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The following is a comprehensive list of Characters from the Gold Sector

The subject matter of this article is considered to be part of the pre-ragnablok era, and is no longer considered to be kanon
Comprehensive, albeit unfinished chart of all Important figures from the Gold Sector


Galacian Imperiya

Alex Shulga

Alex Shulga is the Supreme Leader of the Galacian Imperiya, he was a veteran who fought in the waning days of the Peacheneg conquests. After the war he served as an officer in the Remnant Faction known as the Elkossian Enclave, By the time the faction regained control of the homeworld, much of his wherabouts and history was lost track of. He didn't appear in the public eye until R.2016 where he was apart of the "Triumvirate" alongside Kazakov and Voronin, the three were the de-facto leaders of the new Galacian State that had been rebuilding the old Elkossian Empire. Eventually power was released by the military to a partial Civilian government led by Stepan Tesarik, this was known as the 1st Galacian Republik

By R.2017 The Republik had held election and Tesarik lost, Jim Lahey an independent candidate won the election by a fluke. And Began butting heads with Shulga almost immediately, Galacia had just finished a war against Communist seperatists, and were now facing the possibility of a resurgence in Peacheneg violence. Shulga and the other Military brass were already in the process. Lahey Objected to the plan of expanding the Military. Eventually, Peacheneg violence returned and Lahey had no choice but to go ahead with the expansion. Shulga was given a budget to expand the Armies and Navy, and he instead turned that budget into an investment into research and development... for months no progress was made and the Lahey Administration became very angry, then when threatened to have his funding revoked, Shulga revealed the extent of his project. Shulga's forces practically robbed the Zagorian systems of most of their resources and assembled in secret, one of the largest military forces in the galaxy.

Lahey was appalled, This was sure to enfuriate the AN as well as all of Galacia's neighbors, and it was clear almost immediately that Shulga wanted to use his new toys... After the Outer Haven Incident. Lahey was Shocked and did nothing so Shulga deposed him by force and was quick to launch a massive assault against the Imperial Magikstrate in starting the Arhus Crisis, an 11 day flashpoint between the Iron Symphony , Magikstrate and the M-Throne Empire that threatened to engulf half the galaxy in a massive war. Lahey died in mysterious circumstances, believed to be orchestrated by Shulga, and then after the conflict was brought to an end, Shulga agreed to a peace deal when confronted with evidence shifting blame of the Outer Haven incident onto a third party uncovered by Lahey's son Randy and secret Polish intelligence... Shulga Turned around and murdered Randy, and then largely dissapeared from the public eye. Using his Bogatyr guard to act as his eyes and ears across the Sector.

In Combat, Shulga is an expert at ranged and melee weapons, and a master pilot. However he is not known to participate directley in combat, and when he does he often uses Psioniks, an extremely rare trait that allows him to use his mind to influence the material world, He passed some of this training on to his Bogatyr guard, but Novikov, one of his Commanders, was the only one born with the trait and able to make even remotely as much use of the power as he

Shulga unintentionally caused the Monolith Event in R2018. The Monolith had been trying to make a psychic connection to the rest of the dimension but needed a Minifig host. It tried to trick several minifigs before it came to Shulga. Visiting him in a dream, he made contact with the crystalline entity and inadvertedly linked it to the nehellenium reality. It immediately created a black hole, and swallowed up all matter, energy and life in a massive radius, erasing the Gold sector.

Shulga was obliterated, but Reincarnated in the Monolith Dimension... However the original Shulga, was also kept by the Monolith as a champion, The recreated one was unaware of the original, and the original also brought the Bogatyr Guard under his wing to serve the Monolith itself. The original would become known as Prime Shulga , and the recreated doppelganger would be known as Monolith Shulga. Neither would play any signifigant role in the comings and goings of the wars on the Battleplates, But Eventually the two of them would encounter one another, and Kast Renzo in an epic battle for a powerful artifakt.

