Johar, the Yellow Raiders

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The Johar StarShip Civilization had the unfortunate luck to begin its colonizing campaign in a resource-poor section of the galaxy. The dim suns in this sector shone on barren rockball planets, lacking in the minerals and metals the Joharites needed to maintain a serious war effort. What they did eventually find, however, was a pocket of super-rich organic planets, covered by impenetrable jungles, dense swamplands, and limitless steppes teeming with vast herds of grazing animals. With this nearly inexhaustible supply of biomass, the Joharites began cannibalizing their StarShip to get the metal and equipment they needed to set up some serious bio-engineering research facilities. While their weapons technology atrophied, they perfected new techniques of cloning and genetik engineering. Painted on the sides of Johari Bases and vehicles is the symbol of Four-Eyed Jack, an early Johari Genetik who made heroic advances in bioengineering, despite the fact that he had no one to experiment on except himself. To the victims of a Johari raid, the sight of this smiley-face bearing down on them at mach speed takes their natural fear of the SpaceMen's smiley-faces and raises it by an order of magnitude.

Now, two thousand years into the Galactik War, the cannibalization of the Johar StarShip has reduced it to about fifty mini-StarShips, which move from hiding place to hiding place while their huge legions of cloned SpaceMen sweep the galaxy in search of the metals and equipment they need to rebuild their Civilization. Their primary concern is with obtaining industrial metals and supplies. To accomplish this, they engage in hit-and-run raids on enemy factories and industrial bases, trying to take what they need and escape before an armed defense can be raised. In rare cases, they try to take over isolated or abandoned factories for their own use. However, they never stick around in one area for long, because they don't have the firepower to hold off a concentrated assault. They attack in great numbers on small, fast vehicles to quickly secure an area so that a dropship can arrive to steal and transport away raw material and finished products. If they have the chance, it is not uncommon for them to bring timed explosives to destroy the buildings after they have emptied them.

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