Kommander Alec

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Uberkaiser Alec

Deceased Uberkaiser of the Third Alliance

Kommander of the RIN

Robot Monkey

When elections for the Uberkaiser, the leader, of the Third Alliance started, the RIN's shadowy Kommander ran, even revealing his name: Alec. When Kommander Alec won the election, beating out Bavaria's leader, Otto, in a landslide victory, Alec immediately set out to widen the Third Alliance's power and reach.

A rift is created between Alec I of the RIN and Otto von Bavaria, so he appoints Otto to Herr Direktor so that the two nations can co-operate.

Under the Uberkaiser, there are several skirmishes between the AN and the Third Alliance after Kaiserin Siri takes over Trattoria. After a miscommunication leads to an RIN ship firing on an Avalonian ship, Otto von Bavaria allies himself with several other nations, and attempts to become Uberkaiser. A civil war is avoided however as Piltogg comes back from his quest and demands to be Uberkaiser, and Otto is assassinated. Klaus, Otto's son inherits the throne and vows loyalty to the Uberkaiser, taking the title Zweitekaiser. Alec is made Herr Direktor.

Alec entombs himself into a dreadnut and then dies in combat during the First Battle of New York.

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