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Velyka Galatza Imperiya
Federated Empire
Tek Level 7

Capital (de facto): Bakhacha Station, Caspian System
Capital (de jure): Antares City, Elkoss
Direct control over 250 systems (30 Colonized), claims on another 50
Planetary Levitican Empire
Sakhalina AR
Ulvarrat AR
Cherhovna Bryhada
M-Throne Empire
45th Union
Notable People
Emperor Shulga Full List
GR Military, end of 2016

Galacia /Gah-lay-sha/ (Galacian Slavonik: Галацiя) formally titled the Velyka Galatza Imperiya (literally the Greater Galacian Empire) is a large TL7 Empire hailing from the Gold Sector. It has a long and storied history, officially beginning in R.2014, But has history stretching as far back as R.1992



Pre-History and Founding

Originating from a merging of anti-communists refugees who fled the Western Kievan region of the USSSR and the local population who were still stuck in the feudal ages on the planet Elkoss *Known as Brikrigton at the time*, The Galacia is a state that has existed in a sector between the areas Galaxia Nehellenium known as the Western Arms and the Shire. It sprung from the ruins of the Elkossian Empire in G.R 2014 after several other failed states had laid claim to heir of the Empire. The Elkossian Empire had enjoyed relative peace and progress until G.R 2011 when it was invaded and embroiled in a years long war against a gargantuan Peach invasion consisting of many factions that banded together. The resulting war balkanized the Empire and forced it to retreat and consolidate to it's core systems. Government remnants would rise and fall for 2 or 3 years after the war. It wasn't until G.R 2014 that a stable power,controlling the capital and having regained control of key systems in the sector, declared the beginning of a "reformation" and the state would now be known as the "Galacian Republik" taking their name from a region of in the Kievan region of the purple sector, their ancestral homeland. After which, several other successor states and separatist groups alike would compete for control, independence or sovereignty in the sector and argue over whom is the legitimate government, like they had been for the past 5 years, although this time things would be different

R.2014 to R.2015 - Military Junta

Following the consolidation of most of the sector, and at constant odds with threats in the west. Galacia was initially controlled by a Military Junta due. This period was marked by oppressive policing by troops, a lack of civil liberties for the populace, especially in the border zones, and was a period of intense violence towards peaches.

The Galacian tricolor flag has, surprisingly unknown origins. The design was believed to have originated from one of the Government Enclave Remnants in the post-nuklear period. The flag of the Elkossian empire bore absolutely no resemblance to the White, Black and Orange

R.2015 to R.2016 - Transition period *1st Republik*

After constant whining from the AN, And the defeat of it's enemies in the west, the Junta decided to transition to a civilian government, with strings attached. Snap elections were held, although all of the candidates were pre-selected by the Military commanders as background checks had already been done on all of the. Hardliner Stepan Tesarik won the election and things pretty much continued as normal. The 1st Republik's period was largely defined by counter insurgency in the west against Peach rebels, and the failures of multiple megacorporations in the south, leading to many of the southernmost prefectures become poor and impoverished.

R.2016 to R.2017 - 2nd Republik

By 2016, The populace had grown wary of the government's leadership. Tesarik's bloodlust for peaches had turned the west into a wasteland, and the south into shambles due to economic mismanagement. at the end of his 1st term, another civilian election was called. However unpopular, Tesarik was expected to win due to there being very little serious competition, however due to a coincidental chain of events, Election day was on the same day as the Stanislav Cup Finals in the Galacian Ice Fighting playoffs. With the Caspia Centurions and Voldoga Timberwolves playing their game 7, turnout at the polls was very poor, and the majority of those who turned up were piss drunk. A joke candidate, James Lahey ended up winning the election, Lahey was by all standards a progressive individual despite being a career alcoholic. For a very short period afterward, The Republik was a rather calm place. Peach persecutions were halted, and many were given reprisals and compensation for the hardships. However internationally the GR started butting heads with the 45th Union during this period. President Lahey denounced the Union on national television, normalizing the conspiracy theory that the Union had been behind the Peach insurgencies for nearly a decade.

