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'''This article is about the region of the Nehellium Galaxy where [[User:Kastrenzo|Kastrenzo]]'s factions exist'''
|<span style="color:#ff0000">'''The subject matter of this article is considered to be part of the "Nehellenium Universe Kanon" and thus became abandoned after the [[Ragnablok]] of 2018-2019. it is preserved for archival purposes but is considered Non-Kanon in the post Ragnablok era'''</span>

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(Gold Sector)
Large Star Cluster
Grids G3,G4,H3,H4 Galaxia Nehellenium
Periods of Interest
Peach-Elkoss War (2007-2011)

1st & 2nd Republik Era(2015-2017)
Galacian Civil War (2017)
Second Imperiya era (2017-Present)'

50 Billion
Green, Blue & Red Transparent, ABS, Salt, Tears, Biofuel, Space Junk
Home to
Galacian Imperiya
Systems Conglomerate
Chernarussian Star Federation
Peacheneg Armata Coalition
Cherhovna Bryhada
Triangular State
Red Line
Elkossian Minifigs, Peach Minifigs, Gators, Blue Mutants, Shitgoats, Others
Key Locations
Elkoss, Zaphor, Volhinya, Kazmazia, Mozorov

The subject matter of this article is considered to be part of the "Nehellenium Universe Kanon" and thus became abandoned after the Ragnablok of 2018-2019. it is preserved for archival purposes but is considered Non-Kanon in the post Ragnablok era

The Zolot Sektor, also known as the Gold Sector in galactik standard, is a galactic grouping of some 400 star systems across 4 star clusters that lies between the Western Arms and The Shire , It is largely Dominated by the Galacian Imperiya however the sector is embroiled in a clusterfuck of biblical porportions, a conflict that has been ongoing since the mid R.1990s. As a result, few factions have stood the test of time, but regardless of their allegiance, the minifigs of the Gold Cluster are hands down some of the most capable footsoldiers in the galaxy as a result of perpetual conflict all over the region.

The sector had only ever once been a single unified entity. Due to complications with their initial star colonization the sector actually ended up playing host to multiple factions of independent colonists.. the sector was only whole for a short period after these factions were forcibly unified by the Elkossian Empire. Eventually the Empire dissolved and began fighting amoungst itself in perpetuity.

While the sector is infamous for its infighting with many factions in play. It is nowhere near as divided as it was in the past. Prior to the reunification of R.2014 the entire sector was essentially filled with many independent nations. While they shared a common origin these mini figs had more differences than similarities. Each region of the sector was it's own self contained and self governed nation. Isolation and otherness created this demographic issue only military conquest made any headway in sewing it up

Almost all nations of the Gold Sector share a common Past. The final resting place of Kerjit Aldemir I, one of the last Emperors of the Elkossian Empire and one of the 13 saivors that saved planet Elkoss

The Elkossian Star Empire was the original power of the cluster, but was severley weakened after the result of the Gold Cluster Peach war, Despite winning the war, it collapsed into anarchy as a result of trying handle aftermath and rebuilding, It is survived by several successor states, many of which consider each other competition, and enemies.
The Galacian Imperiya and it's Demokratic predecessor were once considered a rump state of the Elkossian Empire, however in the years since it's reorganization it has surpassed it's ancestor and became one of the most powerful military forces in the entire Galaxy, a development predicted by no one.
Founded by Refugees fleeing the principal conflict zones in the war, Volhinya is considered by some to be the De Jure heir of the Elkossian Empire, however Realists acknowledge that they are militarily and politically insignifigant compared to the Imperiya, to which it is little more than a buffer zone.
Peaches from the USSSR and Galacia, founded the Armata Coalition in what is known as the Balkani cluster, in the northwest quadrant of the sector, They present a dangerous and growing threat to all non-peach minifigs in the sector due to their Supremacist rhetorics..
Once an independent entity Comprised from an Elkossian dissenter exodus in the first days of colonization, the Systems Conglomerate is the only other legitimate state in the cluster.
Political map showing control of the major populated star systems, dated Q3, R2018. Recent events have seen Cherhovna Bryhada attempt to form the self declared Varyag Confederation, a proto-state, The Zagorian Systems Conglomerate with the support of the USA has broken the maripol treaty, and annexxed the Tusk DMZ, The 45th Union has attempted to annex the Peach controlled system of Kopachy, starting an international crisis in the west which the Chernarussian Star Federation intervened by seizing Mir station, and the USSSR has formally taken control of the Red Line. Making them a satellite of the Communist Union.


