Inhabitants of the Universe

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The BrikVerse is a really big place, filled with an ever expanding and motley collection of not only ideas made manifest but also the diverse personalities that make them so. Scattered across the space of a billion worlds and the infinite expanse of alternate dimensions and nether regions, they appear to give voice to the conceptual thoughts that, in turn, give rise to the incredible realities that collectively help shape the future of BrikWars.

Legends and Leaders

These are the creators of the BrikVerse, the leading voices that shape its reality, and the celebrities of the Far-Ums.

BrikWarriors of Renown

For good or ill, these are the crowd favorites of the Far-Ums, the faces and heels of the BrikVerse. Their opinions and thoughts hold weight and influence. Or, at the very least, they don't get ignored. Regardless of their fame, all have contributed in some significant fashion to the BrikWars canon or community.

BrikWarriors in the Universe

A BrikWarrior is a Human player of BrikWars. They have the option of participating in the Far-Ums, the BrikWars Chat, and the BrikWars BrikWiki.


These are the Humans that have been excluded from any of the above categories by the community or the leaders of the community.