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The jophfy is extremely happy about joining the "dimmies" section of the brikwars Far-Ums, a forum section comprised entirely of half-dimmies. Jophfy also wants to be the first ultra-super-half-dimmy but no one but him knows how to become one or what they even are besides full dimmies them-selfs. Jophfy completed the 4 tasks of mayhem so fast that the onlooking dimmies gasped in astonishment. He was also the youngest one to complete then at the age of 7. He has been working towards his goal at becoming the first ultra-super-half-dimmy. That would make him the closest to dimmydom as any half-dimmy has come. It is not known why jophfy wants to be a ultra-super-half-dimmy besides himself. No known pictures of jophfy are known to exist at this time except for maybe a lost drawing because he has seen to the destruction of all of them so when people meet him he can pretend to be a non-dimmy. Jophfy has also taken a trip to the Negaverse and came back half Leg-ore half nega-blok. With being half nega half leg-ore jophfy has gained amazing and horrible powers. He plans to use these powers to become the ultra-super-half-dimmy. Still he is the only one to know why he had to become a nega-leg-ore. It has been believed that a fifth task of mayhem is needed to become a ultra-super-half-dimmy; but it has also been believed to make ones brain explode.

Jophy is one of the strangest and most dimmy-like half-dimmies that are currently living (better ones having been destroyed by the forces of grammar) However, jophfy was able to survive by hiding out on the dump-planet of Jupiter. As he is a dimmy he is not very popular among the leaders of other planets and is thus often attacked and nearly incapable of forming an army out of his planets meager population. However, Jupiter being near Earth is prime real estate for alien warlords, so in exchange for right to build military bases on his planet, jophfy's army is often supplemented by alien troops.

Jophfy's troops have small fraction inside it. Those include the mysterious inner circle which is lead by jophfy himself on his dragon Raknor. In this group the main commanders of jophfy's army reside. Those leaders include Flamma the fire mage, Letum the skeleton mage, and Chalybs the samurai. Jophfy's forces also have a special ops. team which include a flame trooper, a mage, a sniper, and a heavy weapons expert, and a post appoc. tank. Another faction is the skeleton squad that is the largest section of the army. Jophfy also has some calvary but as of now that faction has 3 riders. The last notible faction is the suicide dwarf squad, which as the name implies is a squad of dwarfs that go on suicide missions. The suicide dwarf squad rides on the dwarf launcher, which is a catapult used to launch the dwarfs in enemy bases and onto enemy vehicles.

Sadly since jophfy has very little leg-ore so he has had to resort to using nega-blok. So far he has only created one item using this and that is a small blue space ship.

It has also been rumored that jophfy is actually a disease that affects the brain and will turn those affected into on of jophfy's minions. This rummer though has no facts and is false. jophfy also carries the scythe of chaos. Its powers are unknown. The scythe of chaos is rumored to have been created by BrikThulhu to help create chaos in the galaxy.

Inhabitants of the Universe

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