Heavy Infantry

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Heavy infantry are the classic pre-Renaissance warrior, a variety very well suited for pitched combat in the gory fields of Brikwars. Heavy warriors include Hoplites (Greek infantry), Legionnaires (Roman infantry), and modern Riot Police.

Heavy infantry are typically armed with a Hand-and-a-Half weapon such as an axe or spear, a helmet of some sort, and a shield. They are good in offense and excellent in defense, but costly to field and rather slow moving, weighed down by their gear. More often than not they are seen in rank and file, using strength of numbers to sweep the field.

Heavy infantry are particularly effective against light infantry and light cavalry, and have an excellent resistance to lighter ranged weapons such as bows and pistols. They are, however, vulnerable to heavy cavalry and heavier ranged weapons like ballistas and cannons. If playing in an anachronistic battle, they are easily overwhelmed by grenades, rockets, and particularly tanks and armored vehicles, which they have little means to fend against.

As far as cheapness goes, these guys know how to milk the rulebook. See Shield Wall to learn exactly how!

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