Imperiya Kommissariat

Vlad Kazakov

Kazakov is the lead admiral of the Imperiya Navy, he has been in a position of power alongside Voronin and Shulga for the last 6 or 7 years, and is arguably the most level headed and stable of the three.

Stan Voronin

Voronin has largely been an enigma throughout the history of Galacia, serving alongside Kazakov and Shulga, his role was always ambiguous. First being in charge of military infrastructure and development, that job was handed off to entire committees, Today his mantle is the head of Colonial Defenses.

Igor Bryzgalov

Bryzgalov was an Army General who was promoted to the Kommissariat high command to take Shulga's place as the head of the Army.

Tachenko "The Bulldozer"

Tachenko is an Armiya commander as well as a Regional prefect who maintains govern-ship over a number of systems. He is most well known for being much larger than the average minifig, is rarely seen outside of his power armor, and is rumored to be horribly disfigured under the helmet. He is most well known for being the Operational Commander of ISA forces in the Arhus Crisis

Anessa Ziegler

Ziegler is a relatively unknown woman who appeared at Shulga's side in late R.2017, who is believed to be his partner, although some rumors suggest she is just another of his minions, and even more wild rumors that she is a Witch or Necromancer.. after stories circulated of her being able to resurrect the dead

Artem Novikov

Novikov is an Imperiya Armiya Commander with a special power. He is a Psionik which gives him the ability to use his mind to influence the material world. This is a very rare ability that he shares with Shulga and to some extent the Bogatyr Guard. As Shulga Trained the elite Bogatyr Guard, Novikov trained the Psi-Korps, a special forces group of Psionik initiates to be used in combat.

Mikhael Rinne

Rinne is a Bavarian National who ended up in Galacia and joined the Navy, becoming a high ranking Admiral and one of Grand Admiral Kazakov's most trusted aides.

Leshiy Yarmoshuk

Leshiy Yarmoshuk is an Imperiya Armiya Colonel who is a lesser regional commander. Known for his history of substance abuse and bombastic obnoxious behaivor, He is seen as a running joke within the Command, a commanding Officer who can be put in a chaotic region and actually do a halfway decent job... or put into another position to completely take the piss and ruin everything just for a laugh... He was Briefly the Galacian Imperiya's ambassador to the AN but was ejected after numerous incidents including Drunken Prank calls, showing up to assemblies high, drug trafficking, screaming in court, and most notably for getting into a fist fight with the ambassador from the USA

Yarmoshuk was appointed the AN ambassador title just to reflect how little of a shit Shulga gave about the AN at the time, and his job was to disrupt the assembly in any way possible. After he was kicked out, he was sent to watch over several of the far eastern systems, known for being wasteland shitholes full of savages. Which he ran quite well..

Katerina Thunderova

Thunderova is an Armiya Brigadier who was instrumental in the training of Imperiya Shock troopers, essentially the Imperiya's marines. for her trouble she was given a hefty Promotion and command over a decent portion of Systems

Galina Topolva

Topolva is an Armiya Colonel, another of the mystery officers who's history and backround little is known of. What is known is that in R.2018 she was given command of the Zarkipatt region, one of the most strategically important districts in the sector as it borders both the Lawless Outer Haven zone, and the Zarkipatta Nebula, a galactic danger zone which has been known to produce hellspawn and other freaks from it's clouds from time to time. This means one of two things, She's either a cover for someone else, or she's very good at her job and very good at staying off the radar.

Bogatyr Guard

The Bogatyr Guard are an elite cadre of operatives in the service of Shulga, fulfilling the roles of Bodyguard, Military Commander and Intelligence gatherers. And sometimes the role of a professional hitman on Shulga's behalf. They are all given the best training and equipment money can buy, and they are also trained in psioniks, each of them holds a special title that is the equivalent of a military commander, with some holding titles equivalent of even higher. They answer only to the Supreme Commander.


