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This is the place for Galatik Relations related information.

+++++ LOCATION: DIPLOMACY ZONE(S), CENTER OF ALL KNOWN GALAXIES++++++ Welcome to the Station. Here, various empires may: Make Alliances Merge into each other Sell territories Declare War Trade/set up trade routes **Before you post, register your empire(or whatever it is) with the registry, along with at least two(2) empires you have come into a little contact with.**

**Enter the Galatik Relations Thread [Here] .**

[[image: width="798" height="751" caption="Map of Current Space Empires - Click link to view zoomable map" link="@"]]

Above is a unofficial map of the current territories claimed in Galatik Relations.

Current Factions Include:

United planets - **Muffinman42** Military Arm: Multiple land based militaries that vary from region to region. Fleet Arm: A group of fleets, mainly attached to their home planets military arm. Intelligence Arm: none... or as far as you know. STANDINGS: At war against RAGE.

Rebellion Against General Equality (RAGE) - **Muffinman42** Military Arm: who ever they can get, being a rebel force, they normally smuggle bombs onto other fleets, or use other sneaky tactics. Fleet Arm: A couple of hi-jacked and junk ships. Intelligence Arm: No permanent, might send a few untrained people to spy but thats it. STANDINGS: Dislike everyone who refuse to join their force. Generally defined as terrorists due to their hi-jacking and bombings. At what could be called "war" with the United planets.

Walter Jacobi Ego Universal Trust WJEUT - **Ogel96** Military Arm: Jacobi Corporation Fleet Arm: Ego Industries Intelligence Arm: Walter Association Standings Free Enterprises Of Galaxia Abyssus: War

Free Enterprises of Galaxia Abyssus - **Ogel96** Military Arm: Nazi Zombies Fleet Arm: The Red Imperials (not chinese, chess) Intelligence Arm: The Greater Thieves Guild Standings WJEUT: War

The FELC , or the Federation of Elder Lord Conquest Prevention - **Ross_Varn** Military Arm: FELC Ground Corps Fleet Arm: The Army of Epicus Intelligence Arm: Society of Red Ninjas STANDINGS: Assyrian Empire. Wary, Limited Espionage. Minor skirmish with an Assyrian Longcruiser at the beginning of FELC colonization.

Universal Union(UU) - **501stCadians** Military Arm: Trans-Human OverWatch Fleet Arm: UU Naval OverWatch Intelligence Arm: Mossad STANDINGS: VOL: Neutral/Friendly(Little Contact) Assyrian Empire: Neutral/Friendly(Some Contact. Obtained Laser Rifles.)

Scythian Empire - The Shadowscythe Military Arm: Scythian Armed Forces Fleet Arm: Scythian Fleet Command Intelligence Arm: Scythian Office Of Naval Intelligence Standings: Vol: Limited Espionage Assyrians: Limited Espionage

Gamma Corps Protectorate (GPC) - **Elmagnifico** Military Arm: GCPF (Gamma Corps Planetary Forces) Fleet Arm: GCITF (Gamma Corps Interstellar Task Force) Intelligence Arm: The Blackavar Division STANDINGS: The Immortal Empire: Hostile. Although the Fall of Fico was five standard years ago, the Protectorate's armed forces still contain enough grizzled veterans of that conflict that any encounter between Protectorate troops and Immortals will most certainly end in bloodshed, and lots of it.

Republic of Mauros - **Cpl. Halan** Military Arm:Mauros Marine Corps/Mauran Mechanized Infantry Corps Fleet Arm: Grey fleet Command Intelligence Arm:Mauran Marine Ranger Corps STANDINGS: Minimal contact

The United Federation of Adamas Systems - **Ranger S2H** Military Arm: Adamas ranger Corpses. Fleet Arm: The Adamas Federation is still developing its fleet. currently, all space travel is performed by the Adamas federal airforce. (pilots and other airmen are known as skyrangers.) Intelligence Arm: huge network of agents, assassins, and cells all over the galaxy known as the federal network (FedNet). there is only one agency which uses and controls the net, but it is known by thousands of names. STANDINGS: The Assyrian star empire: friendly. The Ranger corps fights the renegade Czech worlds and the eastern militias who have allied with them. in turn the assyrians provide new technology. there is an assyrian platoon active in Ranger Corps Delta.

drashonian republic - **lrdofbricks** army branch: grand army of the rebellion space branch: none (assyrian ally's) dispostiron: assyrians-friendly/allied, stranians-enemies

Pirates of Charybdia - **Arkbrik** Military Arm: Rodrigo Palo and his crew Fleet Arm: The //Bloodstained Serpent// Intelligence Arm: Various drunkards, gamblers and prostitutes STANDINGS: The Brikish Empire (enemy) Ninjas (nemesis)

The Jronnikan League (JR) - **briknerd7** Military Arm: The Tylonian Military Alliance Fleet Arm: The Tylonian Incursion Fleet Intelligence Arm: The Jronnikan Elite Force STANDINGS: Nitewatchman's Army, I think that its Brikend Kingdom (neutral/enemy) The Jronnikan League generally fights against Nitewatchman instead helping the Army of The Blokbots (not official name) because apparently "the unwritten laws of the say that it must be so" as the leader of the Blokbots says .

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