Origins and recent History

When the minifigs of Elkoss became spacefaring, they colonized a few systems close to their homeworld, Caspia being the first. However after the first wave they were unable to find habitable worlds in range of their ships, so they began shooting long range arks with minifigs in hypersleep in random directions from the original colonies. The original colonies remained a part of the homeworld's empire, but these Arks, at the time ended up landing on worlds far outside communications range. The arks that survived ended up on their own, and one by one, multiple independent colonies propped up all over the main star cluster, while they shared the same history, they would develop their own cultures, and some even colonized other systems of their own.

Two notable exceptions, that were not apart of the core worlds, nor colonized by the "Seeder Arks" were he Zircon and Vincent systems. These systems had primitive civilizations both in TL5 Stage, they were both eventually assimilated into the old Empire.

By the time that these cultures began to meet each other, they had taken control of what is now known as the Zolotoy Cluster. Some of these cultures got along and traded, others fought, and some were even wiped out. Eventually, the more numerous and advanced core worlds negotiated, acquired, and subjugated all of the lost colonies back into their empire. Just like before, the transition was smoother in some places than others. The most Rebellious being those in the extreme west and south

In R.2011, The entire Zolotoy Cluster with the exception of he territories around the Ulvarattan, Malavinas and Kamchatkan systems were under the control of the Elkossian Empire as it reached it's peak of territorial expansion, compared to present time, many of the colonies were considerably smaller and less developed in R.2011. After the Great Peach war of R.2011/2012, Some colonies were completely exterminated, and most lost contact with one another, left to their own devices again, the more powerful colonies that survived started to do their own thing again while the capital rebuilt.

Typical scene on Elkoss during the post-war period when there was no government.

Per usual, when the Elkoss based capital came knocking the second time, some rejoined, and others rejected, of course this offended the capital, and it eventually led to several "rebel" states that inhabit the cluster today.

In R.2017 three more Clusters were discovered and various powers laid the claim of discovery, general consensus was that these small clusters be added to the Gold Sector

Historically, the ruling power of the sector has traditionally been seated in the Elkoss or Caspian systems most of the time. In the earliest days, after the wave of seeder ships, the sector was divided by several distinct cultures, After the cultures were reunited, the Galacian Republik used a system of Administrative "Prefectures" with many of the colonies in each prefecture having a specialized and focused industry.

By the time of the second Imperiya, these subdivisions were done away with, the core worlds were taken control of by the Emperor and the senate, while most of the other colonies were divided up and handed out to loyal Military generals and their families to rule over as they saw fit with moderate imperial oversight.

The Outer Haven Incident would set in motion a chain of events that would turn the sector on it's head. The Imperial Magikstrate blew a covert operation on Outer Haven, which in turn started a short albeit incredibly destructive war between the then Iron Symphony against the M-Throne Empire and Magikstrate. This was known as the Arhus Crisis. During the Crisis Alex Shulga would Depose Jim Lahey, toppling the Galacian Republik and establishing the Galacian Imperiya

Elsewhere, Volhinya invaded Outer Haven, trying to take advantage of the situation after the Galacian Republik collapsed. Although the superior Volhinyan forces should have wiped the floor with the Cultists, Karl Magadan II, the monarch of Volhinya, was killed by a mortar and the entire Campaign was a failure, Volhinya fell into a Civil War of it's own in the aftermath of the death of the Kynaz

