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Kill the Redlinks.

Factions and Forces: Missing two organizations, only one bloodline listed. May need to be updated.

Bestiary: Redlinks in Species. Many categories have pages but need filled in.

Teknology: Only need to create new pages with image galleries for certain vehicle types.

Materials and Phenomena: Small number of redlinks still.

History and Chronology: Wars need filled out in time. Also, let's at least fill the years with bullshit.

Theology and Philosophy: No redlinks, but some pages are empty.

Locations: Redlinks Worlds and Notable Locations.

Literature: A load of stuff needs written or imported.

Gaming in BrikWars: Some of the categories have empty subpages.

Expansion and Construction

BrikWars Universe: Any other BrikWarsian Concepts?

Inhabitants of the Universe: Fill in your profile. Or add it to one of the categories and then fill it in. Add your SigFig.

Factions and Forces: Things we'd still like to see -- Allied Nations, Third Alliance, United Systems Alliance, The Synthetic Organic Coalition, Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republiks (U.S.S.S.R), The VOL, Space Ninjas and Space Pirates, Lite-Siders, Time-Traveling Super Jews, FELC. Civilizations needs better rounded out. Organizations needs small army entries. Bloodlines are fine, but put them there if you can think of any.

Materials and Phenomena: Add in anything I missed.

History and Chronology: Add in -- Triangulism- FoBoB War, Immortal War, Allied Nations- Third Alliance War, Space Wars. In particular, a list of battles for each, and The Assyrian Incident under the Immortal War. Description of Ragnablok.

Theology and Philosophy: Moar philosophy?

Locations: Some of the locations need more detailed explanations, such as the Rainbow Mines. Battlescapes needs expanding.

Gaming in BrikWars: Include LDD microspace table, stat cards, etc.

BrikWars Community: Keep adding in Forum Battles and Battle Reports.

Wiki Administration: Update this page as needed. Add to projects, featured pages. Develop more detailed guidelines if necessary.

Loop the Loop

  • Link all pages back to previous page. 3 spaces down, horiz line, link. Or Categories.
  • Link to all relevant pages so we don't have floaters.

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