This did not bode well with hardliners of any cloth, Peach rebellion flared up in the west again, and Tesarik, blood drunk as ever and now out of a job, fled the Capital and started his own Paramilitary group in the west, Cherhovna Bryhada. A group of Violent Ultranationalists and Racists that became a major criminal empire in the west.

Throughout the entirety of both republiks, the Military was led by the Triumvirate of Army General Shulga, Navy Admiral Kazakov and Army General Voronin. The three had constantly fought with the civilian government as it had lost most of it's control over the president when Tesarik was ousted. The military was stripped of several of it's authoritative power over the republik which greatly angered it's leaders. Morale was at an all time low as the troops in the army and navy were more loyal to their commanders than any concept of a nation. After constant arguing and several instances of the military obstructing civilian projects, Lahey decided to give in to the Triumvirate and selected General Shulga to be the Marshal of the Armed Forces, effectively it's supreme commander. He gave Shulga a budget allowance, and the orders to improve the military's forces by whatever means he could with the budget.

This proved to be a grave mistake for the longevity of peace, because Shulga was both a political mastermind and an expert with pretty much everything that had to do with maintaining his army, Despite being given a generous budget, he stole resources from private businesses in the south, and used the capital to train vast amounts of personnel, as well as fund top secret military projects through Z.I.T. By the time the overhaul was complete, The Gold sector had raised one of the largest militaries in the entire Galaxy, which came as a complete shock to not only Lahey but the members of the AN as well.

R.2017-Present Second Imperiya

After months of figuratively stumbling around under the leadership of a Drunk, and after the Outer Haven Incident, Marshal Shulga commenced Operation Schadenfreude, a military strike against the Imperial Magikstrate, who were supported by the M-Throne Empire. After the smoke cleared, it was obvious that this would only be the first of many engagements and the Iron Symphony Alliance was now effectively at war with the M-Throne Empire and Magikstrate, President Lahey did not sanction the attack, and was told of it in the middle of the night. Rather than have Shulga Arrested, he drank himself into a stupor that night and During that time, Shulga took control of the DuGA AI system, and in turn took control of the Shock Forces across the entire sector, he used them to strongarm his way into a coup,Luring most of the government and military elite to his station for a major announcement, and then arresting government members and Lahey's lackeys while proclaiming himself Imperator of Galacia, Lahey learned of his betrayal from the confines of a hospital bed and was then sent into hiding.

The Second Imperiya was more or less, just a major change in government, however worthy enough to be considered the start of a new era. At the end of the day Shulga would cite his reasons for doing what he did, was "Greater Galacia was being sent adrift by a drunk, and with hard days ahead, it needs a strong hand at the helm" literally meaning that Shulga trusted only himself and his confidants to govern the empire.

For years, Galacia had no official insignia or emblem, Imperator Shulga created an Ornate design resembling ancient slavonik runes and started using it around the Empire shortly after taking over


As of Q3 R.2017, Galacia is essentially a Lighthearted Autocracy led by it's "Imperator"or Emperor, Alek Shulga, although he still prefers to be called "Marshal" from his previous post before taking power. At it's core despite it's head of state having absolute power through military coup, The Marshal essentially did so to "guide" the nation through troubled waters as it's previous elected president was a reckless drunk. Shulga was able to achieve and enforce his rule over the empire by taking control of the Shock forces, legions of enhanced supersoldiers that were utterly brainwashed, and trained to accept orders from the AI system which Shulga had control over

Galacia is ruled by a multi tier system. At the very top, with absolute authority is the Supreme Commander, The Imperator, who leads the "Imperiya Kommissariat". a group of regional leaders all selected from the Commanders and other elite of the Military. While some are more loyal than others, The Emperor trusts, respects and values each member of his council. Together with the civilian senate, who hold no real power and are simply lobbiyists. The Galacian Imperiya is essentially a Socialist state run by a Military Stratocracy, with limited power from a civilian oligarchy in the senate.

Culture and Society

Galacia takes it's name from a subsection of the present day USSSR, The name was passed down after a small group of refugees fled the communists in the Purple Sector, and landed on Elkoss, merging with the local population. In early G.R 2016 the Elkossian Federal Republik changed it's name to the Galacian Republik in homage to their roots.

