Kingdom of Denmark

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Kingdom of Denmark
Planetary Kingdom
Tek Level 6
Planet Mark, Planet Hvidkold, Moon New Concordia
USA, Empire of Shadovia, Bavaria, Mandalorian Kal clan, Various Peach factions.
Empryan Colonies, Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths
Notable People
Mandalore the Maverick



The Kingdom of Denmark was formed thousands of years ago, as a treaty between the three major danish factions. It was the time in which the best weapons were swords and axes, and where you should not expect to live beyond forty. The three factions were the Sjællændere, The Fynboer and the Jyllændere. The Sjællændere was the strongest faction, but they agreed to form a single nation with the other factions. Each faction had a royal clan. The Sjællændere had The Lion Clan, The Fynboer had the Eagle, and the Jyllændere had the Wolf clan.The King was of the Sjællændere, but in the treaty it was written that their should always be a council of Lords. The Lords should be of the three major clans, and the king should always be of the Lion clan. Since the day of the union, the Danish people of planet Mark has stood by their traditions. And by their right to the planet. Denmark has been attacked by Brittania, Polonia and Bavaria, but at the moment, their is no quarrel among any of those nations. In fact, Bavaria is one of Denmarks strongest allies, despite the many enemies they have. A recent addition to the Danish Kingdom, is the Mandalorian clan Kal. They were taken in after their home planet got into a civil war. They were given the moon of New Concordia, A moon that is famous for the research laboratories and advanced warfare barracks.


The planet of Mark has two parts of the planet. The entire Northern Hemisphere is a lush forestlike enviroment. The Southern Hemisphere is filled with large deserts and saltflats. Also in the system is Hvidkold, A giant Iceplanet, and New Concordia, a moon of the main planet.


The Danes have a very distinct language, but not unlike the Standard Language. The Danish languages has three disting letters, Ææ, Øø and Åå. Æ sounds like the 'e' sound in Better. Å sounds like the 'o' in Bottle. Ø doesn't sound like anything.

Battle tactics

The Kingdom of Denmark oftenly employ the Mandalorians in battle, especially on other worlds. Their jetpacks and wills of iron make them far superior than danish soldiers when it comes to battle outside of their world. The Kingdom of Denamrk has acquired a number of advanced technologies from Bavaria, such as teleporting. The Danes are known for their powerful viking berserkers and highly trained Black Ops teams, called Jægersoldater. The Crown Prince Frederik Himself is a Jægersoldat.

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