Zakharchuk is the Captain of the guard, the Commander of the Bogatyr guard and an honorary member of the Kommissariat, his title holds the same rank as a top General and he is one of Shulga's most trusted confidants, and according to some, an unofficial protoge


Serp is the second in command of the Guard, but actually the most mysterious. Only being seen a handful of times in the public


Lukash was involved in the Outer Haven Incident and personally captured Declan Remus,


Sokol is a guardsman who's primary job is that of personal protection, he is almost always with Shulga and enjoys very little personal time



Karliah Yarmoshuk

Karliah is the sister of Leshiy, she was pressured into helping out the cause by her brother one night at a party... She then put her brother to shame while she helped organize and train the Alfa Group, an elite Commando unit and the first of it's kind in the Imperiya, She maintains that she is only an advisor and not an officer or enlisted soldier.


DuGA is an AI system that was created alongside the new Army in R.2017, DuGA was used to plan the assault on Arhus, as well as aide Shulga in his coup of the 2nd Galacian Republik. DuGA is present in a satellite network across the sector, but maintains several autonomous drones to provide a physical presence when needed

Other Galacian

Sarah Lahey

Oldest child of the late President Lahey, Sarah was a socialite and contributed little of value until after her father's death where she became an unintended figurehead for the underground Galacian Republik resistance. She fled to Zagoria during the Arhus Crisis, and was branded a traitor. Although recieved a heroes welcome in the Zagorian Systems.

Jim Lahey

Jim Lahey was a minor politician who won the R.2016 Election by a complete fluke, His election and subsequent changes of a more benevolent measure drove Stepan Tesarik insane, For a very short period he made Galacia a proud "Good Guy" on the galactik stage. But he would make a lot of enemies, fast. Racists were angry at him for seeking Peace Talks with Peacheneg rebels, The Military was angry at him for downscaling their operations, and the Zagorian systems were angry at him when Government troops started attacking their factories and stealing resources. His actions stirred up a major Rebellion in the southern systems and then when the Outer Haven Incident occured, he was paralyized by shock and was too stunned to do anything. Shulga deposed him and he drank himself into a stupor of which he later died from, although it's now Common belief that he may have been poisoned by a Shulga Supporter, likely one of the Bogatyr

Randy Lahey

Randy Lahey was the youngest child of Jim and Barb Lahey, He joined the military at a young age, which was believed to stress his mother out so much that she later died of a heart attack. During his Father's presidency, he was assigned to Shulga's unit where Shulga took him under his wing, his teachings did not stick with Randy however, Randy was a man of morals and conscience and objected to some of Shulga's decisions. Eventually he found his way into his own Command, and in the height of the Arhus Crisis, he and a Polish GROM unit investigated leads back on Outer Haven which led to the discovery of a secret science group that was directley responsible for everything. Randy presented the findings to his superior's who had no choice but to go to the negotiating table with the M-Throne and Imperial Magikstrate. Randy ended the Arhus Crisis but was almost immediately murdered by Shulga because he was known to be acting against him along with his sister.

The Doppelganger

The Doppelganger is the "official" designation for an unknown warlord who leads a group of Pro-Galacian Militias on the planet Tusk, The Doppelganger is called such because Zagorian NAPA fighters refer to him as "Shitga", in reference to his battle attire that is a clear homage to Alexander Shulga's iconic helm and mask.


Tulga is the Commissioner of the Militsiya a Joint AN-Galacian Space Police force that mainly polices border regions and keeps the peace with civilians


Kolya is the Regional Commander of the Militsiya in the Tusk DMZ

Systems Conglomerate

Ron Fort

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Educated in the USA and having a lot of money and resources tied up in many businesses across the Galaxy, Fort is a Zagorian business celebrity turned Politician, He is a glorified Shill for the USA and serves as the primary connection between them and their puppetry of the Zagorian Systems. in R.2018 he hinted that he "may run for president, if he can find the time"

His reputation was somewhat stained by many intellectuals for a time when news got out that his younger brother, the Mayor of Zagoria's Capital city on Zaphor, was an avid space-crack user.