While somewhat refuted today, Galacians who descend from the refugees, are technically considered Genetic "Cousins" of the Soviets and Poles. Genetic relations are generally irrelevant though since most minifigs share ancestry through the Deadly Space Men

Galacian society can be both arrogant and humble, a large percentage of the population identify as simple citizens and colonists who want nothing more than food on the table, a house that doesn't look like shit, something to do for fun, and to witness or participate in some violence once in a while. Most Galacians live in towns and cities, in small private homes or apartment buildings. A smaller percentage of the population live outside of cities, in the countryside or outskirts of their colonies, however this is seen as a risk as security forces are notorious for abuse and outright killings of Minifigs outside the cities, given their paranoia of rebel activity.

Galacian culture is very intolerant of Peaches. While slavery is banned throughout the empire, this hasn't stopped them from refusing to grant citizenship to the peach population depriving them of the right to vote as well as many other basic liberties enjoyed by non peaches, and Corrections facilities are often full of peaches. This hatred and flat out racism comes from an itense grudge most Galacian minifigs hold as a result of the Great War.

The national pastime of Galacia is "Team Ice Fighting", which appears to be little different than Ice Hockey, but weapons are often used in fights, like sticks, benches, and whatever the spectators throw on the ice. Fans are known to jump onto the ice and join a fight or start one in the bleachers too.

The national animal is the husky breed of dog. The national "colors" are Orange and Sometimes Red. although the military primarily uses white and black. Alcoholism is widespread in the empire, getting shitfaced is considered a right of passage, and one that is repeated every other week.


While a member of the G20 sitting just above the 45th Union, Galacia's economy is basically that of an oligarchy, While the nation itself is considered very wealthy, the people are poor. More minifigs are considered poor or lower middle class than the opposite. Basic necessities are widely available and affordable, but personal luxuries are few and far between. The Imperiya and it's predecessors are stuck in an almost eternal War economy, priority for funding and manufacture is usually given to the army and navy upkeep in subsectors of conflict, only the core regions that don't experience conflict are able to gain some resemblance of prosperity.

Galacia's export economy revolves around supplying the necessities like ABS and Energy to smaller neighbors, and selling specialist niche goods to the larger ones. Most of it's trade is done with empires not native to the region, because shipping is a disaster outside of the Eastern Gold sector, due to constant wars.

  • Food - Galacian agriculture on "green" worlds is considered a galatik breadbasket, and is the largest supplier of food exports for the entire Shire Arms of the Galaxy, and the 3rd largest for the Western Arms.
  • Military Goods - While Galacia does not export advanced military hardware like Starships and Tanks, it does produce a staggering amount of small arms that usually find their way into black markets and wars all over the Western Arms
  • Electronics - While No one ever dreams of having a Galacian TV, Known for being exceptionally shitty and prone to explode. Galacian personal communications equipment from the Motrolla company are considered one of the best "radio" systems available for armies across the galaxy
  • Autos - While most Galacian civilian drivers use either Imported autos, ramshackle domestic brands or the few but hilariously dangerous repulsor hovercars. Galacian Motor brand SUZU is known for making Motorcycles that are great for minifigs killing themselves in a blaze of glory on.
  • Natural Resources - Boasting a respectable mining industry for Red, Blue and Green Transparent elements. most of these are usually turned into something for either energy generation, or military use. then sold


The Gold Sector as a whole has a very large disparity of technology distribution, Galacia is no exception, While technically considered a TL7 tier empire, due to their ability to develop rudimentary teleportation as well as experimental inter dimensional travel mediums. Most of this Technology is reserved for the scientific community and the elite. Most of the Imperiya functions at a TL6 or TL5 level, Hover cars and advanced electronics exist, but are not widely available outside of the larger colonies. Many colonies still hold the structures built from a TL4 or TL5 era that have been refitted with modern tech, like solar panels and smart doors.


The leadership of Galacia is secular, and it's society is mostly tolerant of spiritualists, Two major faiths are followed in Galacia, they are not exclusive of one another given that one of the faiths revolves around the worship of living saints, who happened to follow an older religion. A third faith, the Trianglist Church however, is an outlawed religion in Galacia given its cult behaivors.

