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* '''Zolotoy Cluster''' - Containing most of the populated systems and almost all of it's civilized Population
* '''Zolotoy Cluster''' - Containing most of the populated systems and almost all of it's civilized Population
* '''Balkani Cluster''' - An area technically in demilitarized space, home to a Pro Union Peach population, largely undeveloped
* '''Balkani Cluster''' - An area technically in demilitarized space, home to a Pro Union Peach population, largely undeveloped. Claimed by both 45th Union and Galacia, controlled by Peachenegs, (Gold Sector Peaches)
* '''Zapad Cluster''' - Recently discovered, still not explored
* '''Zapad Cluster''' - Recently discovered, still not explored
* '''Vostok Cluster''' - Also recently discovered, but not explored
* '''Vostok Cluster''' - Also recently discovered, but not explored

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(Zoloty "Gold" Cluster)
Large Star Cluster
Western outskirts of Galactik Core, Galaxia Nehellenium
Periods of Interest
Peach-Elkoss War (2007-2011)

1st & 2nd Republik Era(2015-2017)
Galacian Civil War (2017-)'

50 Billion
Green, Blue & Red Transparent, ABS, Salt, Tears, Biofuel, Space Junk
Controlled By
Galacian Imperiya (63%)
Zagoria (13%)
Volhinya (8%)
Others (16%)
Elkossian Minifigs, Peach Minifigs, Gators, Blue Mutants, Shitgoats, Others
Key Locations
Elkoss, Zaphor, Volhinya, Kazmazia, Mozorov

This article is about the region of the Nehellium Galaxy where Kastrenzo's factions exist

The Gold sector, is a cluster of some 400 star systems across 4 star clusters that lies between the Western Arms and The Shire , It is largely Dominated by the Galacian Imperiya however the sector is embroiled in a clusterfuck of biblical porportions, a conflict that has been ongoing since the mid R.1990s. As a result, few factions have stood the test of time, but regardless of their allegiance, the minifigs of the Gold Cluster are hands down some of the most capable footsoldiers in the galaxy as a result of perpetual conflict all over the region. They are Brutal, skilled and utterly fearless to the last

The sector had only ever once been a single unified entity. Due to complications with their initial star colonization the sector actually ended up playing host to multiple factions of independent colonists.. the sector was oly whole for a short period after these factions were forcibly unified.

While the sector is infamous for its infighting with many factions in play. It is nowhere near as divided as it was in the past. Prior to the reunification of R.2014 the entire sector was essentially filled with many independent nations. While they shared a common origin these mini figs had more differences than similarities. Each region of the sector was it's own self contained and self governed nation. Isolation and otherness created this demographic issue only military conquest made any headway in sewing it up

The Elkossian Star Empire was the original power of the cluster, but was severley weakened after the result of the Gold Cluster Peach war, Despite winning the war, it collapsed into anarchy as a result of trying handle aftermath and rebuilding, It is survived by several successor states, many of which consider each other competition, and enemies.
The Galacian Imperiya was once considered a rump state of the Elkossian Empire, however in the years since it's reorganization it has surpassed it's predecessor and became one of the most powerful military forces in the entire Galaxy, a move predicted by no one.
Founded by Refugees fleeing the principal conflict zones in the war, Volhinya is considered by some to be the De Jure heir of the Elkossian Empire, however Realists acknowledge that they are militarily and politically insignifigant compared to the Imperiya
Once an independent entity Comprised from an Elkossian dissenter exodus in the first days of colonization, Zagoria is the only other semi legitimate state in the cluster.
Political map showing control of the major populated star systems in the Gold Sector Q1 R.2017, . Only major systems are shown, lesser populated systems exist both in and out of this core region but these are not shown on the map. Stars indicate faction capital worlds, Grey systems are those belonging to factions other than the big 4

Origins and recent History

When the minifigs of Elkoss became spacefaring, they colonized a few systems close to their homeworld, Caspia being the first. However after the first wave they were unable to find habitable worlds in range of their ships, so they began shooting long range arks with minifigs in hypersleep in random directions from the original colonies. The original colonies remained a part of the homeworld's empire, but these Arks, at the time ended up landing on worlds far outside communications range. The arks that survived ended up on their own, and one by one, multiple independent colonies propped up all over the main star cluster, while they shared the same history, they would develop their own cultures, and some even colonized other systems of their own.