Nations and Factions

Proper State entities, or Entities controlling territory

Faction Notes
Imperiya.png Galacian Imperiya A Collectivist, Militaristic dictatorship that controls most of the Sector's population and worthwhile colonies. It succeeded the 2nd Galacian Republik in a coup. It is one of the Galaxy's military, political, industrial and economical Superpowers
EKDFlag.png 2nd Galacian Republik The Galacian Republik, or GR. Was the first direct successor of the Elkossian Empire until it was wiped out from the inside by the now Galacian Imperiya, After the Coup, GR civilians and soldiers had few options, Join the Imperiya, Fight and Die, Flee south and join the Conglomerate or another Nation.. Or go into hiding. While the Republik is effectively dead, rumors persist of an underground rebellion movement, and that the "Galacian Civil War" is not over.
VK2.jpg Volhinyan State A Rump state that was technically a continuation of the defunct Elkossian Empire, although only legal by technicality. Originally a Monarchy but it fell into chaos after it's leader died in battle, to which it entered a succession crisis
EKDFlag2.png Systems Conglomerate An independent nation originally apart of the Elkossian Empire that fought for autonomy on the grounds of Cultural differences, After the 2nd Galacian Republik came to an end, former enemies joined the ranks and bolstered the rebel state under the flag of Demokracy until the Imperiya decided to throw in the towel, and recognize their independence.
MOTAFlag.png Varyag An Ultranationalist paramilitary group that was first founded during the beginning of the 2nd Galacian Republik, hardliners from the 1st Galacian Republik, sought to follow their own agenda after their country ceased hostilities with their sworn enemies, the P.R.A
GTSFlag.jpeg Outer Haven Cults A single planet blockaded by the Imperiya Navy, for it is a breeding ground of Cultist extremists who worship a deity known as the "Triangle God"
Pbh.png Peacheneg Armata Coalition (PAC) A Signifigant, developed Peach nation that was founded by Peach descendants of the factions that invaded the Gold Sector in R.2011, they maintain a fragile relationship with other Peach Factions, they were dragged into war when the Cherhovna Bryhada accused them of supporting the KPR. who were actually being supported by the 45th Union alone.
Redline.png Worker's Army of the Red Line A faction of Space Miners originally from Volhinya, who with the assistance of the neighboring USSSR, rebelled against their royal masters and who seek to overthrow Volhinya under the Communist banner. They don't control any planets, but a "line" of massive space stations seized from Volhinya and Galacia
Syndikat.png Syndikat A galaxy spanning criminal empire of Pirates, Raiders, Mercenaries, Slavers and other shitlords, based in the Western Gold sector, they operate all over the Western arms.
CHERNARUS.png Chernarussian Star Federation A communist state that is believed to have originated from remnants of the former Mozorovan socialists, The Chernarussians emerged in mid R.2018 just when everyone thought the Gold Sector couldn't get any more cluster-fucked. They immediately became contenders for the "Biggest threat in the west" title, contested with the Peach Armata Coalition
Pra.png Kopachy Peach Republic Peach Insurgents and Guerillas who fight to secure more territory for the 45th Union, They claim to be apart of the "Peach Revolutionary Army" who are a Galaxy spanning network of Peach fighters looking to expand the influence of the 45th Union

Lesser Entities who do not wholly control territory, like a planet, system or station

Faction Notes
Rustf.png Rust A "write-off" Colony that was mostly ruined by Early Galacian mining companies, it is now home to Emerian Refugees and exploited by roaming factions of Levitican prospectors and salvagers.
ULV.png Ulvarrat AR A vassalized Puppet state of the Galacian Imperiya
SAK.png Sakhalin AR A vassalized Puppet state of the Galacian Imperiya
Razer.png Razor Company A mercenary outfit that serves the highest bidder. Usually aligned with the Systems Conglomerate, their motto "We Kill for Credits", little better than pirates.
Mobb.png MOBB A smalltime Street-Gang that pollutes the colony of Akula, at odds with Syndikat

Historical entities that no longer exist

Faction Notes
Efrflag2.png Elkossian Empire The Gold Sector's first multi-system nation. Founded in the early R.2000s and destroyed by peaches in R.2011, It was the progenitor of almost all nations and factions active in the sector today
Chedaki.png Mozorovan Socialist Union A Communist state that Fought against the 1st Galacian Republik in the early R.2010s before it was defeated and annexed.