Subfactions, Organizations and Groups

Militsiya - the official federal force that polices the populace on Galacian worlds not requiring military occupation.

An abandoned Militsiya Depot being used as a military outpost

Read More about Militsiya here

Major Galacian Companies, Corporations and organizations

  • SUZU - An automotive manufacturer specializing in high performance motorcycles for domestic sale and export
  • Kybov Arms - A military small arms manufacturer
  • Sich Precision - Another small arms manufacturer
  • Urving Energy - An Energy and Resource extraction giant
  • Z.I.T - A technological institute responsible for the research and development of most of the empire's tools and toys


Galacia has one of the largest standing militaries in the Galaxy. Ranking somewhere between 6th and 12th, by it's own estimates.

While individual branches vary, the overall membership rate in the military as a whole stands around 70% Volunteers. and 30% Conscripts, with Rumors of some of those conscripts being former military and civilian prisoners, brainwashed into fighting for their captors. Conscription is significantly more common in the Army, than the Navy.


Imperiya Armiya

The Galacian Ground Forces, now known as the Imperiya Armiya is primarily Infantry based. Fielding Regular squads of 10 or 14 troops. As well as a wide range of specialized or elite troops, including paratroopers, commandos, engineers, psionics, and multiple generations of heavy infantry. Galacian combat doctrine suggests that the most powerful and important aspect of war is it's most simple element, the mighty minifig. Galacian soldiers recieve good training by galactic standards, and are exceptionally well equipped. The most basic infantry squad is often equipped with multiple grenades, rockets, machine guns, medikal tools and an array of radio communications equipment for each individual squad.

While having a very large number of footsoldiers, the Ground Forces also field large numbers of transport vehicles, Armored carriers, Battle Tanks, Logistics vehicles, and an array of air support. As well as a very expansive support network of non-combat services. Trucks, APCs and IFVs are attached to infantry squads as they are needed. Battle Tanks are often fielded in tank columns or platoons based on the weight class of the vehicle, having both modern medium and heavy tanks in it's motor pool.

The common GR Ground force strategy is that of overwhelming firepower and sheer brute force. A favored tactic of ground forces is to assault with pincer maneuvers and suppression fire, and once the enemy has been boxed in on multiple flanks, to unleash heavy artillery from armor and infantry units into the clusters of enemies for maximum effect. While not always perfect, Galacian ground units also are capable, and prefer to engage their opponents at somewhat longer distances than is usual elsewhere.

A large group of Galacian army regulars in the thick of urban combat
Airborne Troops disembark from a Berkut attack aircraft
Recon units in the forest.
Galacian Kodiak II medium tank in combat, a staple of the GR ground forces

Regular Army Infantry The core of the infantry is made up of "Regulars", two thirds of which are volunteers on short to mid term contracts, the rest of which are usually made up of conscripted citizens that were unable to find work by a certain age.

Trooper - The regular footsoldier of the Galacian Ground Forces, Armed with a pulse rifle and a grenade
Trooper (AT) - regulars that also carry a single use rocket launcher on his back
Trooper (LMG) - regulars that are armed with a light machinegun, to act as an offensive gunner and force multiplier
Combat Medic - troopers that are trained and equipped to also revive the fallen.
NCO - veteran troopers who acts as a team leaders and assistant to the squad leader
Weapons Specialist (HMG) - A weapons specialist who operates a heavy machinegun, usually from an emplacement.
Weapons Specialist (AT) - An alternate loadout of the weapons specialist who uses a heavy, reloadable AT weapon.
Squad Leader - A veteran sergeant or higher, that leads the infantry squad in the field and gives tactical orders .
Radio Operator - Troopers that also carry a long range communications system, usually attached at the platoon level.
Combat Engineer - Support units that build and maintain fortifications, as well as repair vehicles.
Paratrooper - Experienced Path-finding Light Infantry who are deployed from Berkuts, usually operating behind enemy lines.
Alfa Group - Special Forces Operators of the regular army that perform several specialized roles, like infiltration, sniping, sabotage, etc
Loyalist - paramilitaries often comprising of non-enlisted loyalists or mercenaries
Psionik Operative - possessing an extremely rare and powerful martial psionik ability
Officer - Unit leaders that operate from the platoon to company level
Senior Officer - Unit leaders that operate from the battalion to army level

