Khaos Krusaders

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Khaos Krusaders
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TL 6
Small Empire
None listed
Notable People
Le’ Saviordude

Doctor Vonshinidensburg

Commander Zan



The BrikVerse, a place of khaos, mayhem, and karnage. It is filled with creatures of all races, locked in a never ending battle. But there are groups of minifigs who rise even beyond that.

The Kilatriks are one of those groups. Native to the small planet Kilatrik, their world is in a constant state of flux. Mountains rise and fall, oceans form and dry out, and chasms rip open and snap shut. Rather than become extinct due to the inhospitable terrain, they have embraced it, becoming just as crazy as the land themselves. Unlike other planets which have established hierarchies, Kilatrik has no groups or leaders, with every man for himself in a glorious, khaotic fight to the death. Other planets have never really paid attention to Kilatrik. After all, troops who don't listen to commands are useless, and what danger does the planet pose if it has no leaders? That would soon change though....

A boy was born in a small cave on Kilatrik, the result of the rare occurrence of two people of opposite genders not fighting long enough to have a kid. It was said that at the time of his birth, a great deal of omens occurred, so many that it would be impossible to list them all. Then again, they might have just been results of the planet's unique conditions.

Growing up, the boy was always a bit strange. He would spend time planning out his attack how to make it cause the most khaos before charging into battle. He would also try to make allies with the others, telling them that it would allow them to cause even more chaos. Of course, we was often targeted first for being different, so he soon developed some combat skills in order to keep him alive.

This continued until one day when he claimed to have a vision. He said that BrikThulu himSelf had spoken to him, and had made him his prophet of khaos. Now, naturally no one believed him, and they began to attack him before they saw something that made them stop in their tracks.

Besieged on all sides by his fellow Kilatriks, he pulled out a weapon like no other: THE ORANGE TRANSPARENT SHOTGUN. The crowd looked on in awe, for they had never seen something so capable of bringing khaos. Proclaiming that BrikThulu himSelf had given it to him, he told them to join him in his khaos krusade, and help him bring disorder to the universe. Cheers were heard, and the Kilatriks began to fix the few starships that remained in order to get them off the planet.

As the boy (Now a man) headed off to his cave, a man pushed himself through the crowd. Introducing himself as Doctor Vonshinidensburg, he said that he was a scientist from another world, sent there to study the planet's properties, and that he had found a new calling in the man's words. He told the man that he had discovered a way to energize the planet's matter, opening up a portal through time. The planet's people would not be enough, he said, and they could use the portal to bring the strongest warriors from all of time to fight with them in their krusade. The man just smiled, as he turned towards his army. They had managed to get one starship working, and they were cheering and praising the name of the man. Of course, there was always so much fighting that no Kilatrik was ever named. So, instead they praised him as their savior, and their shouts could be heard late into the night.

For the savior dude!

For the savior dude!

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Here we have the bringer of khaos himself, Le' Saviordude. He wields a golden shield that was found in the wastes of Kilatrik, along with the dreaded ORANGE TRANSPARENT SHOTGUN. He fears nothing, and as a result has had many near death experiences. Unlike most of his kind he plans out his attacks, if only to cause the most khaos. Usually in the thick of the battle, he makes for one dangerous opponent.

Here we have Doctor Vonshinidensburg and his two orkish mechaniks. No one knows why he chose orks as mechaniks seeing how they aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, although it is possible that he spent too much time next to the portal. Nonetheless, it would be unwise to fight him when he's armed with his ABS energizer ray, capable of melting through the strongest substances!

Recruited from Le' Saviordude's homeworld, Commander Zan is eager to create karnage, and has his trusty flamegun to help him. He was put in charge of the Krusaders forces due to his tactical mind, and readiness for unneeded violence. And then there's the fact that he killed everyone else that was considered, leaving him the only choice.

One of the most powerful voodoo priests of his time, Zimabo was recruited to oversee all of the Krusaders magikal aspects. Leading a squad of assault rifle wielding undead, he brings his his brand of voodoo magic to the battlefield.


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