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Kill the Redlinks.

Factions and Forces: Still missing some Civ entries.

Bestiary: Redlinks in Species and Types. Many categories have pages but need filled in.

Teknology: is virtually empty.

Materials and Phenomena: Dead empty.

History and Chronology: Wars need filled out in time. Also, let's at least fill the years with bullshit.

Theology and Philosophy: Trianglish still needs filled in. Also Basic Understanding needs filled in.

Places and Locations: Redlinks in every category but the last.

Literature: A load of stuff needs written or imported.

Gaming in BrikWars: Redlinks in both categories. Also, Tactics and Strategy needs much further defined.

Expansion and Construction

BrikWars Universe: Needs to filled out with newb-friendly info. What is BrikWars? What is the canon like and where does it come from? Key themes and ideas? So on.

Inhabitants of the Universe: Fill in your profile. Or add it to one of the categories and then fill it in. Add your SigFig.

Factions and Forces: Things we'd still like to see -- Immortal Empire, Assyrian Star Empire, 45th Union, Allied Nations, Third Alliance, United Systems Alliance, The Synthetic Organic Coalition, Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republiks (U.S.S.S.R), The VOL, Space Ninjas and Space Pirates, Lite-Siders, Time-Traveling Super Jews, Medivo, FELC, Republic of Independent Nations. Civilizations needs better rounded out. Organizations needs small army entries. Bloodlines are fine, but put them there if you can think of any.

Teknology: Recommend consolidating generic entries to a single page.

Materials and Phenomena: Add in anything I missed.

History and Chronology: Add in -- Triangulism- FoBoB War, Immortal War, Allied Nations- Third Alliance War, Space Wars. In particular, a list of battles for each, and The Assyrian Incident under the Immortal War. Description of Ragnablok.

Theology and Philosophy: Include: Universal Church of Explosions, Dice Cults. Moar philosophy?

Places and Locations: Some of the locations need more detailed explanations, such as the Rainbow Mines. Battlescapes needs expanding badly. Structures needs a little filling in.

Gaming in BrikWars: Include LDD microspace table, stat cards, etc.

BrikWars Community: Keep adding in Forum Battles and Battle Reports.

Wiki Administration: Update this page as needed. Add to projects, featured pages. Develop more detailed guidelines if necessary.

Loop the Loop

  • Link all pages back to previous page. 3 spaces down, horiz line, link.
  • Link to all relevant pages so we don't have floaters.

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