Army Infantry Composition

Unit Name Lead By Unit Composition
Team Kapral (Cpl) 4-5 Troops
Section Serdzhant, or Starshiy Serdzhant (Sgt, Staff Sgt) 2 teams
Expanded Section Praporshkik (Master Sgt) 3 teams
Platoon Leytinant (1Lt) 2-3 Sections
Mechanized Platoon Starshina or Praporshkik (Senior Sgt or Master Sgt) Up to 5 Vehicles. Ratio of 1 Mech Platoon per infantry platoon
Company Kaptan or Mayor (Cpt, Maj) 2-3 Platoons
Battallion Polkovnik (Col) 2-3 Companies
Regiment Kombrig (Brigadier) 2 Battallions
Division Komdir (Commander) 3-4 Regiments
Army Komdiv (General) 3-4 Divisions

Army Irregular units Composition

Unit Name Lead By Unit Composition
Recon Team Praporshkik 4 Operators
Paratrooper Section Serdzhant, or Starshiy Serdzhant 10 Operators
Psionic Squadron Adeptus (Psionic trained Officer) Up to 15 Psionic Operatives
Militant Arm Varies Up to 30 Militia

Shock Forces The GR Army fields a semi independent branch of troops usually referred to as Heavy Infantry, or the Shock Trooper Corps. These units are troops that have been enhanced with cybernetics and rigorously brainwashed into following a specific behavioral doctrine. They in some context of the phrase "Elite Troops" but within the branch there are multiple levels of Shock Trooper, including regular, advanced, elite, and a few specialist roles within each rank. They are unquestionably loyal and considerably more deadly than the regular army troops. Cold and calculating efficiency, complete brutality and cruelty onto their enemies, and even when faced with death they are fearless to the last minifig.

Shocktrooper - The normal heavy infantry unit. Wears heavier armor than an army regular but uses the same weaponry
Guardian - heavies clad in even more armor, and carrying massive ballistic tower shields. They act as brutish enforcers on the field,
Centurion - The equivalent of a shocktrooper Officer
Advanced Shocktrooper - A newer generation of soldier, better armor, more upgrades and new weapons.
Dragoon - Close quarters jetpack units who crash into the enemy point blank and bring shotguns, beamsabers and other short range weapons to bear on them
Desolator - Highly dangerous weapon specialists with acidic sprayers that cause mass devastation to ABS material.
Vympel Trooper - elite training, the heaviest armor, the best upgrades and the best weapons.
Vympel Ranger - these troops favor stealth and long range precision rather than brute force

These Heavy units are not usually deployed alongside regulars. On multiple occasions they have been known to assault or even kill allies in cold blood when they obstructed the carrying out of their orders. This is not because of a sense of superiority or any kind of arrogance within the troops, their cybernetic enhancements are also neural, and that they think more like machines than minifigs.

Their weapons and equipment remain nearly the same as regulars, but their purpose on the battlefield, at least for the non-specialist troops, is that of a heavy assault unit, to smash through enemy forces quickly, and disregarding any threats or risks. They are organized into simple 10 or 12 troop "Units" usually given a simple phrase or number for a handle, Such as "Scythe-3". These units are deployed as needed, and each Shocktrooper officer , a "Centurion" Has a direct link to the command network. There is no real chain of command or unit structure in the shocktrooper corps. There are troops, in units led by officers, who report directley to the top command network in the region. Unlike the Regular army that uses a long and convoluted unit structure

The Shock Trooper Corps keeps it's soldiers for life. The changes they undergo turn them into more of a machine than minifig. The longterm goal of the program is to replace the entire fighting force of the army and navy with these "drones", but volunteers are very few and far between. Due to the brainwashing nature of their upgrades, the program is rumored to transform prisoners into faceless, emotionless slave soldiers.

