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Alright guys, we're migrating over to the new wiki because Mr. Overlord wants us to. Obviously, there are a few absolutely essential pages we will need if we want a successful wiki, so:

- Obviously we should get rid of all the red links in navigation so we have somewhere to start.

- For Brikwars Universe, we should get Dimmies. - Inhabitants of the Galaxy, obviously we should get most of the "Old Guard" and famous people on there, here's a few off the top of my head: Rayhawk, IVHorseman, Almighty Benny, Warhead, Silverdream, Rocc77, Tuefish, PedoNuker, Blitzen, BFenix, Zahru, Piltogg, Shadowscythe, aoffan23, Assterios, Elmagnifico, James+Burgundy, Tzan etc.

- Civilizations has already been established, yay, but obviously we need a few more big players. Some major empires that we must absolutely have wiki pages for: Immortal Empire, Assyrian Star Empire, 45th Union, Allied Nations, Third Alliance, United Systems Alliance, The Synthetic Organic Coalition, Akkadian Empire of Ultra-Badassery, Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republiks (U.S.S.S.R), The VOL, Space Ninjas and Space Pirates, Lite-Siders, Time-Traveling Super Jews, Medivo, FELC, Republic of Independent Nations

- Vehicles and Machines: General articles about SHIPs, Armored Cars, Armored Cores, Dreadnoughts and Super Death Tanks would be nice. Also, we need to import the LDD microspace table over here.

- Weapons and Teknology: Orange-Transparent Chainsaw is a must. Maybe articles about Nova Swords. Finally, since they're so common, I think we could use a page of stats of Assyrian Weaponry.

- Tactics and Strategy: Article about Turtling and Anoraks.

- History and Chronology: Triangulism- FoBoB War, Immortal War, Allied Nations- Third Alliance War, Space Wars. In particular, a list of battles for each, and The Assyrian Incident under the Immortal War. Description of Ragnablok.

- Religions and Theology: Triangulism, FoBoB, Universal Church of Explosions, Invisible Pink Unicorn, Raptor Jesus, Dice Cults. Also, add Brikthulu and 2 by 2 to directory page.

- Places and Locations: LOL I dunno. Maybe Iceworld

- Buildings and Structures: Death Wall

- Literature: The Scythian Shorts, Brikwars: A Book (aka the stupid comics that feature Tzan in the last panel), Death of the Alliance

- Gaming: ???

- /b/: This page, along with any sort of wiki administration pages.

- Brikwars Chat: Brikwars Chat. That should explain itself.

You can delete stuff here (except the directory pages) when they turn blue.

Battle Reports: Add your battle reports to the list.

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