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Hyperion - Apocalypse Class Tank

Hyperion is one of the greatest ground vehicles of the M-Throne Empire. Comparing its size with other tanks, Hyperion Tank is more of a mobile command station than a tank. It is designed as a mobile base for the field generals of the M-Throne Imperial Army. It is covered with different kinds of weapons including machine guns, flak guns, ion cannons and different types of missiles.


Size of the tank in comparison with a minifig.
Control room and crew
Main screen of the control room
Captain, pilots and officers

Length: 30"

Width: 16"

Height: 11"

Mass: 8,7 kg

Structure Level: 4

Speed: 12"

Crew and Controls

Tank crew consist of one commander, two pilots, two officers and eight gunners. There are also 14 targeting computers to increase accuracy of the weapons. These computers are located underneath the seat of the commander and he can root the processing power of the computers to the weapons he wants to use.

Additionally there is a repair robot on the back of the tank that can repair the damaged parts during a battle. The robot can either function with its own AI or can be controlled remotely from the command center. The robot has magnetic treads that allow it the travel on the vertical surfaces.


1 x Dual Barrel Main Ion Cannon Size:14

2 x Dual Barrel Ion Cannons Size: 5

4 x Dual Barrel Ion Cannon Turrets Size: 4

2 x Dual Barrel AA Flak Guns Size: 2

8 x Dual Barrel Machine Guns Size: 1

4 x Single Barrel Machine Guns Size: 1

24 x Homing AA Missiles

6 x Napalm Missiles

2 x Long Range Napalm Missiles

2 x Long Range OT-Nuclear-Missiles

1 x Anti-Electromagnetic Field Generetor (This device prevents most kind of teleportation methods.)

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