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The Inquistadorial Monarchy

The Inquistadorial Monarchy is a sizeable space faction that concentrates its power on their massive mother planet of Dios and the surrounding systems on the southernmost frontier of the Brittanian League as well as holds some colonies on desolate parts of the Brikverse that are valuable to its economy. They worship their mother planet and regard it as a god. Inquistadores are a highly hostile faction that hardly have any friendly contact with other space nations and are at odds with many of them. This is because of their highly racist ideology and often overbearing feeling of superiority. Peaches, Brittanians, followers of other religions, atheists and any kind of non-humans are amongst their prime targets. Despite being almost constantly at war with many factions at a time, the Inquistadores only attempt to increase their territory bit by bit when they have amassed enough slaves to colonize it and have thus avoided full-scale, all out warfare a lot, even though there have been several major conflicts with the Brittanian League. Inquistadores are extremely ruthless and are infamous for their outright brutal way of approaching warfare.

Inquistadorial Armed Forces

In battle, Inquistadorial units are known mostly for their tough armour, versatile armaments and firepower but also for their common lack of mobility, an error they are too proud to fix. The Inquistadores' armies are split up into Legions. Typically, each noble house commands a Legion, though various smaller houses may band together for the creation of one Legion, or very powerful houses may even field two or more Legions. The Armada is almost entirely made up out of Dragonhead cruisers and the ground forces typically field many tough infantry units with different strengths and uses, supported by heavy machinery.

Known Inquistadorial military vehicles include the Hyena Frame, the Jackal frame, El Tigre tanks, Crouching Anubis speeders and Dragonhead-class cruisers.

Inquistadorial infantry is typically heavily armed and armoured, and often relies on sabres, chainsaws, OTC's, stun blasters, miniguns and heavy machine guns as well as various weapons 'borrowed' from other civilizations. The Inquistadorial Commandos, a special elite unit within the infantry, is often seen wielding different equipment from their peers, ranging from power blades to psychic powers and more.

Noble Houses

The nobility is what rules over most of Dios. The Noble Houses are caught in a constant struggle for power, not always putting the greater good of the Monarchy in front of their personal goals.

The most important Noble Houses include:

House Del Montero: an influential House who's main strength is keeping the Inquistadores' military technology up to date. They are essential to fielding the Inquistadorial Legions.

House Valenza: known for delivering the Archduke for five times in a row now, House Valenza is easily the most powerful House in the Monarchy.


The Inquistadorial Monarchy used to be an absolute Monarchy until the King became too dependent on the nobility to fund his war efforts and lead his armies, and they have gradually taken over everything. Now Royalty's true purpose lies mostly on the field of battle and it is there that they have a chance to gain their respect.

The most important members of the Royalty include:

- Prince Vinambre: a well-loved, undefeated commander of royal blood who is the embodiment of all of the Inquistadores' virtues.

Recent History

At the eve of the Immortal War the Inquistadores joined the Immortal Alliance in G.R. 2011, despite their reservations about siding with 'barbarous', less than desirable factions such as the VoL or their age-old enemies the Brittanian League. Self preservation outweigh principles with the Inquistadores and they were certain they would be able to gain the Emperor's favour rather than any of their inferior newfound 'allies'. Looking to lay their hands on the resource-rich planets found there, the Inquistadores quickly offered to attack the Neo-Prussian Empire. Along with the Vol and the Brittanians, House Del Montero formed up the 6th Immortal Legion and departed to strike at the young Empire. This led to the Prussian-Monarchial Conflict.

The Inquistadores, having lost all of the High Council as well as Prince Vinambre, who had proclaimed himself ruler, during the struggle, fell to infighting. Civil war began to rage over Dios, and a resurrected Sharane Darkstar was once again dispatched to bring them back into the fold, to restore order and ensure the Inquistadores' support to the Immortal Alliance. However, even before Sharane's arrival, external forces had already begun to help the disintegration of the Monarchy along. These forces were quickly identified as Prussian dissidents and Assyrians trying to destroy the Monarchy from within. This conflict led to the Contamination Wars.

Notable Leaders

Archduke Valenza Prince Vinambre Duchess Angelica Duke Felipe Marshal Alonso Admiral Santiago General Thesson Captain Roberto

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