Stephen Bardak

Stephen Bardak is the President of the Systems Conglomerate, although most real power in the nation belongs to the corporations and their CEOs, all of whom respect Fort, more than him.

Vaclav Hasek

Hasek is the Highest Ranking General in the Conglomerate Military.

Sergeant Pavel

Sergeant Pavel is a member of the Conglomerate's elite ZEAL force.


Wenceslaus is the "Warlord" of the Zagorian Nationalist Party (NAPA), he is viewed as a Terrorist by both the governments of the Pro-USA Systems Conglomerate and the Galacian Imperiya

Volhinyan Region

Karl Magadan II

Kynaz Magadan II was the 2nd Monarch of the Volhinyan Kynazdom, he was a kind albeit bombastic leader who had a tendancy to boast of his combat abilities, this came to a head on Outer Haven where he was killed in combat by a mortar. His Body was later recovered and used to create the "Overlord" Cyborg when Technocrats took over Volhinya, as some kind of sick Symbolic act to finalize their victory.


Overlord is the moniker of the Cyborg that was created with the cadaver of the former Karl Magadan II

Mariza Magadana

Mariza Magadana was the spouse of Kynaz Magadan II, and later self declared Queen. Traditionally the Volhinyan monarchy was patriarchal and did not allow females to rule, although Monarchist Loyalists put her on the throne to oppose the bombastic, unintelligent and foolhardy Bruno of Spartak's claim on the throne. The move backfired as she became drunk with power and turned the country into a feifdom that served her interests alone. Eventually she caused the defection of large groups within her own Military and Intellectual communities, they banded together and rebelled. Eventually her Royal Army of levies and peach mercenaries was defeated and she was executed by the Technocrats who defected from her months prior.

General Guba

Guba was the Military leader of the Royal Army, he briefly served as the head of state between the two Magadans, he was killed by a Red Line attack in mid R.2018


Icepick is a former Mercenary who served as an aide to Guba, before defecting along with most of the Royal Army's Elite... After the Civil War he became a famous Commando for the Volhinyan State.

Cherhovna Bryhada

Stepan Tesarik

Tesarik was once the President of the 1st Galacian Republik, he hated Peaches, Peachenegs, and communists.He waged a brutal war against all of them well into R.2016, when he was deposed in that election he was given the position of a planetary governor, but he rejected it and used his influence to gather like minded support from racists, ultra nationalists, and anti-communists. They formed the Western Red Brigade, or Zakhidna Cherhovna Bryhada, originally just political group, then a gang, then a fully fledged paramilitary.

Syndikat had not yet formed, so the CB had attracted a lot of hardcore criminals and ex soldiers. Tesarik became drunk with power, thinking he had his own personal army that worshipped him, the truth was his officers and followers were sick of him, he was nothing but a mouth. Eventually his actions became so extreme that Members were starting to leave, Some would eventually help make the Syndikat. On new years eve of R.2018, Tesarik went too far at a party when he disgusted his party guests by executing a Peacheneg minifig with a chainsaw at what was supposed to be a concert. Sirena, one of the Officers in the group, killed him in front of everyone and ordered anyone who wouldn't follow her, to leave the group in peace


Sirena's background is unknown, it's not even her real name, she was a criminal of unknown origin and was off the radar until R.2018 when she took control of Cherhovna Bryhada, her lighthearted "Purge" of the group indirectley caused the ZCB attacks on Zagoria, as ex members rebanded into the "Eastern Chapter". While her actions made the Bryhada more closely knit and compact, it left them weaker overall. After meeting the Syndikat and engaging in a few skirmishes, she orchestrated a "truce" with them, and eventually the Cherhovna Bryhada began to mimic the Pirates, unable to wage a large campaign against the KPR, They became just another band of space pirates. Fighting with the KPR, Syndikat, PAC, Imperiya and others

Lopotev "Akula"

