Galaxia Nehellenium

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Galaxia Nehellenium
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Galaxia Nehellenium is the most active galaxy in the BrikVerse with several major Star Empires vying for power and domination. Historically, it has been the backdrop for several important conflicts in the BrikWars narrative and it looks as though that will continue to be the case for several Rekonstruktions to come, provided the universe doesn't recycle the whole place. Much of the BrikVerse's politiks take place here as well, massive alliances rising and falling with all the power and surety of tidal waves. Many of the Far-Ums' cameras are pointed in this direction at all times, eager to capture the footage of baddassery, never ending war, and endless drama.


The galaxy is home to a great many combatants. Many more are just passing through. Regardless of transient status, almost everyone has eyes on the place. If there is a center to the universe, this is it. The decisions and actions made here have reverberations that can be felt throughout the BrikVerse. The following describe several of the major players in the galaxy:

Major Conflicts in History

The conflicts presented here helped to shape the current incarnation of the entire BrikVerse:

Current Conflicts in the Galaxy

These conflicts rage to determine the fate of the universe:

Famous Characters and Locations

With the Far-Ums networks so intently focused on the conflicts within Galaxia Nehellenium, several key characters and battle sites have become quite famous among Far-Ums viewers. Farcasters will often sacrifice their own mothers to Warhead's tender mercies just for the chance to capture one in action on film as ratings always spike when crowd favorites are featured. Listed below are a few of the more popular characters and sites throughout history to the present day:

Though the BrikVerse is in constant flux, Legendary BrikWarrior Tuefish did somehow manage to capture a tactical snapshot of the Galaxia Nehellenium, circa R. 2,009. This is one of only a handful of BrikVerse Maps in existence.