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Top Left: Naval Combat between the Galacian Imperiya and PAC in the Balkani War, R2018
Top Right: Imperiya and PAC forces do battle in the Balkani War, R2018
Bottom Left: Operation Harvest Red, R2017
Bottom Right: Violence in Zagoria, prior to Operation Harvest Red, R2017

The Gold Sector Conflict was a massive clusterfuck of warring factions in the Gold Sector. It started pretty much immediately after the Great Elkossian Peach War ended, as cut-off Colonies in the system declared their own independence. By the time the Capital had regained the strength to attempt restore its old dominion, these new states were unwilling to fall in line and violently resisted, although these factions did not come into conflict until BR 2,013 - BR 2,014 as most were focused on rebuilding up until that period. Elkoss especially was tasked with wrestling back control of its own homeworld from Peach remnants and hordes of raiders in the lawless zones after the great war. It ended prematurely, because of the Monolith Event



The initial combatants of the conflict were the Galacian capital Elkoss and its surrounding systems, the Volhinyan Kynazdom in the north who claimed to be the true Empire due to a vague ancestral tie to the now dead royal families of the 1st Empire, and the Mozorovan Social Union, a communist puppet state that was propped up in the west during the power vacuum.

During its war with the Communists, the Galacians heavily taxed the resource rich southern systems to fund the war effort. Businessmen and citizens alike compared this to the actions of the Brittanians against their colonies in present day USA, cried foul, and began withholding taxes. When the government cracked down and started killing and imprisoning minifigs, they fought back.

Originally in the Zaphor system and then as the government was spread thin, these southern rebels would take control of several systems. As the communists faltered, these roughnecks would become the primary adversary of the Loyalists until BR 2,015 - BR 2,016. Originally fighting to make a state separate from the Galacians, during the 1st Republik the southern rebels would become shocked at President Tesarik and his government's treatment of peaches. The south had no real qualms against peaches as they did not fall victim to the genocidal war that the north had. For a time the rebel's cause was that of "fighting against evil" and fighting to end slavery.

After the Tesarik government was defeated in the ballot room a more moderate president, Lahey took power. He ended the slavery and death camps and the rebels were left with a dilemma in not really knowing what they fought for, they then continued to fight against the Elkoss government on grounds that they had just become too different. By now the USA had become a major influence on the Zaphor centered proto-state.

After the 2nd Republik was brought to a swift end at the hands of Marshal Shulga, the rebel state received a wave of both foreign support from the USA and volunteers in the form of refugees from the 2nd Empire. Democracy as a way of life was over in Galacia. While the populace was still very much cared for and things were not at all as severe at first thought, many roughnecks and rednecks felt insulted at the very principle, and the rebels continued their fight against the capital, this time to restore "Freedom." See also Operation White Hart



Zagorian War of R2016

EKDFlag.png vs EKDFlag2VAR2.png

Galacian Republik Victory

The R2016 Zagorian war was a revolution against the Galacian Republik, the war was characterized by a guerilla campaign against the Republik forces, albeit in a losing effort. While the Zagorians were militarily defeated, later in R2017 after the Bakhacha Coup, The new Imperiya government granted the region it's independence in the Maripol Treaty. The reasons were rumored that the Galacian Imperiya saw the region as impossible to subjugate, so it'd rather contain it as a buffer zone.


Outer Haven Insurgency

VK2.jpg vs GTSFlag.jpeg vs EKDFlag.png

Outer Haven Victory

The Outer Haven Insurgency was a short war comprising of Trianglist cults who rebelled against Galacian rule. The the planet was mostly controlled by the Cultist governments, but the Galacian Navy repeatedly launched attacks from small starports across the surface. Eventually the Outer Haven Incident brought an end to the conflict, the Galacian forces abandoned the planet and Volhinya attempted to invade it in the power gap, but failed

Galacian Civil War

Imperiya.png vs EKDFlag.png

Galacian Imperiya Victory
Concurrent - Arhus Crisis

After the Outer Haven Incident, The military elite of the Galacian Republik staged a coup against the president's government due to his soft stance on hostile foreign powers. Marshal Shulga lured most of the civilian government onto Bakhacha Station, and secretley had already launched an attack against the Imperial Magikstrate and M-Throne Empire. The vast majority of the civilian government was arrested and removed from power. Resistance was few and far between as the notoriously corrupt Galacian military was more loyal to it's own officers and generals, than the government. Nevertheless a small number of Loyalists fought against the coup, they were crushed.


While the situation in the Gold Sector is best described as a cluster of smaller conflicts, Several alliances of factions have banded together, or at least agreed to collaborate with one another

Pan-Slavya Coalition

The PSC, although sometimes confused with the PAC in name, is the Successor to the Iron Symphony. The PSC's grand strategy is an Alliance that stands to preserve the Cultures of the various civilizations from across the Western Arms. And by proxy, to protect the integrity of the Galacian Imperiya. However what makes the Pan-Slavya Coalition different than the Iron Symphony, is that aside from it's ambitions to spread across the Western arms, rather than random areas inhabited by the forgotten and downtrodden of the Galaxy.. The PSC is not simply a tool of Galacian puppet states, the inclusion of Volhinya, an old rival of the Galacian state has disproven any assertions that this is just a Pro-Imperiya bloc. However at the start of this conflict, Volhinya was literally the only member that was not an Imperiya Protectorate or puppet.. and it also only joined because they knew that the Imperiya would stand up to the USSSR should they attempt to attack the Gold Sector any further than the Red Line which they already Annexed.

The PSC is a peculiar alliance as almost all of it's ideal members, are either already sworn enemies of Galacia, or they are already members of conflicting alliances.

