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The following is a comprehensive list of Characters from the Gold Sector


Galacian Imperiya

Alexander Shulga

Alexander Kerjit Shulga, Imperator of Greater Galacia Alexander Shulga is the Imperator of the Galacian Empire, It's head of state and supreme commander. Born during the Elkossian Empire and growing up during the Great Peach War, Shulga became a skilled veteran at an early age. After the war and the fall of the Elkossian Empire, he worked as a General for the various Elkossian Enclave governments until they unified into the Galacian state, Where he led the campaigns in the west against Communist seperatists in the re-unification wars of R.2012-2013. By R.2015 he was a member of the Military High Command Triumvirate, as leader of the ground forces along with the Navy's Grand admiral Kazakhov and the Commander of the National Guard, Voronin.

Shulga was seen as the most senior member of the Trio, and selected Stephan Tesarik as the President of the civilian transitionary government, and stepped back from the public eye to work on R&D projects with the Military, at the conclusion of the R.2016 Galacian Republik Elections, he was upset at the defeat of Tesarik by an inexperienced outsider.. And tensions rose pretty much from the start between Shulga and the now President Lahey. Lahey would try to use his power to wrestle control away from military strongmen and give it back to the civilian government.

Lahey was an incompetent leader, He was drunk almost all the time and rarely acted in a way that Shulga approved of, in mid R.2017, Shulga deposed Lahey by force in a Military coup, seizing control for himself and turning Galacia into an autocracy, citing that he believed he was the only one who could "Steer the ship through the tough waters ahead", referencing the wars that Galacia had become involved in. notably the Galacian Civil War and the Arhus Crisis

In addition to his prowess in Military leadership and Development, he is a skilled Pilot, Psionik, and swordfighter, wielding a rare, powerful OT Beamsaber, however he stopped using it in R2018 and switched to an allegedly enchanted black blade.

Shulga in his normal attire, He had worn a helmet and mask for many years as a result of hiding extreme facial scarring he recieved during the Peach wars.
Shulga underwent reconstructive surgery in R.2017 to appear more in line with his body doubles, after an assassination plot was uncovered
Shulga's second suit, which he crafted himself specifically for personal field use. It matches the colors of his personal Bogatyr Guard

Bogatyr Guard

The Bogatyr Guard is a special unit of elite soldiers trained in the Shock trooper program, enhanced with cybernetic upgrades, top tier arms and armor, and a fanatical loyalty to the Imperator, they are a cadre of 5 lifeguards who also hold top tier ranks in the military. With the exception of the Praefectus of the Guard, who holds the equivalent rank of Komdiv "General", all guardsmen hold the equivalent rank of a Komdir "Commander"

The entire guard assembled, L to R. Guardsman Ayoul, Guardsman Sokol, Praefectus of the Guard Zakharchuk, Guardsman Lukash, Guardsman Chaika

Imperiya High Kommand

Traditionally the Galacian military was always led by a trio of top ranking high command members, while the Imperator retained his title of supreme commander, he decided to promote a General into the trio to replace him. The High Command are the leading generals and admirals who have direct control over larger swathes of territories than the rest of the Wardens, and also have authority over the Wardens who govern territory in their respective regions.

Admiralflota Vlad Kazakhov Is one of the more level-headed and rational members in the Imperiya command structure, and has been the leading Naval commander in Galacia since R.2015 He controls most of the Loyalist Southern systems. He is the commander of all southern operations, most notably the campaign against South Zagorian seperatists and their USA allies.
Komdiv Stan Voronin has always been an enigma, aside from roles in military development and border defense, Voronin has been the silent partner of the high command trio. He controls several systems in the West, that were once the home of Communists.
Komdiv William Bryzgalov was a prominent Army commander who had a lot of experience in the development and deployment of the infantry of the regular army, he was promoted to the high command trio to replace Shulga as he was considered next in line. As such he inherited a very large ward in the north, governing around 10% of the entire population of the sector.

