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The Gold Sector is a region heavily divided, and thus there are a number of groups that could be considered religions in and around the sector. It should be known that many of the religions of these Minifigs may relate closely to those outside the sector, and could be an affirmation that they are one in the same, except by different names.


Church of the Allfather

A monotheistic worship the believes the brikverse was created by some guy and that everything that happens because said guy thought it'd be cool, funny or awesome.

The 13 Saivors

A religion worshipping a pantheon of saints. Once living Minifigs who were the original colonists who uplifted, and saved the natives of what would become Elkoss, the world from which almost all other civilization sprung in the sector The saviors were a group of technologically advanced refugees who arrived on Brikrigton, fleeing from the west in what today is believed to have been somewhere in the western fringe of present day USSSR Territory. These 13 made contact with the locals and provided a cure for the plague in exchange for being allowed to remain on the planet.

These 13 Saivors, who's real names have been lost to time. Mingled and bred with the locals, this would create several "royal bloodlines" who's progeny still floats around the sector today, and also created the Old Slavonic Culture of Galacia which also still lives on in present day Galacia, albeit more developed. While the Gold sector conflicts are rarely about religion, except for the case of the Triangle cult, many of the bloodiest and most intense conflicts in the sector revolve around the preservation or abandonment of the Galacian's Slavonic culture and to a lesser extent, the legitimacy of bloodlines.

When the last of the 13 died, they were all immediately canonized as saints and committed to the spirit of the planet and it's people. Today, Once a season, Celebrations are observed "giving thanks" to the memory of Galacia's Saviors from the Stars

Even Today some still fight over claims and denials of ancestry to the 13. and there's even another fight over the validity of the 13th Saivor, since some think they didn't even exist.

Peach Death Cults

Unofficial name for the pagan and barbarian practices that are followed by the Peachenegs (Name for the Gold Sector Peach diaspora)

Chernobog death cults

Chernobog, meaning (Black Gods, or Dark Gods) is fringe religion worshipping a pantheon of ruinous powers that originated during ancient times on Elkoss. Some of these Dark Gods completley match descriptions of other entities, legends and religions, so these could just be a case of a localized dialect, in other words. Two names for the same thing.

Ancient Elkossian Runes commonly associated with the Dark Gods, Rakhata, Magiya, Zaraza, Troika and the Endbringer, Vasgogog

Rakhata, God of Destruction, Strife and Bloodshed

Known as the Wrathful one, Rakhata is by far the most mainstream of the pantheon. Destruction, Chaos and War are his calling, he could almost be considered a patron saint of soldiers if the tenents of the Cult of Rakhata weren't so savage and ruthless. Rakhata is depicted as a burning black and bloody skeleton... and it's no surprise that some Rakhata followers genuinely believe the shards of Warhead to be Rakhata Incarnate.

Magiya, God of Sorcery and Black Magik

Known as the Nefarious one, Magiya as his name suggests revolves around evil magik. Magik is seen to be an evil and unnatural power, although some suggest that Magik and Psioniks are essentially the same thing. Magiya is synonymous with matters involving dark alchemy as well, and could be considered a deviation of Explosionist religions, seeing as those that mess with Magik or Alchemy, usually do so in order to blow shit up. Magiya is the rival of Troika, the two have similar powers and compete for the right to own them.

Zaraza, God of the Dead, Undeath and Silence

Known as the Lord of the Dead, Zaraza is depicted as a Cloaked figure synonymous with skeletons, zombies, and other spooky shit associated with the finality of death. Most Zaraza followers do not partake in violence and are more interested in rituals pertaining to the already dead. However a fringe section of the cult of Zaraza, believe Zaraza not to be a stereotypical grim reaper, but actually a machine god that absorbs organics. This divide is the explanation to why the most stereotypical of the death cults, is the most disorganized of the four.

Troika, God of Perversion, Possession and Madness

Known as the Corruption, Troika is the god of the things that should not be, freaks of nature, scientifically impossible anomolies, possession and domination of minifigs are all traits of Troika, Who seeks to use the world has it's plaything to turn upside down, inside out. Troika is the rival of Magiya, the two have similar powers and compete for the right to own them.

It is widely believed that Troika is also known as the "Triangle God", actively worshipped on the world Outer Haven, a planet notorious for anomalies and horrific incidents.

Vasgogog, The End Bringer

Described as a black tentacled beast larger than the brikverse itself, Vasgogog is the master of the Dark gods, and will one day bring an end to time itself. Clearly an analog to Brikthulu. Very few minifigs worship Vasgogog directley as they are usually already worshippers of another god.

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