Kirsiti, the White Knights

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Even before the beginning of the Galactik War, the Kirsiti Dictatorship was on the brink of collapse. Graft and corruption were ubiquitous in every level of the bureaucracy. When they were suddenly caught up in the first wave of rabid inter-Civilization hostility, the command administration fell apart completely. While the StarShip drifted out into the uncharted space between galactik arms, a spiritual revolution was underway within its hull. By the time the StarShip drifted back into inhabited space, all corruption had been replaced by an obsession with fairness and friendly, efficient service to one another. Under the new, pure-white Kirsiti banner, the citizenry begin training in earnest to better serve their fellow SpacePeople, putting on the white uniforms of doctors, cooks, and ResQ workers,.

When they arrived among the inhabited planets, the Kirsiti began sending out missionaries in vast numbers, determined to put their ideal of excellent service to use. Almost immediately, all the Civilizations in the area sent a vast cooperative assault to destroy the Kirsiti StarShip. This rare alliance was made by the quick consensus between the Civilizations that the Kirsitians were too irritating to tolerate. Despite their sordid past, almost all Kirsiti citizens are militantly self-righteous, manufacturing and deliberately misinterpreting situations to showcase their moral superiority.

For this reason, only a very few of the Kirsiti citizens are humble enough to achieve the highest expression of excellent service. Those that do, begin to discover the amazing power that is the Farce - the mysterious energy that binds minifigs together. When they are ready to devote their lives to the study of the Farce, they become a Kirsiti Knight, and wander the galaxy rendering aid to all who need it. Because their dark eyes contrast so sharply against their crisp white uniforms, and because of their psychic powers granted by the Farce, they have been named the LegitEye Knights.

Because the Kirsiti StarShip has been destroyed and its people scattered across the galaxy, Kirsitians rarely raise large armies to run around rendering friendly military service. When they get involved in big battles, it's usually just a few of them who were in the wrong place when two other Civilizations started shooting at each other. The closest they get to military action is when a group of LegitEye Knights band together to liberate a planet oppressed by the Kraan Lords or an infestation of Green Things. More frequently, LegitEyes will go into battle alone to end some local injustice.

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