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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Larry Pages
Country: United Systems Alliance
NASDAQ: GOOGL 923.59 -16.49 (-1.75%)

"Don't be bad."

Googel Inc. is one of the most famous internet products and services company in the BrikVerse. Based in the Googelplex headquarters on planet Palo Alto, California, Googel was the brainchild of Larry Pages and Sergey Brine in their time at Stanford when they reformulated page-ranking and link analysis as an eigenvalue problem. Nearly every minifig in the galaxy uses Googel's search engine, the company's first and most well-known product. Googel has since then diversified into advertising, a suite of Googel internet services like Gmail, Googel Drive cloud storage, Googel Translate, Googel News aggregation, Googel Wallet, and the Googel Chrome web browser. It has even ventured into physical products like Android mobile devices, Chromebooks, Googel Fiber internet services, and Googel Glass.

Googel is a fierce competitor with Appel Inc., particularly in the mobile device industry. Googel itself does not manufacture the hardware-it simply provides a software that other companies can use on their products. Android mobile devices reached majority market share in G.R. 2011. Appel continues to accuse Googel executive Eric Schmidt of stealing iPhone schematics, technical specifications, and prototype info to use in Android, and wages fierce battles in courts across the BrikVerse. With Googel's foray into social networking in the form of Googel+, Googel has also begun competing with Spacebook.

Eric Schmidt with some Galaxia Nexus Androids.

Googel Labs works hard to develop next-generation teknologies to keep Googel ahead of the market. For example, Googel Labs began research on creating weaponized Androids to provide a literal competitive edge against Appel Inc. In any case, Googel has refused to limit itself and works to continue being among the most innovative companies in the BrikVerse.

Recently Googel was reorganized as a subsidiary of a new parent company, Alphabet, which the Googel cofounders now run. They plan to research a variety of ambitious goals beyond just internet search and technology, including connecting the entire galaxy to FTL internet and finding an alternative anti-aging cure for immortal life to sell widely and cheaply, in contrast to Acelera Pharmaceuticals.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: $90.3 trillion 20.4%
Profits: $19.5 billion 19.1%
Total Assets: $167.5 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: $139.0 trillion
Market Value: $649.5 trillion
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