Infantry Weaponry

Until Late G.R 2015 the Armed forces were still relying on slug firing weaponry as the empire's capacity to produce energy weapons was damaged. However they have resumed use of energy munitions and have rolled out Pulse small arms to all ground units

Most Galacian Army small arms use light blue transparent power cores as ammunition. This refined power source is in huge abundance in the sector and is at least marginally more powerful than red transparent, also in abundance in the sector. This LBT is used in pulse weapons primarily, Pulse weapons are complicated hybrid weapons that have traits of both a kinetic and energy weapon. They hit extremely hard and they are very loud. Galacian Pulse weaponry is renowned around the galactic neighborhood for it's "Dakka" Properties...

Infantry Armor and Ranking Infantry uniforms almost always consist of White composite hardsuit armor over top of white, black or grey body gloves. Helmets are usually white but Medics units wear Black helms. Almost all enlisted wear heavy black tinted ballistic visors, with the exception of Medics who have dark green, and Recon who have smoked. Officers wear red visors. Top ranking NCOs and Officers use Gold visors instead of red. Some but very few units wear headgear other than the standard encased helmet.

The Galacian Regular Uniform is based off of a Canadian design, the white armor and warm clothing was used as many of Galacia's core worlds experience long or year round winter conditions and became too much of a logistical issue to get theatre specific armor for every world.

The chain of command in the Galacian army is long and convoluted. Requiring many years of service or extreme feats of heroism to reach the upper ranks.

Enlisted: Private, Senior Private and Corporal NCO: Junior Sergeant, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Senior Sergeant and Master Sergeant Officer: Junior Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major Commander: Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, General, Marshal

Enlisted soldiers, making up the grunts of the army, who wear white armor, white helmets and black visors.

Non-Commissioned Officers, consisting of experienced veterans who make up an important link between the Officers and Grunts. They wear armor identical to Enlisted. Except most will have custom decals painted on their helmets. This however is not true for Heavy infantry units, while consisting of mostly NCO ranks, are not allowed to customize their armor. Squad leader NCOs will have orange striped armor.

Officers, consisting of the company and battalion commanders of the army and the most common symbol of authority on an army base. Their armor is usually white, and sometimes consists of maroon trim. With Red visors.

Commanders, being the top brass of the military; generally wear their own outfits. However grey arms, red or white epaluettes, and gold visors are the typical features of commanders below a Two-Star General. After which, personalized uniforms and outfits become commonplace.

These are the basic weapons used by the Galacian Ground Forces and Galacian Navy Personnel

