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The Lady Vega is an Inquistadore Dragonhead Cruiser. It was commanded by Captain Roberto during Operation Mastercutor where it was disabled when the bridge was destroyed. However, the forces of Koincidence ended up sending the ship and its crew back in time to a battle with the Assyrian Star Empire and the Akkadian Empire. When it emerged from the warp, the Lady Vega was significantly changed. It had an extra Heavy Laser Cannon and was equipped with powerful Hex Shields as well as some other cosmetic changes. After this improvement it would be referred to as the Lady Vega II.

The Lady Vega II emerged from the warp near an ASE space station which was under attack by the Akkadians. She assisted in destroying the station and the defending fleet, but once again Koincidence intervened and so the final outcome of the battle is not known, but it is presumed that the ship survived.

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