Grimfrost Empire

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Grimfrost Empire
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System Empire
Crystalline System
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Oknorian Alliance
Notable People
Velgar Grimfrost

Led by Velgar Grimfrost, they rule the majority of the planet Crystalline, and are making their push into space. The timeline of their faction, along with that of the Oknorian Alliance, can be found on the Crystalline page. They are industrious, mining the blue rocks, metals and crystals native to their planet in order to construct weapons, armor, vehicles, and now space ships. Their main enemy in BR 2,011 is the Oknorian Alliance, a group of rebels led by Evz Oknor.

Their capitol is the Grimfrost Imperial City (GIC), an immense city surrounded by a large wall of crystal and stone. Within the center of the city is a massive hollowed-out green crystal, of which more habitat buildings are located. At the highest point is the Imperial Palace. Across the planet of Crystalline, they have many cities and fortresses and factories built. In BR 2,011, they built a shipyard, where they would build spaceships. Then they colonized the planet's moon. In early BR 2,012, they expect to expand their empire to the star system.

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