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A Kamikaze unit is more than just a minifig with a deathwish, striding confidently into a battle situation he has no hope of ever winning. That describes every normal, well-adjusted minifig in the BrikVerse. No, a Kamikaze is a unit that specifically charges in with the express intent to die in the most dramatic way possible, taking as many people with her, friend or foe. Often, a Kamikaze will carry ridiculous amounts of explosives, intent on causing the largest bang possible, but a true Kamikaze is happy to die in whatever way is most entertaining. Players should take it as a test of imagination to find bigger, better, and funnier ways for these units to die. Kamikazes have the potential to be some of the goddamn funniest units in the game but such an outcome lies in the hands of a clever player. This is one of the primary reasons tactiks developed at all in the BrikVerse. Timing is everything in comedy and a Kamikaze maneuvered into the right place at the right time has the ability to maximize and magnify the comedic value of a good BrikWar.

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