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Stood he upon the doorstep of Valhalla. The Valiant one, the slayer of daemons. The gate was shut, he called the sentry.

Let me in! Let me in! For I, Leonidus seek entrance to your feasting halls.

But reply came there from the wall;

I know you not. Nor have I heard your name; Tell me then, what deeds upon the mortal wheel do you claim as entrance-rights?

I have taken up the sword and the rifle against those of the frozen worlds. As well, I have taken for mine own the spoils of a hundred raids. Upon the world of Zulu I did stand, with five brave men under my command. And quarreled we against the undead there. Upon the earth where the old one was visited, I did fight against the daemons. In all my trials I did prevail, save the final daemon; for my runes were cast. And the fates decided that my mortal roam should end that day. Therefore, let me in! For even the gods are bound by their oaths. And have ye not heard 'Every valiant man, every stalwart soul, every worthy warrior. Shall enter and shall feast there in the halls of Odin. And never shall they perish, until the days of Ragnarök, when even the gods shall pass away.'

But from the wall:

We know neither your face nor your name, but the deeds of which you speak. Give name then, to those you stood with upon the Zulu sphere.

And said the Daemonsbane:

Ulf and Bragg, the sons of Thorkell stood with me and still I hold their oaths. Janni also, son of Wodal and his oath-brother Snorri son of Tyrson. And Bjorn there was also, son of Freydahl. He had a heart like the bear and strength also. And all their oaths I hold, as their commander and as their brother in arms.

And the sentry quoth:

We know all you spoke of, and we shall ask them if your claim is true or if it is false.

So waited the Strike-Thane, for entrance to the immortal halls of the Aesir. And came upon the wall the guard and also the five whose names he did utter. At once Ulf fell to his knee, and Bragg also knelt, and Janni did honor his commander. Snorri and Bjorn did testify to everything that the champion boasted. So the book of deeds did the sentry did consult, and found not the name of him who waited. For after his end, the body of the Valiant one had been corrupted by the hells. So cast down from the dwellings of the gods was the Daemonsbane. Cast into the very hells against which he had struggled. And by their oaths, he dragged the men which he commanded. Into the burning pit.

Came the fallen one unto the shores of hell. Came he with warriors five, and fire was in their eyes. And they wandered along that infernal scape. Now, a certain daemon there was whose name was Zytheros. And it was his duty to make an account of those who came to the forsaken shores. Said he:

What is thy name O fearsome one? And why does thou have about thee the countenance of the brave? Does thou not know that hither reside only the timid? And those who would break their oath?

Replied Leonidus:

Leonidus I am. Son of Thorvald. And mighty am I, even after my mortal vessel has fed the pyre. And wroth am I, for I was cast out of Valhalla.

But spake the daemon:

Thine body hath not been put to flame O mighty one. Behold! Thy name is known and feared in these lands.

And thus the daemon fell upon his face before the Mighty one. And cried out begging to be spared. But no mercy was there in the heart of the Daemonslayer. And the daemon he did kill, and for his trophy it's head he took. Now said he unto his bondsmen:

Come. For I now know that mine body is corrupted, and that I may yet redeem it.

And they did search for their leader's corpse. And many daemons did come against them, but each of these they slew. And from each daemon they drank, a goblet each of that daemon's blood. (For a daemons blood has powers and authorities in it). And it came about that Leonidus and his band did grow in power. And they became known throughout the hells, and the daemons did tremble at their names. And the daemons came unto their lord, saying:

Something must be done about this man and his soldiers. For they are slaying many of us, and their fury is terrible to behold.

And the lord of that level, whose name was Talzyreth; said unto them:

How came these unto my shores? Also, what do they seek here?

But none in the court could answer, so a search was made. And there came unto them a daemon, who had been left alive as a caution. And he was brought before the lord, and made to speak. And he spake thus:

My lord, I know these men, for I have quarreled with them, and they did defeat me. Yet alive I was left, as a warning and a messenger. As for what they purpose, Leonidus did tell me. They search for their leader's body, which hath been corrupted, and to reclaim it.

And the lord decreed thus:

He who hath corrupted the body of Leonidus, must stand to account. So shall he face and make war upon Leonidus, and he shall overcome Him.

So this daemon was brought before the council, and he was made to seek out Leonidus. And to challenge him in single combat. And he departed to seek out and to slay the Valiant one. And he came upon them as they were quarreling with some daemons, and they set upon him, for he wore still the armor of the Fallen one. But he cried out, demanding single combat, for it was his task to slay the Strike-Thane. And the Mighty one did agree. And they struggled against each other mightily. But the daemon could not overcome the Warrior, and he was quartered by Him. And Leonidus did raise the Hellblade to smite the daemon. But the daemon cried out and begged for his life. And the Commander spake unto him, saying:

What right have ye to ask for quarter?

And the daemon quoth:

I have the right, for I am a prince in this land.

So the Warrior said:

Very well, since ye are a prince in this land, and because you did fight well, I shall spare your life for a little while yet. But thou has caused me to be cast out of the halls of mine fathers. And thou has stolen from me that which I toiled for all the days of my life. Therefore, tell me dark one; how is it that I may regain entrance to those halls?

And the daemon prince spake thus:

You can never enter that hall. Unless thou should change thy name and go out once again unto the mortal wheel. And thou must earn again the right to enter the halls of your fathers.

And this angered the Fearsome one. And the daemon prince trembled at the sight of his countenance. And he begged once more for his life. So the Fallen one took hold of the daemon prince, And he bound him into His armor, that he should still live. And he took for His own the Hellblade as spoil. And he did then depart from those burning hells to walk again the mortal realm.

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