Clusters, Regions and Systems

The Gold Sector is actually 4 seperate star clusters.

  • Zolotoy - The main cluster, which the rest of the sector also takes it's name from. 90% of the Sector's minifigs live here
  • Balkani - An expansion cluster that is situated in the Northwestern quarter of the sector, It is sparsely populated and largely controlled by the Peacheneg Armata Coalition
  • Zapad - Recentley discovered in late R.2017, situated in the Southwestern quarter of the sector and roughly the same size as Balkani, Zapad was thought to be unoccupied until contact was made with the Chernarussian Star Federation who control most of the cluster
  • Vostok - Discovered around the same time as Zapad, but considered to be a seperate cluster, Situated in the Southeast, Vostok is the last free space in the sector, with no faction or entity having any established colonies or bases there, however this does not mean the sector is uninhabited, many Hodgepodge and other unafilliated settlements are dotted across the region, and the Syndikat runs wild in this lawless space. Galacia, Chernarus, and Zagoria are all competing to grab the last free space in the sector here in a colonization rush

Gold sector stellar cartographers normally name a system after it's principal colony. The stars in each colonized systems are Usually named after the colony with a suffix at the end. Such as Caspia-Alpha, The suffixes generally have no meaning or signifigance other than seperating them from the colony itself. Within each cluster. Star systems are usually grouped by constellation or hyperspace lanes into the stellar equivalent of a region or a starfaring nations province. Although many of these are controlled by multiple factions. While they serve no real political purpose, each region is serviced by at least one major starbase. These starbases serve as FTL hubs in and out of the gold sector. Controlling one is to control the means of all starship travel into and out of the sector. Although Ships must follow hyperlanes once in the sector, with the exception of Bakhacha station, which is an anomaly.

Region Servicing Starbase Comprising Systems Notes
Galychna Bakhacha* Elkoss, Protox, Pratt, Glub, Kurva, Lingsha One of the three original systems alliances that banded together to form the state of Galacia, Galychnya houses the state capital and the Elkossian Homeworld, It is by far the wealthiest and most cultured region of systems in the sector, and sees next to no military conflict. It's servicing station, Bakhacha Station, which was also the Imperiya's capital during the first days of Shulga's rule and still serves as a major military starbase, is an anomaly within the rest of the FTL stations in the sector. Unlike the others, authorized ships can warp to and from it from any other station. This only worked on Imperiya ships, but after Syndikat Pirates found a way to hack the system, The government facilities were moved back to the homeworld of Elkoss.
Slavonya Buran Keyiv, Grindslow, Samison, Svoboda, Zirkonsk, Rektim, Buran Station One of the three original systems alliances that banded together to form the state of Galacia. Slavonya's systems are dotted with swampy, heavy industrialized colonies that housed the original military and manufacturing power of the core Galacian systems. Today much of the military power comes from the Sturgian and Volkinyattan systems, but Slavonya remains one of the most important grouping of systems for the Imperiya. Buran station Is one of the most important in the sector, as it is the only station that is accessible from the east, that is also in close proximity to the major colonies of the Galacian Core
Strenza Ghost Caspia, Zarkipatt, Vinzen, Lazar, Lariya One of the three original systems alliances that banded together to form the state of Galacia. The Strenzan systems have traditionally been a hotbed of dynastical conflict. Noble families from the Vinzen, Zarkipatt and Caspian systems have quarreled and fought with one another since the days of the Elkossian Empire. Today, the Strenzan systems are little different from Slavonya and Galychna, however they are more heavily militarized than the other two. due to both it's proximity to the infamous Outer Haven system, as well as it's Ghost station, providing the only known safe FTL lines through the deadly Zarkipatta Nebula
Wolheen Watchman Outer Haven, Volhinya, Oria, Spartak Originally founded as a refuge by the dying Elkossian Empire during the Peacheneg invasions, The Wolheen systems were for many years a remote, secluded backwater. They are rather resource poor, and only comprise of 4 systems. One of which has become infamous across the sector for being a hot bed of space terrorism, Outer Haven. The other three systems are Controlled, or mostly controlled by the Volhinyan state, who themselves have strived for their own independence from Galacia, but suffered their own civil war and prolonged internal conflicts. The USSSR has repeatedly tried to invade this region, and today they almost directley control the mining stations known as the Red Line
Sturgia Bulat Kazimaz, Volya, Rust, Vultar, Chiron, Kamchatka, Volchinok
Mozorov Mir Mozorov, Belograd, Sokolov, Misk, Akula, Zelen, Kopachy, Revolyutsiya, Nova Moskva, Karbov
Volkinyatta Bratishka Voldoga, Emmerich, Revansk, Volsk, Malvina
Zagoria Monolith Zaphor, Maripol, Adivka, Tusk, Kolorad, Kirov, Pisk, Chernograd, Revansk
Yugalatz Hightower Ulvarrat
Balkani Legion Withnail, Salmis, Isere, Bandarik, Halmer, Adscita, Rostock
Unincorporated Systems Gommorah Hanza, Wick, Tikhar, Augusta, Korbat, Volga, Arbat, Ixtar, Elshout, Yar Most of these systems are unexplored