Imperiya Military Kommissariat

Komdir Tachenko known by the nom de guerre "Bulldozer" Komdir Tachenko is a mountain of a minifig, incredibly tough and also violent. He rules over a few Systems in the Yugalatz region however he left his territories to lead ISA forces in the Arhus Crisis, where he was the commanding officer of Galacian forces in Operation Schadenfreude
Admiral Rinne
Komdir Gonchar A former tank division commander,
Polkovnik Yarmoshuk Known substance abuser, and one time AN Diplomat, was sent as the Imperiya representative to the AN by Shulga with the express purpose of raising hell and taking the piss, he was ejected and banned from the assembly after his first visit for headbutting the representative of of the USA. He then returned to the life of a lesser known military colonel
Polkovnik Topolva
Polkovnik Luszhitsko
Kombrig Thunderova
Kombrig Novikov

Other Military

Karliah Yarmoshuk Sister of the Warden Yarmoshuk, Karliah is a skilled soldier in her own right, She was in charge of the "Spetsnaz" overhauls in the late Republik era that gave the Imperiya a competent special forces unit for use by the regular army.
DuGA Codenamed "Steel-Yard" by Z.I.T DuGA is actually a networked Artificial Intelligence suite dedicated to the Imperiya Military, Seen here is a simple "Platform" that can be seen on stations when DuGA needs to exert a physical presence, for whatever purpose. DuGA was key to the success of the Bakhacha coup and Shulga's takeover of Galacia
"Whisper" Team this is a group of all female snipers and saboteurs who have been in service to the Galacian army since the days of the conflict with communists, Essentially a morale and propaganda tool now, however as the army has several groups of equivalent skill.

Civilian government & other

Ambassador Konev once serving the Republik as the minister of foreign affairs, he still serves the Imperiya as "Lead Diplomat to the AN" however as of Q4 R.2017 he was called back, and the Imperiya sends belligerent, disruptive and otherwise unhelpful representatives in his stead, as the Imperator has great disdain for the organizations' ineffective bureaucracy, and frequently looks to stir up shit. Leaving Konev, a legitimate diplomat, often out of work.
Prokhor Zakharov Head administrator of the Zirconian Institute of Technology
Dr Radchenko Head scientist of the joint R/D projects between the Imperiya and Z.I.T

Known Associates

Imperiya Citizens without formal titles, as well as mercenaries and others that are known to serve the Imperiya directley or indirectley

Anessa Ziegler An master medik who appeared out of nowhere in early R.2017, since then she has been rumored to have a relationship with the Imperator, She is rumored to be able to resurrect the dead, and is also believed to be the one who performed Shulga's reconstructive facial operation.

Kynazdom of Volhinya

Karl Magadan II, Kynaz of the principality of Volhinya

  • This Character is deceased

Kynaz Magadan II of Volhinya was the head of state of the small nation of Volhinya, he was said to be a relative of the late Aldemir emperor and claimed to be the heir to the defunct Elkossian Empire (Although the Monarchy had been abolished during the Peach War). Magadan's father was responsible for the establishment of the Province of Volhinya, initially a place to send war refugees, they developed their own nation after Elkoss collapsed.

Magadan II's reign was short, he died in battle against Trianglist insurgents on Outer Haven in the Second Battle of Outer Haven, dying without an heir, Volhinya lost much of it's prestige and was forced to seek the help of stronger empires to maintain it's existence

Kynaz Magadan II, In battle armor during the Second Battle of Outer Haven, he would perish in this battle.

General Guba

After the death of Magadan, General Guba took control of the government while his forces defended the Widowed Queen Magadan against abolitionist rebels. He sought the assistance of foreign powers, requesting an invitation to the Third Alliance and the Rubrum Crucesignatis Pact, willing to join whichever alliance would take them.