Fora-12 Pulse gun- The standard Sidearm of GR Officers, Vehicle crews and non combat personnel .
Use Range Damage
3 6 1d6
Black Kite- A much heavier sidearm powered by a miniatureized dark energy core and packing a serious wallop , usually only carried by elite Praetorians or the highest ranking officers. Known to blast minifigs to bits
Use Range Damage
3 6 1d6 + 2
Malkrov-4 SMG- A compact automatic pulse weapon normally seen in the hands of Commandos and specialists. It uses an abnormal angled side loaded magazine.
Use Range Damage
3 8 1d6+1
Automatic Weapon 1 Auto penalty per firing arc or burst.
Grummond SG14 Shotgun- A close quarters blastgun. Replaced the Large and unweildy SG12. Favored by jump jet troops who like to crash into the enemy and unload point blank.
Use Range Damage
3 6 1d8+1-Distance
M80 Stick Grenade Mk1- Volatile Synthetic OT Stick grenades that are carried by many troopers, warheads are often removed and fired from launchers for more range.
Use Range Damage
3 thrown 1d10 , 3" radius
Kybov LPR-37- The Kybov Light Pulse Rifle is the standard service rifle of the Galacian Ground forces, powered by LBT cores, makes a loud report, and hits extremely hard for a weapon of it's side. A highly desirable weapon for the common foot soldier.
Use Range Damage
3 10 1d6+1
Sich PBR-96- The Sich Pulse Battle Rifle is a larger counterpart to the LPR, less effective at closer ranges but boasts more raw killing power at medium and longer ranges, Sometimes equipped with underbarrel launchers as well.
Use Range Damage
4 "3 if target 8" or farther" 12 1d6+2
Grenade Launcher Can fire an M80 Grenade on an arc, up to 8" away
Kybov SPMG- The Squad Pulse Machine gun is a cousin of the LPR. Considered an "Offensive" Machinegun, brings considerably more dakka to an assault team.
Use Range Damage
3 8 1d6+1
Automatic Weapon* 1 Auto penalty per firing arc or burst. If fired more than twice in a single turn, must be reloaded. Otherwise can keep shooting.
Tunder MG-50- The "TMG-50" is a general purpose heavy pulse machinegun relative to the battle rifle., more suited for a defensive role, but perfectley capable of being fired on the move by a heavy infantry shock trooper. Who incidentally are the only troops that use them.
Use Range Damage
3 10 1d6+2
Automatic Weapon* 1 Auto penalty per firing arc or burst. If fired more than twice in a single turn, must be reloaded. Otherwise can keep shooting.
Duga Sniper Rifle- A long range higher powered variant of the battle rifle, tooled for sniping poor fool's faces off.
Use Range Damage
4 15 1d6
Bipod If the user of this weapon dedicates an entire turn to aiming. He may pick between a +1 damage boost, or 2" bonus to range for his next shot.
Mini-Shuka- A lighter, troop portable variant of the Shuka Plasma HMG, Using plasma coated pulse rounds, the Shuka series can completely rip through minifigs, sometimes hitting others standing close enough behind them..
Use Range Damage
4 8 2d6
Automatic ** 1 Auto penalty per firing arc or burst, automatically passes through up to 1" of light material, like a minifig. But not armor.
Shuka HMG- Known as the "Buzzsaw" as well as "The Galacian Butthurt Machine" the Shuka is a heavy machinegun that if given the chance to deploy, will absolutely carve through a hoard of minifigs.
Use Range Damage
4 10 2d6
Automatic ** 1 Auto penalty per firing arc or burst, automatically passes through up to 1" of light material, like a minifig. But not armor.

Motor Pool

Light and medium weight vehicles






Pandur MRAP

Grenzer MRAP

Appearance UGV.jpg Hamvee.jpg Ranger.jpg Samoyed.jpg Enforcer2.png Armadillo.jpg Hunter.jpg Berkut.png
Type Unmanned Infantry Support Platform Light Armored Car Utility Truck Heavy Utility Truck Infantry Mobility Vehicle Armored Personnel Carrier Infantry Mobility Vehicle Attack Transport Aircraft
Service Life 2012- 2005-2011
(In use by irregulars)
2013- 2014- 2016- (Repurposed into Support Vehicle) 2009- 2014- 2016-
Variants Mk.1 R15 (Revision of GR2015) M100 V8 4x4 M250 4X4 Mk.4 Nk.5 Nk.2 Mk.2
Armor Rating (Size) 1 1 1 1.5 2 3 2 4
Crew/Carry capacity N/A 2/2 1/2 1/9 1/4 2/4+2 2/2 +2 1/6

Heavy and very heavy weight vehicles





Kodiak II


Appearance Marshal.jpg Condor.jpg Bmaster.png Kodiak1.png Kodiak2.jpg Cossack.jpg Samson.jpg
Type Armored Personnel Carrier Infantry Fighting Vehicle Self Propelled Artillery Medium Tank Main Battle Tank Main Battle Tank Super Heavy Tank (SDT)
Service Life 2016- 2015- 2017- 2013-2014
(In Reserves only)
2014- 2016- 2013-
Variants M90A. M90B C3A, C3B M17 M14 M14B, M15, M15B, M15D Cossack, Oplot G-500/V3
Armor Rating (Size) 3.5 4 4 3 4 6 8
Crew/Carry capacity 1/5 1/6 3 3 3 3 4


Galacian Navy

The navy has not seen much action since the days of the peach war, and even so the fleet of that era consisted mainly of corvettes and frigates. The modern Galacian Navy consists mainly of very heavily armored ships that carry plenty of ammunition and multiple classes of weapons, Fleets are called "Battlegroups" and vary in size. Frigates and Destroyers are most common, however the Navy boasts a considerable amount of Capital ships, Keeping with the traditions of the Ground force weapons, The best Galacian ships have very long range Gauss cannons and prefer to bombard enemy ships from a distance. And if that doesn't work, fill the void with dozens of missiles and torpedoes.