Akula was the leader of the rebel "Eastern Chapter", he led an invasion of some 40,000 paramilitaries into the northern frontier of the Zagorian systems, he was eventually hunted down and killed by USA special forces in Operation Harvest Red


Khan is Sirena's chief Lieutenant and effectively the co-leader of the Cherhovna Bryhada in the post-Tesarik era

Syndikat Pirates


Volk is the "Overboss" or Pirate King of the Syndikat, essentially a King of the Pirates, He rarely appears in public, usually only to parlay with important allies or enemies, It was through his influence that Syndikat turned from a crime organization into a fully fledged Pirate fleet

Volk is secretley an An Immortal shard, specifically the Upsilon Shard of the Immortal Empire


Charon is a Pirate Lord and the leader of The Purge, a sub-faction within the Syndikat, He is a fanatic worshipper of the Chaos God "Rakhata", the Pagan god of blood and war, He is a towering and intimidating figure, wearing dark sadistic power armor and is rumored to kill "at least" 1 minifig a day.


Kane is another Pirate Lord, he isn't apart of any sub faction within the fleet, and his role and rank in the heirarchy is unknown, he is known to be a skilled Psionik, though


Scarface is the nickname for the Fleet's "Ambassador", A former Mobster who usually serves as either a negotiator or a butler for the Pirate Lords... he's most often seen accompanied by a bunch of menacing pirates.. threatening enemies into submission..


Kaylor is a veteran Pirate soldier who befriended Renzer and for a time was his partner

Kast Renzer

A veteran Pirate with a secret past. See Kast Renzo

Peacheneg Armata Coalition

Simo Pracka

Pracka is the elected head of state of the Armata Coalition. Having been in power since R.2016, his nation's neighbors wrongly assumed the PAC was a military dictatorship, due to the almost universal dismissal of peaches in the sector, no one ever bothered to ask.

Juuka Rask

General Rask is a veteran of the PAC/USSSR border skirmishes, and a high ranking military official who leads the PAC's campaigns against Cherhovna Bryhada and their peach rivals the KPR


Sofia is an intelligence officer in the PAC military.



Babchuk is a former 45th Union Colonel who "Volunteered" to help fight for the independence of the Kopachy system, in reality he's little more than a plant by the 45th union to use the rebel group as a Union pawn.

Chernarussian Star Federation

Premier Cherdenko

Cherdenko is the leader of the Chernarussian Communist Party, essentially a well behaved dictator. He along with his entire star-nation were hidden from public knowledge until R.2018 when the Zapad dust clouds dissapated and space travelers encountered his Communist empire

Commander Boris

Boris is an experienced Officer in the Chernarussian ground forces. He was the first officer to make contact with Gold sector forces during their first contact in R.2018



The leader of Razor Company, Wolfhound is a ruthless and murderous fiend who takes pleasure in killing surrendered and wounded foes.

Bruno of Spartak

Bruno is an angry, bombastic, egotistical Noble from the former Volhinyan Kynazdom, who after the death of their Monarch, attempted to seize power for himself, first he attempted to take the crown, and when that failed. he tried to take over his home system and establish his own state. When that failed at the hands of the Red Line, he and his "Spardan Kingdom" were reduced to a single battleship turned mobile city.. He is known as one of the biggest boasters and bullshitters in the sector.


Vito was the Space Mafia's Capo for the Western Gold Sector, he was rubbed out by Syndikat Pirates as retaliation for his drug pushers refusing to pay the Pirate's toll.

Kerjit Aldemir

Kerjit Aldemir, father to Kombucha Aldemir and others, was the last reigning emperor of the Elkossian Empire. he was supposedly descended from one of the original dozen colonists that hold mythical status in modern Galacian folklore. He died in battle against the Peachenegs in R.2011, his oldest son had predeceased him, and when he died, his youngest son, decided to abdicate and flee.

He was a supposed relative of Shulga. although with no living Aldemir known to the Imperiya, this cannot be validated

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