Ice Fields of Skadus

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The Ice Fields of Skadus
Dead System from the End of Time
Krysto Region
Key Resources
Blue Transparent



Controlled By
None listed
Key Locations
Khione, the Frozen Star

Deep in the future, possibly near R. 3,955, minifigs of the Skadus System in the Krysto Region wage a desperate war against the personified Concepts of Peace, Stability, Complacency, and Tedium, the Four Horsemen of the Brikpocalypse. The very cosmos themselves were the weapons in the final war that could end the BrikVerse forever and, with the most primitive societies at the end of days rating a Tek Level of at least 8, the remaining factions wielded them with utmost proficiency. No one knows what happened, whether the universe was, is, or has been saved, only that the remnants of titanic Ice Moons litter the destroyed system and that nothing but the cold quiet of those shards and the phantom apocalyptic battlers sometimes glimpsed within them permeates that dead space.

The Ice Fields are filled with massive collisions and bursts of deadly energies but the space is somehow muted and still. Skadus appears in its present form in every Rekonstruktion and is, as far as scientists and theologians are able to piece together, the only thing in the BrikVerse that does not change or get recycled with each Rekon. Disturbingly, it's almost as if it exists outside of the gaping rents in space time and is a True Constant. This could bode very well for the inhabitants of the BrikVerse, or it could portend something very, very bad.

Many operations mine the perimeter of the Skadus System, looking for appropriate concentrations of Blue Transparent element. Not many venture too far inside, however, due to its extremely dangerous environs. Rumors persist that, at the heart of the system where its star once burned, the secrets of the universe are locked away, buried beneath the Ice.