A small Galacian military naval base, bustling with activity
"Strilka" The quick, nimble and heavily armed starfighter of the Galacian Navy
Barsuk Bomber A larger, more heavily armed cousin of the Strilka, designed for station and starship assault

Imperiya Navy weight class chart

Image Type Class Notes
~ Corvette Strilet Small ships of less than 25 crew that are primarily used for patrol, scouting and fleet harassment
Galfrigate1.png Frigate Ruslan A lightweight picket ship armed with light guns and missiles. Very common in the Navy
Suzu3.png Destroyer Pachenko Workhorse of the Navy, heavily armored destroyer with more ammunition than normal for a ship of it's class, designed to survive the longest of engagements. It is also made in a Missile based variant.
Galn cruiser1.png Cruiser Rasputin Smallest of the capital ships, an enlarged, and more heavily armored and armed derivative of the Pachenko, designed for multiple types of combat and usually backed up by destroyers and frigates. It's deck guns are large caliber, high damage but less accurate.
Galzvez.png Cruiser Zvezda The Main capital ship of the Galacian Navy, Slightly bigger than the Rasputin, with more broadside guns, and long range deck guns.
GalBattleship1.png Battleship Brusilov Bristling with autocannons, medium guns, super heavy armor and two oversized OT triple barreled deck guns, Whoever designed this was overcompensating for something.
~ Dreadnaught Blackstar The personal flagship of Emperor Shulga
Galsorc.png Carrier Sorcerer Essentially a Brusilov class that has had it's broadside guns removed in favor of multiple Hangar bays for snub fighters. And a lighter deck gun armament.
~ Transport Aguya Heavy transport capable of moving entire divisions at a time, capable of mounting a major planetside offensive if landed
~ Transport Yastreb A much lighter derivative of the Aguya, can transport about 500 troops and a few vehicles. Meant for smaller or more discrete landings


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Campaigns and Conflicts


  • As far as real life nations as influencers, Galacia is based on an amalgamation of several eastern european countries like Ukraine, Russia, Finland and Czechoslovakia, It's flag is just a recolored Russian Federation flag. The simple design was influenced by Trattoria, being one of the only other factions that uses a rows/columns flag.
  • "Galacian Slavonik" is usually translated Russian, Ukrainian, or just bastardized fictional slavic.
  • Galacia is named after Galicia, an unintentional mispelling of a region in the Hungary/Ukraine border area.
  • Much to Colette and other's chagrin, Galacia has gone by as many as half a dozen monikers before it was decided on and stuck with. This includes the Brikrigton Empire, Caspian Federation, Elkossian Empire, Elkossian Dominion, Elkossian Enclave, Elkan Federal Republic. The Elkossian Empire was still used to denote a state that existed before this one.
  • During this period, The "space region" in which all of Kastrenzo's creations were said to be from was jokingly refered to as the Balkans of Brikwars because factions were constantly changing. This pattern of clusterfucked secterian violence was later embraced with open arms after he got his ducks in a row and his kanon solidified.
  • Galacia is the result of a "kanon retkon", meaning that a faction with some level of clout existed before it, but the predecessor's story was completely wiped clean and an entirely new Kanon was written for the faction with a different name, but mostly the same minifigs and vehicles.
  • Orange was chosen as a tertiary Identification color because Black and White were all too common in Brikwars, Orange looked relatively nice, and it was a "newer" color which fit it nicely as one of the most significant 2nd wave factions, those that joined between 2010 and 2015.
  • Thematically, Many video games have played parts in the worldbuilding of Galacia. It was first based on the Terran Republic of Planetside, as well as the Combine police state seen in Half-Life 2.
  • Many of the units are based on designs or concepts from the Command and Conquer, XCOM and other RTS games, explaining why it is one of the most DIVERSE factions in the brikverse in terms of number of troop types.
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