Galaxian Colonies of Razgrizia Armed Forces

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Galaxian Colonies of Razgrizia Armed Forces
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TL 6

Nega Genus

Notable People


On the planet Rzagrizia, world wide co-operation has broken down. 56 countries were nuked in the process(the shitty ones or the ones no body cares about like mexico and turkey) a man emerged from the rubble named Razgriz. He explained a simple concept: if we work together we can fuck more shit up. he soon had the world twisted around his finger. 7 years later, a strange race of beings landed on Earth. They called themselves Megablox. The newly found World wide nation known as Razgrizia offered them a choice: join us, and be modified for our needs, or be destroyed. they attempted to escape, but their long range space craft had been rigged with explosives only hours after they touched down. they were blown up, and now every single Megablox has been brainwashed for Razgriz's purposes. Thus the "Megablox Brigade" was born. every Megablox since has had to work in the RAF, or Razgrizian Armed forces. The RAF saw the value of the Megablox's downed ships, and salvaged the important pieces. they took to space, scouring the stars for more shit to fuck up. after 30 years, the RAF as since been known as The Galaxian Colonies of Razgrizia Armed Forces, or GCRAF. learning from mistakes learned from previous encounters, the GCRAF has developed the perfect army. they also sport a Air force where unfortunately, shit planes are needed, and multicolored vehicles and planes are used, simply because there is not enough Astro Binding Substance to create what is needed. so they scavenge any and all strong materials to be used on military vehicles.



This attack helicopter(designation AH-92) was looted from the Megablox and is still in use today because the finding of the Megablox home world gave us more. this lucky bird, however, is one of the few remaining AH-92s. it has survived 13 wars with other colonies and has proved very useful.


This is F-5V2 fighter jet. it is without a doubt the most effective fighter in the entire Air force. it sports 2 wingtip mounted M-20A2 plasma missiles. they do damage of 1D20 against everything, and go 24 inches. these are the most advanced missiles ever developed by the GCRAF and are constantly put to good use. the underwing mounted missiles are AG-12 missiles. it has a M-101A1 20mm cannon mounted under the nosecone.


The UC-3 AAV. it is based on the "old world" Earth jeeps and has been armored, capable of stopping up to a 7.62x51mm round. it has clips to hold the drivers weapon and backpack. the passengers side seat and flatbed are designated shooter points. the car has built in jumpjets to aid in escape, if needed. the jets speed up the rate of advance from 12 inches a turn to 24 inches for one turn. it has 1 anti infantry and 1 anti material rockets under the hood.


This is the 137th infantry battalion. also known as: cannon fodder. they serve to clog up the enemy's heavy guns with their guts and other sticky residue that i don't want to get into. some troops are here because they got injured and couldnt fight in their former units. their commander:the one thats NOT in line, asked to be in the unit, simply because he would get to leave early if he did. they are issued standard equipment, which in 137th terms, means a helmet and a gun. some pick up armor on the way, as you have seen, and those guys live longer. most guys are issued an assault rifle, but some are better shots on the range, and are issued DMRs(designated marksman rifle). these soldiers then are transferred to the 137th first recon division.


the 12th robotics division. all robots used to be used for tool work, but have been installed with laser and plasma weapons and have been reprogrammed to do massive carnage.


the jungle division of the 1st Rangers battalion. half the jungle Rangers are issued with prototype plasma assault rifles that are equipped with HEHV (high explosive high velocity) grenade launcher. the scopes are variable zoom high contrast scopes.


This is the Megablox brigade. the only reason it still exists is cause meagblox prons. that being said, we all benifited from it except for you. i get more troops, megablox get themselves off, i kill more minifigs. in the beginning, no body wanted to command the megablox brigade, but Captain Haynes volunteered. she was promoted to the rank of major and given a special laser revolver and officers sword. she was also given a special set of armor. she keeps the megablox in line and they kill more enemies.


This is the 2nd Powered Division. They are issued 100% experimental gear to put to use in the field. 2 troopers are issued AER14 laser rifle prototypes, 1 is issued a plasma rifle, 1 is issued a plasma caster, 1 is issued a handheld gatling laser, and 2 are issued experimental crystal carbines. there are 2 varients, explosive(red) and ice(blue). the explosive works by shooting crystals that hit the target, and then detonate 1 second after. the ice carbine works by shooting a crystal that comes in 2 parts. the first freezes the target completely. the second part shatters the frozen target. now, the armor appears normal, put it is actually layered in 4 parts: 1 inch thick steel armor, 1 inch thick carbon fiber, 1/2 inch thick fiberglass, and 1/2 inch thick titanium armor. a normal minifig could never carry this much armor around. but 100 superstrength servo motors make it all possible. it even increases speed with all that armor on like Bonn-o-Tron. plus in CC combat, that much more weight going forward makes for a hell of a punch. standard HUD systems are also in place.

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