Kingdom of Denmark

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Kingdom of Denmark
Planetary Kingdom
Tek Level 6
Planet Mark, Planet HvidKold, Moon New Concordia
USA, Empire of Shadovia, Bavaria, Mandalorian Kal clan, Various Peach factions.
Empryan Colonies, Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths
Notable People
Mandalore the Maverick Oberstløjtnant Trinitonz Kong Frederik XXIV




The planet Mark is an absolutely gigantic planet. It's more than 500.000 kilometres in circumsphere. The planet of Mark has two halves. The entire Northern Hemisphere is a lush forestlike enviroment. The Southern Hemisphere is filled with large deserts and saltflats. Another planet is the massive iceplanet HvidKold, home to the elite military group, the Sirius Patrulje. The mandalorians own a small moon in orbit around HvidKold.


The Danes have a very distinct language, but not unlike the Standard Language. The Danish languages has three extra letters, Ææ, Øø and Åå. Æ sounds like the 'e' sound in Better. Å sounds like the 'o' in Bottle. Ø doesn't sound like anything.

Battle tactics

The Kingdom of Denmark oftenly employ the Mandalorians in battle, especially on other worlds. Their jetpacks and raw skill make them far superior to danish soldiers when it comes to battle outside of their world. The Kingdom of Denmark has acquired a number of advanced technologies from Bavaria, such as teleporting. The Danes are known for their powerful viking berserkers and highly trained Black Ops teams, called Jægersoldater. The Crown Prince Frederik Himself is a Jægersoldat.

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