Zagorian systems Republik

President Rick Marshall

General Aguya

General Russel Aguya is the highest ranking general of the Zagorian colonial Defense Force (ZDF)

Jim Lahey

  • This character is deceased

Sucessor to Stepan Tesarik, and President of the 2nd Galacian Republik before being overthrown by Shulga, Lahey was a career drunk with a soft heart, His policies directley led to the creation of Cherhovna Bryhada and his incompetence and ineptitude led to his ousting at the hands of the now Galacian Imperiya. He drank himself into a coma after Operation Schadenfruede had become known to him, and by the time he awoke he was confined to a wheelchair, and he was rushed away by his aides in fear that Shulga's forces would arrest him. Lahey's children remained in Galacia, but he fled into the Zagorian region with a small number of loyalists, those loyalists joined the Zagorian Rebels and in some sense, the 2nd Republik would live on in Zagoria, although not by Lahey's rule. He died from complications of his lifetime of drinking in late R2017

Zakhidna Cherhovna Bryhada

Stepan Tesarik

  • This Character is deceased

Tesarik the president of Galacia from R.2014 until R.2016, after being defeated in the 2016 election, he stormed out of the capital and began working with disgruntled heavily armed paramilitaries in the west of the Sector, the region was recovering from the devastation of a war with Communists, and most of the peach population also lived in the western systems. Driven mad by his successor's "sissyness" he started the right wing hardliner group known as the "Cherhovna Bryhada", and the group became known for violent attacks against peaches as well as the "pacifass" government.

While skilled at riling the people up, Tesarik had a poor mind for inspiring loyalty or dedication. In the latter half of R2017 the Bryhada fractured between the nationalist and anti peach camps. Whike cherhovna bryhada was initially founded as a nationalist cell to do the dirty work that the government wouldn't. Tesarik branded the nationalist eastern chapter as traitors when one of his chief lieutenants "Drazal" abandoned him. They would not be the last. Tesarik died in the beginning of R2018 at a celebration when two more lieutenants "Sirena" and "Flak" usurped and murdered him and rejoined with the eastern chapter with Sirena as the lead warlord

Stepan Tesarik former President of the Galacian Republik, later a racist warlord until his death in R.2018


"Sirena" (Real name unknown) is the woman believed to be the leader of Cherhovna Bryhada, under her influence ZCB was taken from a small regional gang, into a major paramilitary faction with influence all over the western sector, as well as an alliance with the Syndikat making both groups significantly stronger.

PAC and other Peach Unionists

General Caine

General Caine "Real name unknown" is a 45th Union general who was sent with a division of troops and vehicles to pose as paramilitaries in the west of the Gold Sector, and bolster the rebels there against the Imperiya and others. However shortly before the operation began, he was comprimised by Yuri, who used him as a puppet to shift the campaign to serve Yuri's wishes. This went undetected as the Peach rebels and their Union supporters continued to perform the duties expected of them. Caine continued to bring in more and more supplies and volunteers to the cause. While most were sent into combat in one of the various units under his supervision, some minifigs would be smuggled off to serve Yuri directley as he built his own army.


Yuri was a science experiment in the 45th Union, through experimentation he was given unfathomable psychic power that allowed him to completely dominate and control the minds of other minifigs. This however was never known by his captors as he just made them all agree that the project was a failure, and they sent him away. Angry at the universe for his lot in life, he decided to use his powers for his own benefit. Slowly he started to influence minifigs behind the scenes in the 45th Union, until he got a position in the military as an advisor. When General Caine was sent off with a large army to attack the Gold Sector, he followed Caine and took over his mind, using Caine as a puppet to siphon resources, money, troops , weapons and other supplies to build up his own army, while also having vast armies of 45th Union troops and other peach rebels indirectley under his control through the generals and officers he mind controlled.

While the majority of his forces are Peach, he cares not for eugenics. He sees all minifigs as worthless simpletons compared to him. He wishes all minifigs to serve him directley, or be his slaves to enforce his will.

General Caine the Union General who has assumed leadership of the Peach separatist forces in the Gold Sector, He was sent into the sector in R.2017 along with his own division of heavily armed and well equipped troops to covertley bolster the various independent guerrilla loyal to the Union who were already engaged there.
Yuri An extremely powerful psychic, who is both intelligent and sadistic. He mind controlled General Caine before the operation began and has secretley been building his own army while using Caine and the 45th Union forces there as puppets.
Sofia One of the main organizers of the Brotherhood operations across the Gold Cluster
Captain West The commander of the mercenary outfit known as the "Bunker Busters", A group loyal to Peach Supremacists, he was killed in late R.2017
Colonel Burton Commander of the Dissident Galacian Peach insurgent forces.
Captain Chenko The commander of the remnant UPRF soldiers still active in the sector.
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