Two notable exceptions, that were not apart of the core worlds, nor colonized by the "Seeder Arks" were he Zircon and Vincent systems. These systems had primitive civilizations both in TL5 Stage, they were both eventually assimilated into the old Empire.

By the time that these cultures began to meet each other, they had taken control of what is now known as the Zolotoy Cluster. Some of these cultures got along and traded, others fought, and some were even wiped out. Eventually, the more numerous and advanced core worlds negotiated, acquired, and subjugated all of the lost colonies back into their empire. Just like before, the transition was smoother in some places than others. The most Rebellious being those in the extreme west and south

In R.2011, The entire Zolotoy Cluster with the exception of he territories around the Ulvarattan, Malavinas and Kamchatkan systems were under the control of the Elkossian Empire as it reached it's peak of territorial expansion, compared to present time, many of the colonies were considerably smaller and less developed in R.2011. After the Great Peach war of R.2011/2012, Some colonies were completely exterminated, and most lost contact with one another, left to their own devices again, the more powerful colonies that survived started to do their own thing again while the capital rebuilt.

Typical scene on Elkoss during the post-war period when there was no government.

Per usual, when the Elkoss based capital came knocking the second time, some rejoined, and others rejected, of course this offended the capital, and it eventually led to several "rebel" states that inhabit the cluster today.

In R.2017 three more Clusters were discovered and various powers laid the claim of discovery, general consensus was that these small clusters be added to the Gold Sector

Historically, the ruling power of the sector has traditionally been seated in the Elkoss or Caspian systems most of the time. In the earliest days, after the wave of seeder ships, the sector was divided by several distinct cultures, After the cultures were reunited, the Galacian Republik used a system of Administrative "Prefectures" with many of the colonies in each prefecture having a specialized and focused industry.

By the time of the second Imperiya, these subdivisions were done away with, the core worlds were taken control of by the Emperor and the senate, while most of the other colonies were divided up and handed out to loyal Military generals and their families to rule over as they saw fit with moderate imperial oversight, Essentially turning the Republik into a Stratocracy, and a Federal Monarchy at the same time.

As ancestral connections to the famed "13 Saivors" had already been something of a source of pride for Gold Sector minifigs, The Lords that were chosen were also selected to represent individual noble houses from the 13 as each of them had varying ties to the old royal families. Almost none of them assumed their old names however, choosing to start their own dynasties. Some non-Imperial powers in the sector had already started the practice beforehand

Clusters, Regions and Systems

The Gold Sector is actually 4 seperate clusters of stars, until very late R.2017 only the Zolotoy Cluster had been mapped. The Gold Sector consists of

  • Zolotoy Cluster - Containing most of the populated systems and almost all of it's civilized Population
  • Balkani Cluster - An area technically in demilitarized space, home to a Pro Union Peach population, largely undeveloped. Claimed by both 45th Union and Galacia, controlled by Peachenegs, (Gold Sector Peaches)
  • Zapad Cluster - Recently discovered, still not explored
  • Vostok Cluster - Also recently discovered, but not explored

Gold sector stellar cartographers normally name a system after it's principal colony. The stars in each colonized systems are Usually named after the colony with a suffix at the end. Such as Caspia-Alpha, The suffixes generally have no meaning or signifigance other than seperating them from the colony itself.

The regions of the Zolotoy Cluster, all other clusters are either not colonized, or not developed.

Core regions unlike the rest. The central and eastern nations were "and still are" more or less one in the same. Unlike the others Slavonia and Strenza had the luxury of relative proximity to the homelands in Galychna. They were esentially provinces of the Original empire from the get-go

  • Galychna
  • Slavonia
  • Strenza

Southern regions

  • Volkinyatta
  • Zagoria - Founded by Political dissenters, not peacetime seeder colonists
  • Yugalatz - Was originally part of the Zagorian systems, but when Zagoria became an independent star nation, the territory held onto by the Imperiya was renamed Yugalatz (South Galacia), Zagorians call this area West Zagoria, and claim it as their worlds.
  • Ulvarrat*
  • Malavina*

Western regions

  • Sturgia
  • Mozorov

Northern regions

  • Wolheen (Today called Volhinya) - Founded by Wartime refugees, not peacetime seeder colonists
  • Sakhalin* (Today called Kamchatka)

(*) - Denotes a system or region that did not originate from a Seeder Ark, and was inhabited by a minifig civilization that was completely foreign to the Elkossian colonists across the sector.

Political Maps

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