Language and Culture became by far, the single largest contributor to rival factions breaking away from one another throughout gold sector history. The problem started with the Soviet refugees who taught several languages from their home stars to the primitives on Elkoss. They thought it harmless at the time, but this snowballed and it actually caused the creation of many different nation states later in life when Elkoss became a modern TL4 society. While what became known as Elkoss Slavonik, or later Galacian Slavonik, would be the main native language of the empire. Some of these other languages would re-appear in the far flung regions of the Elkossian Empire. Coupled with their distance from the Homeworld, these languages helped create entirely new cultures. This would later become a problem as these cultures would fight among one another even in the star age. The problem became even more complicated when almost every system had to simultaenously learn "Galactik Standard", Eventually a lot of them gave up, it was cheaper and easier on the lazy minifigs to just invest in real time translation software. Although an outsider may occasionally come across a minifig with faulty translators, or none at all, and the loud, silly rambling from any one of these languages can be confusing, hilarious and terrifying at the same time

This map outlines the major languages spoken across the sector, it should be noted that while language has traditionally been one of the most signifigant obstacles of different cultures, it by no means is a unifier. For example, The Galacian, Varyag, Outer Haven and to some extent Chernarussian factions all more or less speak the same language. But they are all seperate, rival states.

  • Galacian Slavonik - Spoken across most of the Gold Sector, linguists have traced it's origin to the Kievan SSSR of the USSSR
  • Wolheen Slavonik - Spoken only in the Volhinyan region, linguists have traced it's origin to the Beylorussian SSSR of the USSSR, It has been described as being a little similar to Polish, enough that basic conversation may be made
  • Zagorian Slavonik - Spoken mostly in the Zagorian Region, linguists are not sure that this originated in the USSSR and believe it may actually be a long distant relative from Luchardsko. It is also similar to Polish
  • Balkani Peacheneg - Spoken by Peaches in the Peacheneg Armata Coalition, it is by far one of the most confusing languages in the galaxy and no one has any idea where it came from, it's so bad that diplomacy with the PAC has been on almost constant freeze simply because no one can ever understand what the hell they are saying, translation software does not work. Literally the only word anyone has ever recognized or learned was "Perkele", some kind of curse
  • Saka - Spoken only in the Kamchatkan system by the Sakahlins, It is not related to any Slavonik language and is quite alien compared to the rest, Linguists are unable to determine any galatik similarities. It was of course developed by the natives of that system
  • Rattan - Spoken only in the Ulvaratt system by the Ulvarattans, like Zagorian it is believed to actually have been brought to the sector many years prior to colonization of the region by another star power. Linguists have all agreed that it is a form of Germanic from the stars to the southeast known as Pan Germania.
  • Other Peach - Non Peacheneg languages, brought to the area by Peaches from the 45th Union, many of these peaches, just speak Standard, though.
  • Soviet Languages - Various languages brought from the different cultures of the USSSR

Political Maps

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