LegitEye Knights

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LegitEye Knights
LegitEye Standard 1.jpg
Knightly Order
None listed
None listed
Notable People
None listed
LegitEye surround Shit Lords.

Minifigs who devote themselves to the LiteSide of the Farce gain powers that allow them to warp reality to entertain everyone around them. The insidious nature of the LiteSide gradually causes minifigs to start taking themselves litely, causing many of them to waste their lives in useless, inconsequential careers as comedians, street performers, or gamebook authors.

As the disease progresses, some LiteSiders take themselves so litely that they give up personal ambitions and devote themselves to greater causes. Their humor becomes preachy and instructional, inspiring violent rages in everyone they encounter outside of their own cause. The most popular of these causes is the defense and preservation of Legitimitium ABS against the various CLOan forces seeking to corrupt it. These annoyingly selfless LiteSiders name themselves LegitEye Knights in reference to their sharp eye for Legitimitium.

All LegitEyes support Laugh Day and commit to peace on that day instead of fighting. This pisses off many violence loving minifigs. LegitEye knights played a large role in the Space Wars, especially the first, second and third ones, in which many LiteSide warriors were involved.

The signature weapon of the litesiders is the BeamSaber.

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