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BrikWars is a versatile and expansive game, which lends itself well to many playstyles and variants. The BrikWars Community drives the creation of several of these innovations and various philosophies, themes, and persistent ideas have sprung up around them.

Game Style

Game Styles determine how players set up a game of BrikWars.

The Scale of Battle

The Scale of Battle, or Battle Levels, determines the level of engagement and the size of the forces involved in a game of BrikWars. These are mere guidelines but they can help new players get a sense of proportion for the game as a whole.

Alternate Game Types

Alternate Game Types are ways to play BrikWars outside the normal scope of the typical wargame. This includes things like racing, campaigning, roleplaying, and (perhaps most popular) Microscale Space Battling. The ruleset is versatile enough to modify without much trouble and several BrikWarriors have done just that.

Variant Rules

Variant Rules show just some of the ways that the rules can be modified to supplement certain play styles.

Rules Supplements and Miscellany

The BrikWars community sometimes develops complementary material and unofficial addendum to the BrikWars rulebook in order to make the play experience smoother for new players and veterans alike.

Play Style

Play Styles determine how individual players approach playing BrikWars on an intellectual or emotional level.

Tactics and Strategy

Tactics and Strategy discusses various cunning ploys, clever plans, and mechanical manipulations players use in BrikWars games.

Theoretical Warfare

Theoretical Warfare examines several approaches to and attitudes about BrikWars.

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