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Galaxy Patrol
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TL 6
Small Empire (fractured, pervasive)
None listed
Notable People
Captain Titus
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The Galaxy Patrol are the armies of the Protofig. Now inert and lifeless, his origins are lost in to history, but it is known that he was the earliest Fig in The Galaxy. The earliest recorded histories show him acting as an advisory figure to the first modern, fully-formed Minifig, a golden-armored proto-hero. Together they battled against creatures that were clearly related to the noodle-armed giants found in tales throughout the rest of the BrikVerse, in the time before the coming of the Deadly Spacemen and the explosion of Minifig life that would follow.

The Galaxy has gone through several periods of slowed expansion since those early Rekonstruktions, times during which the influx of new ABS slows to a crawl or even stops for several Rekonstruktions at a time. During the most recent of these Dim Ages, Galaxy Sciences noted an aberration in some of the new Minifigs. It was determined this was a corruption in the fabric of the ABS itself- during The Galaxy's period of low contact with the greater Brikverse, something fundamental had shifted. Regarded as a mere curiosity, the peach Minifigs were accepted- until the hideous mutation was revealed in its full form: terrible facial deformities- wide, googly eyes; heavy brows; drooling, gaping mouths. This threat to pure Minifigs could not be tolerated. The Ministers divined it to be the will of the Protofig that the Peach menace be eradicated from The Galaxy, traced back to its source and burned out like the hideous infection it clearly is. Thus in r.2,012 was the Galaxy Patrol raised; mighty armored warriors created using the secret sciences and magicks left behind by the Protofig, created to defend the citizens and borders of The Galaxy from threats of all sorts. In r.2,013 the First Patrol was launched into the greater Brikverse to seek out the source of the Peach mutations and put an end to them once and for all.

Galaxy Patrol troops are often accompanied into major conflicts by Dreadnaughts, massive war robots uploaded with an amalgam of the skills, instincts, and abilities of the greatest Galaxy Patrol heroes throughout history. The neural linkage also uploads bits of the personalities of the Patrolmen whose skills are added to the Dreadnaughts; fortunately this causes few conflicts as the personalities of Galaxy Patrol heroes tend to be very similar.

The Galaxy Patrol will on occasion be referred to as Sp*ce M*rines. The term "Galaxy Patrol" is preferable due to the ork lawyers of Grimes Worstschlock.

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