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Triangular State of Outer Haven
Theocratic Dictatorship
Tek Level 5
2 Systems in the Gold Sector
None listed
Galacian Republic
Maripol Pact
Imperial Magikstrate
Notable People
The Triangle God
Triangular State militants publicly execute a blasphemer in front of the camera.

The Triangular State of Outer Haven "TSOH is a small Theocratic state in the north of the Gold Sector, They are vehement believers of Triangle Bible

The TS is considered a terrorist seperatist organization by the Galacian Republic, and considered to be a Cult by both the GR and Maripol Pact. It is at war with all other powers in the sector. It mainly fights with the Kingdom of Volhinya, a pact member. As both are more or less contained in their immediate area in the sector, and neither the GR or other pact forces have the time to bother with such a small threat.

The lives of TS subjects revolve around their religon, non believers are cast as blasphemers and executed on the spot by militants. Aside from Terrorism, most of the state's income and comes from salvaging junk. Worlds under TS control are usually blockaded by Pact or GR ships meaning very few supplies are available.

Triangular Military forces are comprised of paramilitary militants and not a professional standing army. Arms and equipment are assembled from materials salvaged or purchased on black markets.

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