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Kaiser Klaus Von Fynnvaria
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Kaiser of Bavaria


Kaiser Klaus was the second Kaiser of the second reich of Bavaria. He took over at a young age after his father was murdered. This put a lot of stress on him at a young age, as he had to deal with the much larger RIN, who were Bavaria's rivals in the Third Alliance. His armour, sword and assault rifle were all given to him on his 13th birthday. The sword, a gift from the Tezuka Space Ninja Clam was forged to cut through the strongest metals while still remaining lightweight as could be. His armour, custom made by Krupp was immune to most small arms, and increased his physical strength and speed. His assault rifle was an old model owned by his father, Kaiser Otto Von Bavaria, and used during the Bavarian civil war.

Kaiser Klaus earned his scar at the age of thirteen, after challenging the experienced and famous soldier Otto Skorzeny to a duel. Klaus' fencing style was aggressive and involved charging in to get his opponent to retreat. Otto was easily able to sidestep him and slash him. That's how the young Prinz learned that while bravery and offensive strikes are important when fighting, it's much more effective to let your enemy move himself into defeat.

After Klaus took the crown, there was a minor civil war between Otto loyalists who believed that Klaus was a traitor for not declaring war on the Akkadian Empire of Ultra-Badassery and those who were loyal to the new Kaiser. Klaus' forces were able to defeat the Otto loyalists easily, with Klaus taking several forces by himself.

After a bunch of bullshit that I can't remember and probably involves pwnies or some shit, Klaus fell in love with Renate Von Heisenberg, who had crashed a ball for Klaus' suitors. Rather than choosing someone from another nation to forge an alliance, he chose Renate for her brilliance and because she viewed him as an equal.

When time came for Klaus and Renate to produce heirs, they chose to genetically manipulate their children. Renate, one of Bavaria's greatest bioengineers put different talents and abilities in each child, so whichever children inherited the throne, they'd all be successful.

Their first child, Siegfried was made the spitting image of Otto Von Bavaria, and given his charisma as well. Their second child, Amelie, was given aptitude in leadership, and to strategize in three dimensions, making her an ideal admiral. Adeleaide, their third child, was given discipline. Klaus Jr., their fourth child was given powerful magical ability, and his birth was preceded by arcane rituals of the highest Bavarian mages. Anton was given artistic ability, a liberal outlook and a good character, making him a kind and humble leader should Bavaria need it. The final child, Gustav was given purer genes and a very strategic (if straightforward) brain.

Each child was a risk for Renate, but she was able to persevere.

Klaus has done a lot of badass and merciless things, and you better not fuck with him, because he's a badass who fears no one, but he's also really smart and tactical.

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