Gold Sector Conflict

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The Gold Sector Conflict is a massive clusterfuck of warring factions in the Gold Sector. It started pretty much immediately after the Great Elkossian Peach War ended, as cut-off Colonies in the system declared their own independence. By the time the Capital had regained the strength to restore its dominion, these new states were unwilling to fall in line and violently resisted, although these factions did not come into conflict until BR 2,013 - BR 2,014 as most were focused on rebuilding up until that period. Elkoss especially was tasked with wrestling back control of its own homeworld from Peach remnants and hordes of raiders in the lawless zones after the great war.


The initial combatants of the conflict were the Galacian capital Elkoss and its surrounding systems, the Volhinyan Kynazdom in the north who claimed to be the true Empire due to a vague ancestral tie to the now dead royal families of the 1st Empire, and the Mozorovan Social Union, a communist puppet state that was propped up in the west during the power vacuum.

During its war with the Communists, the Galacians heavily taxed the resource rich southern systems to fund the war effort. Businessmen and citizens alike compared this to the actions of the Brittanians against their colonies in present day USA, cried foul, and began withholding taxes. When the government cracked down and started killing and imprisoning minifigs, they fought back.

Originally in the Zaphor system and then as the government was spread thin, these southern rebels would take control of several systems. As the communists faltered, these roughnecks would become the primary adversary of the Loyalists until BR 2,015 - BR 2,016. Originally fighting to make a state separate from the Galacians, during the 1st Republik the southern rebels would become shocked at President Tesarik and his government's treatment of peaches. The south had no real qualms against peaches as they did not fall victim to the genocidal war that the north had. For a time the rebel's cause was that of "fighting against evil" and fighting to end slavery.

After the Tesarik government was defeated in the ballot room a more moderate president, Lahey took power. He ended the slavery and death camps and the rebels were left with a dilemma in not really knowing what they fought for, they then continued to fight against the Elkoss government on grounds that they had just become too different. By now the USA had become a major influence on the Zaphor centered proto-state.

After the 2nd Republik was brought to a swift end at the hands of Marshal Shulga, the rebel state received a wave of both foreign support from the USA and volunteers in the form of refugees from the 2nd Empire. Democracy as a way of life was over in Galacia. While the populace was still very much cared for and things were not at all as severe at first thought, many roughnecks and rednecks felt insulted at the very principle, and the rebels continued their fight against the capital, this time to restore "Freedom." See also Operation White Hart


Gold Sector Conflict

Location: Zoloty Cluster
AKA Gold Sector

Southern Front: Treaty of Maripol. Post Treaty Insurgency
Northern Front: Pyrrhic Trianglist Victory
Western Front: Inconclusive
Faction Notes
Imperiya.png Galacian Imperiya ~
VK2.jpg Kynazdom of Volhinya ~
EKDFlag2.png Zagorian Systems Conglomerate ~
MOTAFlag.png Varyag (Cherhovna Bryhada) ~
GTSFlag.jpeg Outer Haven ~
Pbh.png Peacheneg Armata Coalition (PAC) ~
Syndikat.png Syndikat ~
Pra.png Kopachy People's Republik ~
CHERNARUS.png Chernarussian Star Federation ~
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