Kaiserin Siri

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Kaiserin Siri

Kaiserin of Trattoria



Siri began her life as a typical Trattorian, receiving straight A's, getting accepted into some of the top universities in the brikverse, and going on to receive a Ph.D in computer science. Her success in developing cryptography algorithms caught the attention of the Intelligence Department, where she succeeded and eventually became Intelligence Director.

From her position, Siri witnessed the many threats facing Trattoria and the galaxy as a whole, and became determined the conquer Nehellium in order both to protect it, and to honor her country. She was appalled, however, at the sluggish reactions of her fellow politicians, and particularly at their pacifism and isolationism. Seeing the AN-TA fracture, Siri took advantage of the situation and created a diplomatic incident to kill off President Angela, before seizing the office herself through a TA-assisted coup d'êtat. She then abolished the old bureaucratic democracy, and declared herself Kaiserin. She also requested membership of Trattoria into the Third Alliance.

She realized the potential length of time required for complete conquest of the galaxy, however, and initiated numerous scientific projects directed towards immortalization and exploiting Immortal Cores in order to extend her Kaiserdom indefinitely. Her reign was marked by a notable increase in defense spending, an expansion of the navy, and more aggressive foreign policy and military interventions. Eventually, the Council of Scientists ruled that Siri's policy was destructive towards economic and scientific progress, and had her unremarkably assassinated.

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