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Every once in a while, when evil rears its ugly head, a lone warrior appears to put that evil back in its place. That warrior is known by many as Hammerman. Wielding a legendary hammer, Hammerman uses his talents to fuck up evil and smash it to tiny bits.

Hammerman entering a haunted tomb. Hammerman calling upon his thunder majiks to create a shield.

There are some reports of Hammerman having the ability to use thunder majiks, leading some people to believe that Hammerman is a warrior sent by the gods. Other people dismiss this claim as poppycock and that if Hammerman actually does exist that he is some sort of idealistic knight. Not much else is known of this mystical character except for rumors that he usually roams the Brikverse looking for small towns with evil to fight. The only tangible piece of evidence of his existence lies in the Immortal records of the raid on the Scythians.

The legendary Hammer. Yeah, evil is fucked.

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