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The King of the Hill Thread was started in the early 2,009th G.R. by Ross Varn, and was quickly moved to the 'threads that are dumb' section of the forum, due to the overbearing amount of dimmies and shitgoats it attracted. Not all of it was idiotic and retarded, however, for from it came the Order Against Trianglisim, and the known history of Fico. The battle for the hilltop kingdom is still quite active but is governed by single rule; that is, that if the hill is attempted to be altered in the slightest or destroyed in any way, means, or path of logic, the poster in question is hunted down and dragged to black hell filled with corpses and lubricated hamsters by the Ruthless Chuck and Mr. T. Resistance is futile.

Also, there is a indestructable bar made of OT not to far from The Hill, which happens to be owned by Rody. If you would care to participate in the battle or simply spectate, press five now or click here.

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