Krysto Region

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Krysto Region
Ancient Region
Key Resources
Orange Transparent

Blue Transparent


Ice Element

Controlled By
Key Locations
Ice Fields of Skadus

IceWorld Krysto

The Krysto Region is one of the more well known parts of BrikSpace not necessarily because it is rife with war, like the Galaxia Nehellenium, but because it is the oldest and has had some of the most profound effects on the shape of the BrikVerse throughout all the scattered parts of its broken history. The frozen IcePlanets of the various Systems found within the Region, all given the designation "IceWorld," are home to some of the universe's greatest, hardiest warriors. These IceWorlders are said to have been descended from the Mythikal Deadly SpaceMen, the race of unutterable badasses from the dawn of time who shattered history into its disturbing array of Re- and Retkonstruktions. The Region has given unto the BrikVerse one of its most treasured elements, as well. It is from this ancient part of space that springs the original source of Orange Transparent, the frozen laser turned teknology that began with the IceWorlder's fabled Orange Transparent Chainsaws and swept through the rest of the universe in a bewildering number of incredibly destructive or indestructible iterations. The Krysto Region may quite possibly be the original source of Blue Transparent as well, for it is within the Region, surrounding the frozen star Khione, that the Ice Fields of Skadus lie. A Star System quite possibly from the very end of time, which has been the only constant in the fractured BrikVersian Timeline, Skadus lends even more mystery to the Krysto Region, shrouding its endings in addition to the the beginnings already lost to splintered time. Indeed, these mysterious elements may be obscuring the very alpha and omega of the BrikVerse itself.


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