Faction Notes
Imperiya.png Galacian Imperiya ~
SAK.png Sakhalina Client State of the Galacian Imperiya
ULV.png Ulvarrat Client State of the Galacian Imperiya
VK2.jpg Kynazdom of Volhinya ~

Crimson Concord

The Crimson Concord's name itself is a nod to the Rubrum Crucesignatis, A larger Star alliance with members from all over the Western Arms. Except not all of it's members are signatories to said alliance, and simply remain as co-belligerents and collaborators. The Concord is an alliance that seeks to overthrow the governments of the Gold Sector and empower more agreeable and stable regimes. The Concord is lead by the Peacheneg Armata Coalition but PAC also commands considerable influence on behalf of the M-Throne Empire and Imperial Magikstrate, both who have had grievances with the Galacian Imperiya, and even fought a war against it. Some suggest the Concord is just a tool of the RC to enforce it's own ethics on the sector, but others label it as simply an alliance of states and factions, that accepted foreign support, who want nothing to do with either the Imperiya, or the USA Friendly Alliance

Faction Notes
Pbh.png Peacheneg Armata Coalition (PAC) As a result of the incident in Kopachy, and fearing a war with the 45th Union, and already involved in several border skirmishes and all out assaults back and forth with the Imperiya over previous incidents in the west, The M-Throne Empire on behalf of the Rubrum Crucesignatis extended an invitation to the PAC to join, They cited that the PAC was one of the few "rays of hope in the dark depressing gold sector". They happily accepted and stood beside the Imperial Magikstrate and Space Austria as a member of an alliance that would embrace co-existence between Peaches and others. Unfortunately most members of the Alliance still could never understand what the hell the Peachenegs were saying.
CHERNARUS.png Chernarussian Star Federation While not officially joining the alliance, The Federation pledged that it would stand with the Peacheneg Armata Coalition in a conflict against the Imperiya or any other foreign intervention, Ironically, PAC ended up allying itself with a foreign Alliance, and the Chernarussians felt it was in their best interest to act as a co-belligerent in the standoff incase things got hot.
Sprrta.png Kingdom of Spartak King Bruno of Spartak, bitter over losing the War of the Volhinyan Succession. Upon hearing that the Volhinyans had elected to stand with the Imperiya in the standoff, chose to join the Rubrum Crucesignatis out of Spite. However they fill a completely insignifigant role in the alliance
2dv7h1g.png Rubrum Crucesignatis While not directley involved, the threat of an RC Invasion looms over the sector as it already fought a war against the Galacian Imperiya in the Arhus Crisis, and the conflict has since drawn the attention of the RC when the PAC began a bid for membership in the alliance. While declining to join their alliance, Chernarus and Spartak have pledged to fight on the side of PAC and the RC should the war escalate.

Maripol Pact

Named after the original rebel alliance that fought against the Galacian Republik, the reformed Maripol Pact is led by the Zagorian Systems Conglomerate and their USA benefactors, ironically, the remnants of the Galacian Republik also find themselves the puppets of the Conglomerate in their fight against the Imperiya that overthrew them.

The Maripol Pact Consists of the sector's Freedom Fighters. While heavily influenced by foreign money, the Ideologies of the Pact members revolve around self determination and independence. Oddly enough this has brought in a rag-tag alliance of many unlikely compatriots, including Galacian Freedom fighters, as well as various Mercenaries and Unaffiliated Scavengers groups from all over the region

Faction Notes
EKDFlag2.png Zagorian Systems Conglomerate The independent state of Zagoria has become a bastion for "Freedom and Demokracy", or at least that's what the USA told them to say. The Zagorian state fights to both preserve it's own integrity, and try to restore demokracy elsewhere
Space Flag-clean.png USA The benefactor of the Zagorian Systems Conglomerate, the USA has considerable assets invested in the southern systems. It has already directley supported Zagoria during Operation Harvest Red and has stationed USA Marines in several systems to deter further aggression
Razer.png Razor Company Mercenaries ~
Caspian Empire.jpg Galacian Republik No longer a legitimate state. The Underground Resistance to restore the Republik is little more than a Zagorian funded rebel group operating in Imperiya Space

Hostile Independent Factions

A number of factions involved in the sector ended up taking no sides but their own. Most of these factions consisted of nothing but the Scum and Villiany of the sector, even in an escalating war no side could trust or stomach them on their side. These Organizations are typically hostile to all others, and often fight each other as well as amongst themselves, too

Faction Notes
MOTAFlag.png Varyag (Cherhovna Bryhada) ~
Syndikat.png Syndikat ~
Pra.png Kopachy People's Republik ~


A number of factions are stuck on the sidelines, and may still be allies or enemies with some of the participants, but for one reason or another, chose not to participate in the Alliance war

Faction Notes
GTSFlag.jpeg Outer Haven ~
Rustf.png Rust Autonomous protecterate of Levtican and Emerian Colonists

Foreign Involvement

Pre-Existing and long festering grudges and conflicts within the Gold Sector were the powder keg... and Foreign involvement was the Catalyst.

Faction Notes
45th Union Flag4c.jpg 45th Union While it no longer plays an active role in the conflict, the 45th Union's actions in early R2018 are blamed for setting off the current crisis, their "Annexation" of the Kopachy system triggered a rise in violence all across the west. This action set in motion PAC's process to join the RC Alliance, and the panic that followed that, drew most of the other factions into different, opposing camps.
SovietFlagImage.jpg USSSR The USSSR has Annexed the stations in the Volhinyan region known as the Red Line, Their actions influenced Volhinya to seek protection from a larger alliance, And surprisingly drove them into the arms of the Imperiya


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