magikstrate Flag.png, Flag2.JPG vs SovietFlagImage.jpg

The Galacian Imperiya is involved in a number of wars with foreign, sovereign empires and from time to time their conflicts may overlap with the civil war.

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